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Somebody Else's Heart [Kon & Alice]

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Adelaide Sokolov
Thank god the red line on her neck was gone. But Alice was still a pale fragment of what once was a blooming young woman. She would get to that point but she had lost a lot and mostly of that time. If her page hadn't found her, she would probably be dead. It was surprising that she was still in Hargeon, normally she would fled. She looked at Hecate and Jupiter in front of her feet, maybe, that's why she stayed. The eeveelution or something like Kerii had told her, had found her back here in Hargeon. She thought he despised her back in Era but apparently it was just taking care of the other one.

With her hazel coloured eyes staring at her two companions she petted her own tummy. Well that was also a thing to consider. She crossed her legs in front of her and started to stretch her hands far above her head, what a Lieutenant she was. She muttered some bad words towards herself while her cat ears lay flat on the back of her head. She was sitting on the beach, which was the most comforting place now as long as she stayed far away from the water, but so should Hecate and Jupiter. She felt hungry but had no intention to leave her spot, she couldn't stand to look at people at this point or at her own reflection for that matter. She had to, she knew, after all she was a Knight but the longer she could avoid that the better.

There was a soft breeze rolling across the beach, blowing her bright orange coloured hair into her face, next time she should take a picnic basket with her. All she had now was a small bag with a bottle of water. She started to hum softly and moved a little with the wind, from left to right. Considering she walked away from companions and humans, she got back to the point of having companions, with her right hand on her tummy and the left on Hecate her flank, she continued to hum.

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His stay in Hargeon had been interesting having made new friends as well as touching base with old ones that he hadn’t seen in months, while the primary reason for his stay had not been resolved which he suspected would in due time, overall he had benefitted from it far more so than if he were just travelling around or doing requests in the odd destination. He hadn’t been feeling all that well however as his body was still having difficulty accommodating the ever increasing excessive amount of raw power that he seemed to be retaining within his body since he had become a Holy Knight. Oddly though a ring of pure light had formed around his right index finger that he couldn’t remove further illustrating the issue that his body, he first noticed this when he finally removed the gloves that he now donned the night earlier before he went to sleep.

When he arose from his sleep however Kon swiftly after showering and doing his daily preparations gloved up to conceal both that and the ever increasing crack forming in his hand. His other clothing matched in both aesthetics and theme choosing to wear his more professional suit and tie out of place in such a place like Hargeon town and more importantly the beach to which he was heading. He didn’t know why he wanted to go to the beach perhaps it was the simple beauty of watching the water strike the waves that drew him in but overall it was just a pleasurable thing to experience which he would enjoy until he had either found something else or left the town.

Nabbing his rucksack from the dresser and slinging it across his body, he left his temporary residence at the Blue duck inn and made his way to the beach itself. The smell of seawater cling with the wind as it hit him from the left as he walked down the street to the stairs that joined that street to the beachfront. Making his way down the stairs he noticed a surprising lack of people with the odd family here and there who clustered around what were considered the best spots of the beach. One individual however caught his attention, the characteristics this person held were identical with his beloved Alice even done to her cat ears that would now separate her from her sister Lacie. Attempting to remain composed for the potential reunion of each-other he made his way with a casual pace noticing that now as he drew closer that there were two different looking creatures by her side.

Added through the gentle grace of his cat-like reflexes his footstep were inaudible in the soft sand, eventually he would reach the woman at which point he would call out to her. “Long time no see, Alice.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
She didn't notice anything or anyone, it wasn't as if she was forgetting to pay attention, it simply didn't register in her mind. She was staring at the sea, nothing else. Jupiter though stood up and stared at the person approaching but she still didn't react. "There, there calm down." she would only say but still it wasn't like she was making any movement to show that she noticed. As if she was in a place far away from this beach. It was that the invisible sort of spell broke, the moment someone said her name. Her mouth opened a bit to form a silent o, and her eyes blinked rapidly at the sea before she turned her gaze towards the person that spoke to her.

Had she felt horrible and lonely and everything at once during those weeks that she was captured and dropped and hanged and fighting to regain her strength, it sort of broke and tears appeared in the corner of her eyes, "Konstantin?" She stood up, a bit wobbly, but it was mainly the sand. She was wearing a light blue pair of jeans and a soft loose white shirt that now was flattened against her stomach because of the wind, nothing to see though. Her hands, still a bit thin, were stretched outwards to touch his cheek, to make sure he was real. Jupiter started to growl but she shoved him softly away with her left leg, "It really is you."

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The response was positive with Alice following suit similiar to his own initially questioning his identity before confirming it after she rose and turned to his direction albeit with some difficulty. There was definitely something wrong with her physically though he didn’t want to make it the highlight of them once more coming together as a couple. A gentle smile spread along his face as he watched Alice come ever further before touching his cheek with an outstretched hand, wanting to emote his longing for her, he pulled her inward while firmly but also lovingly with his left hand pulling her from the her back underneath her outstretched right arm and his right hand drawing her neck in kind though with less force. Now even closer than before something became immediately noticeable a bump from Alice prevented him from completely embracing her slightly confused about it, his mind began to ponder about the reasonings behind what was causing it but for now, would refrain from commenting on that as well. Wishing to not just convey his emotions to Alice through his actions he spoke before kissing her forehead. “Of course it’s me, Alice, while I might have changed perhaps in appearance i will forever be your Kon.”

As he drew back from his kiss it was evident that something had happened to Alice and not for the better she appeared far paler, not just paler weaker in fact as if something had drained the life out of her. Concerned for her wellbeing he could not restrain his inquiring any longer. “When we last saw each-other while not on the greatest of circumstances perhaps you seemed in good health, something has clearly happened to you since then what can I do to help you recover from your poor health.” Unbeknownst to her, of course, and even himself he had the capabilities to heal her and merely only offered his services to provide more traditional help like looking after her at his manor as she regained her strength. He would however swiftly learn that he was not only capable but also skilled at not just healing but aiding others in improving their attributes.

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Adelaide Sokolov
She felt like she was but a fragment of what she ought to be. It wasn't the first time that she was beat up and broken down but it was the effect that it had on her and the little peach that would possibly die, she never felt so responsible and bad about what happened, but it wasn't her fault only. But her whole body was still sore. Which was ridiculous for it was a long time ago, but she would have to recover for two. Jupiter was still very protective of her but apparently Hecate stopped him and her Glaceon knew it would be alright and that was true, it was Kon, it was her Kon afterall. She had not felt so happy for the past couple of days as she had felt now.

She winced a little when Konstantin hugged her, even though most of the pain was gone, her neck still hurt, was still a bit red and eating wasn't easy as well, which explained her pale complexion as well as why her body was still not completely healed. "God I missed you." was all she could say when he answered that it indeed was him.

Unknown to the two of them, only already being close to his presence made her a bit better and there was a healthier blush on her cheeks, "Let's just say," she started after his question, "That the fight in Hargeon was a disaster. It was a torture and apart from protecting myself," oh for crying out loud, she should have said it in other circumstances, "I have a baby to protect." Her big hazel coloured eyes looked up again, "I wish I told you sooner."

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His affection was meet with Alice revealing that she too had missed him, which bolstered his enthusiasm towards her as it was clear that the two of them shared the same intensity of passion towards each other. He released his embrace as she spoke to allow for him to see her completely, apparently, a fight took place that didn’t fair well for her, comparative to torture something he could never hope for Alice and in all honesty was disappointed in himself for not being able to help her during it. His sense of failure was so strong that he couldn’t look at her directly instead lowering his gaze. “I’m sorry, so sorry Alice I wish I could have helped you perhaps you wouldn’t have experienced such pain…” Strangely a course of magic ran down his arm as he rose it away from Alice’s neck and pulling it back while stroking her neck before releasing out what seemed like spells which was odd for him as the only spells he could use to his knowledge were summoning based.

Rather than comment on his previously unknown skills, he listened onward as she revealed that she was, in fact, pregnant thereby explaining the reason for her stomach bump. The emotions experienced by the blonde mage were mixed, to say the least, so many questions played out in his mind first in for most his concern was whether it was his. Raising his formerly downtrodden expression as he rose his head he questioned her. “Is….is it mine? I don’t understand we were only together once, you must be several months in by now.” Thinking to himself, as this changed so many things for him he continued. “Hmm, this only doubles down on what I was going to do initially out of just simply loving you, to ensure your honour and our future child.”

Lowering to one knee with his right shin being now coated in soft wet sand, he looked through his rucksack and pulled out a relatively simple silver piece of jewellery before revealing it to Alice. “Alice, will you honour me with the chance to be my wife for now and future until all the stars in the sky expire?”

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Adelaide Sokolov
For some reason she felt a lot better and she wasn't entirely aware of the magic, she did feel it but pushed it away in her mind as she had lost everything. Her weapons, her armour and it felt like she was just a shell of the person that she had been before, but maybe, now slowly she would regain her strength as well as her own being, "It's not your fault, my team.. they had to be there but.." She had to tell him, "I didn't only have to protect myself." and thus she told him, she told him she had to protect a baby. She told him that she was pregnant, which explained the small bump that would be visible if you just know where to look, which was also the reason why she was wearing a loose white dress like shirt instead of a crop top or the tight tops that she normally wore.

He asked her if it was his and normally, if she had her usual spirit she would be offended, but she wasn't stupid, they had not seen each other for at least two months, she understood the question, "Yes, it is yours." which was very weird to say, "I'm in the fourteenth week, which means three months and a couple of days." she muttered, almost looking away, which she wasn't allowed from herself. He needed to know, "I really wanted to say it earlier, but I didn't want to send a stupid letter but I didn't see you and than everything went wrong and.." she cut herself off to stop rambling and let Konstantin talk.

She opened her mouth to say something again something starting with the a but nothing formed as she simply stared at Konstantin when he talked and kneeled and.. oh gods. She knew what that mostly meant but she couldn't keep her eyes of him while he was looking for something, her eyes looked at his face and yes it was obviously still her Konstantin and she felt her lip trembling. Damn pregancy things!

But she couldn't help but smile when he asked her to marry him and she covered her mouth with her lips but it was obviously that she was smiling happily and she nodded before finally removing her hand, "Yes, Yes I do want to marry you."

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And so with Alice confirming her passionate desire to be with him just as much as he did her, they were would henceforth become engaged which was something that he simply would have never envisioned only even a few months ago he was still extremely young when all facts were considered with individual being capable of easily living centuries not decades. There was so much to do but fortunately there was no hurry so they would be able to go everything at a respectable pace, but first to signify their engagement for all those to see he would take Alice’s hand with the grace and care of someone holding an injured bird and slipped the engagement ring that he had purchased sometime ago for when he finally met with Alice once more.

With the proposal taken care of he rose to his feet once more and looked at her pondering what would be the best course of action to get her back on her feet and to her old self. Finally making a decision of what to do he suggested to her. “How about we celebrate this joyous occasion with a nice lunch?, are there any foods that you’ve found are no longer appealing to you as I don’t mind going to whatever restaurant you desire.” Though they were now engaged there were many things he had to take in consideration with her health that would be tested due to her being in the Rune Knights, how they would be able to deal with earning money along with various other issues, fortunately though perhaps one of the most significant problem that many new families had wouldn’t occur with them as He, now them owned a manor in orchidia that could easily hold dozens of people at a time.

Despite the dozens of thought that plagued his mind, he didn’t pause continuing from earlier, by looking in the direction of the two creatures beneath him. Curious to know more about them, he questioned Alice about them. “Hey before we go are these your companions?, I’ve never seen these types before.”

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Adelaide Sokolov
Alice couldn't look happier, for her fragile state but who cared about that. She had never imagined her life would go like this, mainly because of survival for a memory loss and so on. But she felt happy and she let Kon take her hand and as soon as the ring was around her ring finger she looked up at it, it might be a simple ring but that would fit Alice much more than something extraordinary, it seemed that Kon exactly knew his girlfriend. She finally dropped the facade that she didn't know she was holding up. Her shoulders dropped a bit because she didn't feel like she needed to have her guard up, which wasn't basically much but it was still something she did automatically, she was safe now.

She couldn't stop smiling, even while thinking about the long list of food she disliked. "I can't stand the smell of fish and meat but that's mainly the smell, mostly I feel more hungry the last couple days and more energetic, so the pregnancy is not a problem the last couple of days. I think it is also that I do not feel safe." She should tell him, "I.. I can't use magic anymore."

After that part of the conversation, and before they would leave for a lunch, she wanted to go for some pastas, Kon asked for her companions and she had almost completely forgetten them, which made Jupiter look at her with an offensive look, "Oh, yes these are my companions. They are called Eevees or something, we met one when we fought that Demon, Kerii has one a Sylveon. This is Jupiter, a jolteon. He uses lightning as a magic and this is apparently his girl Hecate as I call her, a Glaceon, she uses ice magic. I met Jupiter in Era but found the two of them again here in Hargeon." She was very proud to have them as friends.

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Both the smell of fish and meat were apparently unbearable to Alice now since the pregnancy which was a bit odd really considering they were at the hub of most of the fishing in this section of Fiore. Not probing for questions about it further he allowed her to elaborate as she revealed that she no longer felt safe and had lost her magic, which while unfortunate was understandable as pregnancy did influence someone’s magic. Wanting to comfort his fiancee he purposed something further by taking out from his rucksack once more a series of keys and handing one of them to her. “If you are concerned with your wellbeing at any point where I’m not around and you don’t feel it is safe for you to come to the Rune Knights for aid, you’re welcome to use my manor, the one in Orchidia remember?, as shelter, in fact you may consider it your new home if you wish.”

Alice revealed that the two companions were not just hers but equally capable of conflict as she revealed them to be of the same species as the Sylveon that had fought with them in the Demon raid. While that knowledge of her having something to protect her and his child did relieve some of the tension that had formed, he found himself still needed to protect her directly. “Well it’s good that you’ve got something to defend though if you don’t mind I’d like to be with you until you're done with your thing…, Anyway let’s go have some lunch, Here let me help you.” Offering his support for her to walk to an appropriate restaurant as the knowledge of her not liking certain smell removed many choices. Luckily for her there was a mostly meatless pizzeria in the far end of town which he would take them. “So I uhh had an interesting chat with Selena a few days ago I heard you were suppose to meet up with her?”

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Adelaide Sokolov
She looked a bit at the sand, kicking it away with the shoe that she was wearing, a simple open sandle, not the best for the time of the year but the best for sandy beaches. She looked up when Konstantin looked through his bag again and she only frowned, she looked shortly at Jupiter because he growled, making him shut up. She turned to look back at Konstantin when he showed her a key. For a second she was planning to ask him if he was serieus, but than she realized he just asked her to marry him and why would she say no, "That would be lovely. I rather have you around though." she said with a smile on her face. She pocketed the key carefully, feeling rather satisfied with her life for a moment, "I'm still so happy to see you again," she whispered.

She couldn't help but chuckle a little when Konstantin said he was glad she was protected but that he would rather be there, until she was done with her thing, "Absolutely great way to describe it." she said with that same laugh, "I will try my very best to be safe." which made her wonder for the first time if she should leave the knights. She accepted his offering to help her, she was probably better with balance the moment they left the sand. Hecate took her bag and the two of them followed her and Kon to the restaurant. "Oh pizza, that sounds amazing." which was definitely exaggerating but suddenly she felt starving for pizza.

Once they were on their way, on the brick road instead of sand, Konstantin mentioned Selena and an angry look fell over Alice her face but disappeared in seconds if you didn't look at her, you would have missed it, "Yes, she ought to be." was what she said with a cold tone in her voice, she had counted on Selena, but she couldn't completely blame her cousin, she bet it was the Slime again, who hated her anyway.

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The tone that Alice resonated with as she responded to his comment of her cousin was blunt, almost cold which was understandable considering Selena’s unusual personality and overall flakiness when it came down to planning. Refraining from commenting on her family however as it could be a sore spot just as his own was for him, he changed the subject back onto her magic. “So when did you lose your magic?, it must have only been within the past two months if not less than that, it’s odd really you don’t expect that until the further onward to a pregnancy was there perhaps some other factor that could have removed or nullified your magical abilities?” He pondered this question as it was easily possible that something during the fight she had in hargeon had inherently affected her and not for the better.

As he spoke they would draw closer and closer to the restaurant, members of the public walked all about some in their direction others with them. He couldn’t help but spot out all of the couples in their various stages as partners, there were the cute lovey-dovey couples that he and Alice would be previously identified as, the more later senior couples and the couples between them with children in arms and in strollers depending on the circumstances. Something about it just made him smile, he didn’t know what it was however, his happiness was short lived when he recalled his past actions that causing him to pause for a moment likely to Alice’s confusion.

Wanting to relieve her concerns, he would merely raise his spare hand and waved away the issue. “Don’t worry, Alice I just thought of something, nothing major.” Eventually however they would reach the pizzeria which was lively despite it’s out of the way location. While he wasn’t fond of large groups of people it wasn’t enough to make him out right uncomfortable, wanting to ensure the wellbeing of his fiancee, he led them to an unused table outside so that she could sit while he organised everything. Letting go of his partner, he motioned for her to sit down. “Just relax I’ll get some menus and water from the bar.”

Entering the restaurant revealed just truly how busy it was as the establishment looked significantly smaller from the outside while on the inside it was vast, this was in part due to it having multiple false storefronts as the exterior. Calling for some menus and water at the bar, he was meet in turn with a waiter who promptly handed him not just the water and menus but also a number, “45” to denote them as a table. Returning swiftly to the table, he apologised before placing a menu and a glass in front of Alice. “Sorry for taking so long it’s really busy in there.” Finally taking a seat of his own, he placed a menu in front of himself and a glass to the side. Pouring water first for her and then himself he took a sip and began to read the menu while making idle chit-chat with Alice. “Hmm an odd question for something that won’t need answering for awhile but thought of any names yet?”

After having a polite conversation throughout their lunch, Kon relieved himself.


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Adelaide Sokolov
Maybe she had been to blunt and mean about Selena, but so much had happened and she was sure she could count on her cousin after the incident in Era but apparently something had happened, she didn't know the answers to that yet and Alice was left alone, but it wasn't only Selena that didn't show up, no one off her team and when one did it was too late and she had so much bruises and pain that she was still not recovered now after what... 3 or 4 weeks. She shrugged it off invisible, she would worry about this issue the moment she would talk to Selena. She didn't have the energy (nor the spirit) at the moment to think about fighting someone at all. Being a sort of hidden that the lieutenant was wounded badly and.. pregnant, it was already nice to be able to see people and of those people: especially Kon.

She blinked a couple of times to get out of her own daydreaming, thinking about Selena and the fight, she had to bring herself back to the hear and now to listen to the question about losing her magic. She looked at Konstantin only to look back in front of herself to lose her in the fight again, "I didn't know if it was usual to pregnancy, the hospital didn't say anything about it. It happened at the fight, I still don't really understand what happened, I sort of froze and couldn't do anything, it was as if I was watching myself being tortured and hurt and all I could think about that my body didn't matter as long as the baby was alright. I never thought as well to be so protective, to be honest I wasn't very happy about being pregnant in the beginning, it didn't seem the time and all." she looked back at Konstantin, thank god the crying thing was not yet that bad, she could hold on to her emotions for now. "After that fight, I wasn't able to summon my armour and spear," she continued, "The weapons I used that day, so it would make sense if I lost them because I can't remember, but than the rest of the weapons don't appear either." She felt a soft bump of Hecate on the other side of her, to comfort her and she gave a soft pat on the head because she liked how Hecate knew exactly how she felt. She turned to look at Konstantin because at that moment he paused and she was wondering if there was something wrong, but he quickly addressed her. Which made her worried but maybe: she had enough to worry about.

"Just to say it, I might look weak and everything, I always want to support you as well. Even if it's just listening to your own concerns." She tried to show her brightes smile, even with all the things he had done and that Tori told her, she would still pick Kon, over and over again.

She was glad she could down, mostly for not using her muscles, they were immediately sore as she walked but she would get over that. She was glad to sit outside and watched for a second to where Hecate and Jupiter were going but the two of them had made sure to go and sit somewhere a bit away from the people, which made sense for Jupiter didn't like people all that much. She was daydreaming again because it took a while for Kon to get back, she could only smile at him and take a sip of water as well before opening the menu in front of her. "Names are definitely not my strongest suit, besides I found it more important to tell you. I don't have any family to name the baby after, I don't know how it is for you." Especially since he didn't run away from her, it was important to go through this all together, right?

After the food, she was simply tired. As she had explained to him during dinner was that for some reason she had some long recovery and she linked it to the loss of her magic. She simply wanted to go back to her hotel and asked him if he wanted to come along, depending on that she would either go alone or together but she needed a quiet moment.


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