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Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira]

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Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira] Empty on Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:14 pm

When Seira arrived in Oak Town, she was taken aback by the scenery and the atmosphere - it was a beautiful city, without a doubt, with captivating buildings and architecture, even in spite of its dark secrets. Seira had been in Oak one time before, only for a short amount of time, to find some work and see if she could, perhaps, get her hands on something interesting. That hadn’t been the case, however, which was fine with her. She left shortly after, after realizing that the clients here were made out of something different and that the things they requested to be done were often dark and ugly. Seira was only a newborn vampire back then and very uncertain as to what she wanted to do and while she firmly believed that she was a good person, she was still perfectly capable of doing evil. For some reason, the woman had never really grasped the concept of pure good and pure evil anyways and truth be told, she couldn’t really care either. As long as there was money involved she was most likely going to accept the job and compared to other people, she could be rather apathetic when it came to finishing those type of tasks. Either way, she had a long night’s rest after spending the last two days traveling all the way from Magnolia Town up to Baska, from where she had to walk to get to Oak. Seira was still wondering why the town didn’t have a train station - it would be so much more useful for everyone to get here, considering how far away it was, but she could also always make it this way. When Seira started her day, she stood up relatively late, not wanting to leave the house before afternoon hit. She took her sweet time making food and getting showered and all that and she even cooked something for Espeon. Seira had rented a reasonably large room in a nice hotel in the center of the town, so she was quick to arrive at all the important stores an whatnot. Furthermore, the room she had rented consisted of a large bedroom, a bath and a kitchen. When Seira stayed for a week or two, she wanted to have a place where she could cook for herself. Oak had a few interesting stores, some of them sold all sorts of herbs so herb brewing was also always a good option for her. She did that to do something with her time and because it had been her hobby for her entire life now. Today, however, Seira decided to visit an old client of hers to see if he had more work for her. Like mentioned before, Oak wasn’t necessarily a good place and most definitely not a bubbly place like Magnolia or even Hargeon. The people here were vastly different from what she was used to and most of them were unfriendly and did shady things. But then again, Seira was a vampire so who was she to judge?



Experimental Hexes [Quest: Seira] Empty on Thu Oct 05, 2017 6:24 pm

When Seira left her apartment that day, she headed through the streets of Oak with a vague idea in mind of where she was heading. She had worked for a certain man called Dr. Stephan Mabuz before - he was extremely shady and, without a doubt, practiced dark magic. She knew he dealt with hexes, poisons and strange items and what not and most of those things, he did illegally. She had met him before in his quaint little magic shop, which appeared completely unsuspicious and was his cover during the day. He had performed strange experiments on her, experiments which she couldn’t explain to herself either, but it couldn’t be helped. He was the only one Seira knew of that could possibly have work for her, so she returned to his shop and approached him by the counter. He seemed to recognize her, strangely enough, and instead of greeting him Seira bared her vampire fangs at him. Much to her surprise, he smiled. “I see you have come again for work. That’s good. I have created a few new hexes, but I don’t actually have the time to try them out and wander around in town, so you do that for me. I will pay you for each of them, be sure to watch exactly what is happening and then tell me about it. “ Seira didn’t even had to say much and he slid two pieces of paper across the table for her to look at. “Just say the words out loud, but do not cast them on the same person - that might be too much for them,” a nasty laugh escaped his lips as Seira put the pieces of paper away and left the store. The first one was called “stimuli” and from the info on the paper it was supposed to make the target very sensitive - she could very well imagine what that meant. Knowing that this wasn’t too bad of a thing and would probably only last an hour or so anyways, Seira casted it on a confident looking woman, who immediately started squirming, visibly uncomfortable in her own skin. Even though she seemed unhappy, it was certainly a sight for sore eyes and Seira moved on to the next target. The next hex was called “decrepify” and it was supposed to “deactivate” someone’s legs for the next hour or so. For that, Seira chose a young and healthy looking man, knowing that he had the strength to pull himself up if he had to. Seira spoke the words and pointed at him and the hex only seemed to work partially this time. The man gained a partial limp, but he could still move around which meant that the hex was only partially successful. Seira took note of everything and made sure to follow her two victims around for a bit before she returned to Dr. Mabuz’ shoppe with the information. She reported everything to him in detail and even though he seemed a bit unhappy with the results of the second hex, he still paid her what was due and told her that he might need her again the next day.


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