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Temporary Aquarist [Genjiro | Quest]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Temporary Aquarist [Genjiro | Quest] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:08 pm

Genjiro Yamada
The old man who went by the name of genjiro was spending his time down by the beach at the public gym. He was only wearing his black hakama pants and white sash, his tabi socks, waraji and upper clothing was neatly folded on a bench. The old man was lying flat on his back on a bench as he lifted up a series of large weights. Under the hot sun and heavy weights sweat would cascade down his muscular physique, as all around him stood various young men shouting words of encouragement at the long bearded old man. Genjiro grunted straining his old muscles as he raised the massive set of weights into the air hitting eighty of his one hundred reps. Every increase of eighty two young men would grab a set of ten kilogram weights each and slide them onto the end of the bar for Genjiro. He had asked for their assistance. He had started of with thirty kilograms. With the increase of eighty kilograms total he was about to lift one hundred and ten kilograms. The old man gripped the bar tightly after wiping the sweat off and throwing a little sand on his hands to help his grip. The old man took a few breathes before lifting the massive weight. He began pushing the weight as the men around him counted. Some of them were running about going berserk at the fact such an old fart was lifting such heavy weights, they had never seen such a thing. The old man's forehead was covered in sweat, but one of the youngsters would dab him down with a towel wiping it off for him. As he reached ninety the weight was beginning to become to much but he continued pushing through with hard work and determination.

As he reached the last stretch the men around him started to chant which fueled him on, "NInety-one! Ninety-two! Ninety-three! Ninety-four! Ninety-five! Ninety-Six! Ninety-Seven! Ninety-eight! Ninety-nine!" they chanted as the old man lifted the massive weights pushing his body past his limits. He roared as he reached ninety-nine reps, just one more to do. With the desire to finish sparking a rush of adrenaline the old man lowered the massive weights before he started to lift them up into the air with a battle cry. The old man hefted the massive weights before his arms began to buckle after completing one hundred. "One hundred!" shouted the young men, but they noticed the situation and a few of them grabbed the bar and helped lower it down onto the stand for genjiro.

The old man slowly sat up and grabbed his shoulders, followed by his aching muscles. That had been some work out. The old man walked over to a small area where a chill rushed into his bones. Their were five ice baths set up kept cool with magic. The old man slipped into the tub filled with ice cubes and cold water. The cold sensation allowed a sigh of relief and comfort to escape his lips. His burning muscles were slowly beginning to cool down.

WC: 517

#2Genjiro Yamada 

Temporary Aquarist [Genjiro | Quest] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 9:08 pm

Genjiro Yamada
The old man lay in the ice cold bath for over half an hour waiting for his muscles to recover. As he finished he planted his hands on the side and stood up. He had stripped down to a pair of swimming trunks before getting in to avoid wetting his hakama pants. Once out he retrieved his clothes and entered a change room where dressed himself back into his clothing. He used a little fire magic to help dry his body, beard, mustache and eyebrows before using a comb to groom himself to retain his image. Once ready he exited the change room where he was greeted by the youngsters who cheered him on, They gave him a round of applause and watched him leave.

As he was leaving the old man found someone approaching him, someone he recognised. The person approaching him was none other than the young female marine biologist Raina Burke. She appeared to be in a hurry as she walked up to him. The moment she had the woman began to talk to Genjiro asking again for his assistance. She explained she had to go run a few errands out of town for an hour and would be absent for the lab, but needed someone to do her daily duties for her. Since genjiro had been so helpful before she wanted his aid, she even said she would pay him for the day. The old man accepted the task and accepted the lab key off of her. Once he had the key he made his way off towards the laboratory to conduct the woman's duties. She said she would leave detailed instructions on her desk for him to read.

On arrival the old man inserted the key to unlock the twin glass doors and walked on in. He looked around and spotted the woman's desk. Walking over he found a clipboard with some notes. His old tired eyes began to read the notes left behind which detailed Raina's daily duties. He read over them three times before he felt he was ready. Once he was done he sat them down and began to walk over to the various fish tanks around the lab. His old but sharp eyes would inspect the tanks as he held a clipboard and pen. He began jotting down notes as he watched the fish. Each time something happened he wrote it down in detail for the marine biologist. Time ticked away and it was soon time for him to feed the feed that lived in the lab.

Finding the fish food after a little bit of searching he found the fish food. He read the instructions of how much to feed each fish and followed them to the letter. As he fed each fish he continued with his detailed report. Soon enough time had passed and he heard the sound of doors opening. Turning to the source it was Raina having returned from her jobs. The marine biologist thanked Genjiro for his aid after giving a detailed report of his log book to her. Raina thanked him multiple times before handing him his reward and allowed the old man to leave. Genjiro thanked her for hiring him and left deciding to head home to read. He was thoroughly exhausted.

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