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Beating heart {Open to FT}

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#1Sylvia Fuyatsuki 

Beating heart {Open to FT} Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:43 pm

Sylvia Fuyatsuki
Unable to control her heavy breathing, Sylvia pushed open the large doors of FairyTail’s guild hall, with a little struggle of course. Her nickname was “twig” when she was little, she wasn’t able to lift or push anything that was even slightly heavy. If her heavy breathing wasn’t enough, her heartbeat began to speed up when she began to think about her relations with the guild. Yes she was new, yes she had no idea what she was doing, yes she was a complete mess. Usually she was this cocky mage who let nothing bother her, but currently she felt exposed with fear. She carefully slipped into the guild and admired its beauty. It was certainly a beautiful guild hall, but all she could think about was if her new guildmates would even consider talking to her.

Beating heart {Open to FT} A3f1a910

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