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Gang Tension [Quest | Yami]

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Gang Tension [Quest | Yami] Empty on Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:25 am

A loud yawn was heard as Yami rose from his slumber. For once he had awoken at home to begin his day instead of at the guild, on a roof or beneath a random tree. The wind mage's legs were hanging over the bed as it couldn't accommodate his seven foot two frame, meaning his feet were planted firmly on the carpeted floor. The mage swung his body around and sat up on the silk sheets. The mage brushed a few stray strands of hair out of his eyes and looked up with a groggy expression. He was still half asleep and not completely awake. The giant of a human slowly stood up, his head almost touching the roof. Luckily he had rented out an apartment with an eight foot ceiling else he would have to duck under the ceiling fan every time he walked by it, or else he may be decapitated from the rotating blades.

The wind mage and now freshly turned Lycan, made his way towards the bathroom wearing only a pair of black silk pyjama bottoms. He walked in lowering his head to avoid knocking himself out on the door frame. His muscular frame was on fool display as he began to strip down to his birthday suit and entered the reasonably large shower. The mage pushed the shower head up and turned the water on. He ignored the cold water as it struck his naked frame and cascaded down his athletic build. THe cold water began to heat up turning warm then hot as steam filtered into the bathroom and out into the bedroom. The lycan remained under the water bathing himself simply enjoying it as it cascaded down his body and soaked his long hair that now framed his face. Yami brushed the wet sleek black hair back and began to soap his body down to clean himself.

Once done he rinsed and turned the taps shutting the showers water off. He would have stayed in longer, but he had things to do. He had accepted a quest that day before on behalf of the Martello family and was to meet up with Remy Martello today for the job. In fact he had an hour to get ready and meet Remy Martello down outside the Martello's family home. Yami sighed as he stepped out of the shower and raised his right hand. The mage clicked his fingers and a gust of wind circulated around his body taking the water from his body, drying him off. The mage grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his lower half before taking another and began drying his soaking wet hair. Yami returned to his bedroom and began to change picking out a formal attire, a set of black trousers, a long white collared buttoned down shirt, silk black jacket, black belt, white socks and black formal shoes. Dressing himself the mage tossed the towels aside once his hair was dry. Fixing up his belt and tying his shoes the mage stood up. He straightened out his jacket as he left it undone and his shirt untucked.

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Gang Tension [Quest | Yami] Empty on Fri Oct 06, 2017 3:49 am

Yami left his apartment complex after getting dressed and began making his way towards the Martello Family home. THe wind caster lycan mage of Phantom Lord just wanted to get the job over and done with so he could get paid. He had over six hundred thousand jewels in his account and earning more never hurt especially when the cost of gear so expensive. If he wanted decent gear he would have to spent five hundred thousand minimum up to one million, even then legendary gear was over two million. As a C rank mage everything was just out of his price range to afford. The mage sighed in annoyance as he strolled through the streets eventually arriving at the Martello Family home.

Yami walked in greeted by the mob family where he came face to face with Remy. Remy was Martin Martello's younger brother and the level headed one of the two siblings, often considered the voice of reason for his older brother Martin. The wind mage greeted Remy and walked into the man's study where they sat opposite one another. A servant poured two glasses of scotch and slid them over to the two. Yami thanked her and took a sip. As he did Remy began to explain the job. Remy wanted to hire Yami in order to assist them in getting a rise out of Vincenze and help assert the power of the Martello. the job was to go to some of the establishments Vincenze controls and tag them with the Martello crest. Easy enough Yami accepted the job and on the way received a stencil of the crest and a can of black spray paint.

Yami thanked Remy and under the instructions of a servant memorised three key locations owned by VIncenze. Yami departed immediately and headed into town making his way to the closest location, a magic shop. He walked right into the shop kicking the door open scaring everyone inside and walked over to a white wall and sprayed on it placing the crest. Anyone who tried to stop him he kicked away. Once done he departed and headed towards a nearby bank under Vincenze control. The mage walked in and threw the guards across the room slamming them into pillars to knock them out. Then like the magic shop he started spraying the crest on the walls. Unlike the magic shop he sprayed the crest over everything he could walls, tables, desks and even the floor.

Yami left the bank deciding to head to the final location, a jewelry store. Yami walked on into the store and right up to the fat security guard. Yami grabbed him by the collar and flipped him over onto a glass cabinet breaking it. Once the guard was taken care of he threatened the staff and got to work spraying the symbol all over the inside. Once done he left and headed back to the Martello family home. Yami arrived and tossed the stencil and spray can to a servant and greeted Remy saying the job was done. Remy thanked Yami and paid him the sum of twenty five thousand jewels for the job. The wind mage accepted the money and left heading back to his apartment.

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