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Game Time [Kon]

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Game Time [Kon] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:52 am

Stretching as he reached the beach with Kon, a friend he had recently just made while also learning how to fish, and meeting an 'interesting' fisherman by the name of Tim, Odin was now ready to defeat a bunch of teenagers at a game of volleyball, and he was so ready for what was coming, having removed his navy jumper to reveal a white t-shirt to go with his navy blue training pants and sneakers. Underneath that white t-shirt held Odin's Grimoire Heart mark, but it couldn't be seen currently, and Odin knew it wouldn't be, he was very careful when taking clothes off not to allow the public to see it. Besides, the majority would think it was simply a very large tattoo on his back, very few, if any, would know its true meaning. However, despite counting him as a friend, Kon's girlfriend had been in Hargeon to defend against the attack by Grimoire Heart, which meant the man might know more about the guild than the average bystander.

For now, Odin put that thought to rest at the back of his mind, and focused on helping the teenagers set up their court with which they would soon play an intense game of volleyball. Odin was keen to win this one, no matter what tactics he would require, magical or otherwise.


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Competitive sports were never the Holy Knights strong suit with him preferring to use his mind to fight his peers though it would be an interesting change as he hadn’t really had too much experience and he really needed some in the off chance that he might in the future. Recognising the serious tone that Lucifer had taken in regards to winning the match, he didn’t wish to upset his new friend and instead chose to support him in ways that could be perceived as being unfair. That was how the world worked however, wanting to illustrate to Lucifer what he was thinking he both reacted out to him with a stretched out hand pointing at him and commenting to him. “Hey, Lucifer just remember it’s just a match for fun.” Winking at the end hoping that he would notice the increase of his overall skills, with his vast manapool sustaining the spells which he had cast on his friend would be novel for him.

Wanting to ensure that the area was completely identical for both parties he helped make both sides of the field to meet the specifications that the teens told him. In the end the court was a fairly respectable 16 meters long 8 meters wide giving both sides a total area of 8 meter by 8 meters to cover and ensure that the ball didn’t strike. The teens recognising that he and Lucifer were less experienced with the game itself allowed them the first serve by calling out to them. “Hey uhh yeah you guys go first let’s see what you can do.”


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The teenagers, with Kon's assistance, had created the perfect square arena for them. Each team got the exact same space with which to work, and Kon had made sure to remind Odin that it was just a game, which made the olive haired mage chuckle. Life itself was a game, everything one did could be classed as a game, but there were some that were more important to win than others. And that was where Odin differed from the majority. While others would happily lose some games and win others, Odin would win them all, his pride would allow nothing less, but he said nothing to Kon, not wanting to worry his partner by making him think Odin was some kind of psychotic maniac or anything, that would just be silly.

The teenagers prepared themselves, but allowed Odin to make the first serve, as both he and Kon were the challengers in this game but something felt different. Odin felt lighter, he felt like he could move faster, even though he was running on sand and hadn't changed anything. He served the volleyball over to the opposing team, who instantly returned it with a direct smash, aimed right towards the other side of the court from where Odin was. Without thinking, the dark mage dashed towards the ball, appearing under it before it reached the ground and lifting it into the air for Kon to finish with. Smiling at whatever had happened, Odin murmured under his voice.

"I could get used to this."


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The match between them and the teens had become absent of conversation which was good in some ways as it illustrated a drive for all individuals to win. While winning was good, it was just as good at least from Kon's perspective to be willing to lose a match as the quote goes. "You can't win them all." The first blow that Lucifer struck was returned with ease leading to the ball to return to their side, wishing to Kon a chance to strike the ball, he didn't strike the ball back directly instead chose to launch it into the air. As Kon was in the far corner of his square he sprinted over to where the ball hung in the air before jumping up to the fullest of extent before unleashing a blast of magic directly onto the ball with just the tips of his finger sending it shooting at the teens at an astonishing speed. Surprised about the speed that the ball had been redirected the teens were essentially stuck in place as it landed both on and then later into the sands itself, wanting an explanation on what just happened as the taller member pulled out the ball from the ground, the muscley one walked over to them though not closing to their side of the court. "Oi what was that just then?" Feinting confusion, Kon merely shrugged in response.


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With the ball high in the air, Kon had ample time to reach its location and send it back, as he sprinted and leaped to an impressive height to do so, but that's not all he did. As he jumped, and as his hand connected with the ball, there was a brief surge of energy, causing the ball to rocket towards the sands at incredible speed, winning Kon and Odin one point, while the teenagers stood confused, until one of them spoke out. Arguably the leader, he was clearly the oldest, as he approached, with a healthy supply of muscle from fishing all day no doubt. He was not happy with what had just happened, asking Kon to explain himself while the blond just shrugged his shoulders, pretending to have no idea what he just did. Following along with the ruse, Odin spoke up for them all to hear "Forget about it, let's play. Your serve."

The muscled man returned to his position, and the teen team prepared to serve the ball. Swinging his arm in an arc to build up momentum, the ball was sent onto Odin and Kon's court, with the latter being in the perfect location to both receive the ball, and keep the game rolling. This could get interesting.


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Evidently, his little trick had caused a bit of tension between the two team because of this he would not use such underhanded moves anymore as it would only provoke the teens more so and to be frank he didn't wish to involve himself in unnecessary conflicts knowing that if things got violent around him, it would go from normal to devastating in mere seconds. Additionally, he wanted to establish himself as a reasonable down to earth individual in front of Lucifer as he could see a potential friendship between them blossom naturally rather than the other relationships that had been seemingly forced upon him when he was within the Rune Knights. The only relationship he truly felt authentic was that of him and Alice as they had shared a deep connection that he could never forget.

Returning to the volleyball match Kon watched on as one of the teens stuck back the ball in their direction starting up the next round of the match directed towards him. Returning the throw with the same force, the ball went flying into the air towards the boys with one, in turn, striking the ball in Lucifers section, only he could determine what would happen next.


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In returning the ball from their court to their opponent's, Kon used just natural ability, allowing his opponents to easily knock it back over with a couple of passes. That was the thing about volleyball that Odin found the most appealing: having two options for what to do and picking the most suitable one at the last possible moment. For example, you could either hit the ball to the opponents side and try to score a point or pass it to one of your teammates for them to score. But even beyond that, if one chose to hit the ball and score a point, there was the choice of where you were going to aim your attack, and how much power you were going to put behind it, that really made the game interesting, and got Odin thinking about something he wished to do to score his next point.

He hit the ball back to his opponents side, looking like an attempted point that was blocked, and moved back slightly to stand in the middle of the court. At that point, when his opponent's team were passing the ball between them, he waited, acting on the final move. When one of the teenagers jumped high to smash the ball, Odin moved in sync, jumping to reach the same height, with the ball in the middle, just above the net. While the teenager still tried to hit the ball, his strength was no match for Odin's, who hit the ball with such force that it caused the boy to land on his back when he hit the ground, the ball on the sand next to him, scoring the mages a point. Now it was Kon's time to serve.


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It was Kon’s turn now to be shocked by the actions of his partner with his sheer physical strength seeming to completely overpower the teen netting them a 2 point lead unclear about what they were aiming for as the fallen teen rose up and threw the ball at him, he caught the ball, he questioned to no-one in particular. “Uh what are we stopping at best out of 3?, 5?, because we have fish that’s being cooked and it can’t be overcooked.” The teen sarcastically responded to him while shrugging. “Oh I don’t mind playing on and on so we can stop when you stop it’ll just mean we’ve won.” Clutching the ball with his left hand resting it on his chest, he drew up his right hand and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. “Teenagers…”

He sighed under his breathe before removing his hand and spoke now directly to the teenager in question. “Fine, we can play as long as you like but know this I have the stamina of someone capable of playing even a game like this for countless hours, just know that there will be a break in our match as I don’t wish to have a wasted lunch.” Wanting to illustrate his pure energy to the teens, he rose up the ball into the air and sent it barrelling towards them.


Game Time [Kon] Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:57 pm

As Odin scored his point, and the teenagers angrily collected the ball before throwing it at Kon with a little more force than what would be deemed 'friendly', the blond mage asked the group how many points they'd be playing for, and when this game would end, as the two men had lunch being cooked for them, and they didn't want to keep Tim waiting too long if they could help it. The teenagers replied with quite possibly the most infuriating and ridiculous comment they could think of, stating that they would keep playing until Kon and Odin had to leave, thus surrendering and losing the overall game. How petty could a group of people even be, but Kon stated that he could play for hours if he needed to, and Odin believed he could easily match that time, or perhaps extend it if he used Lucifer's ability, although the demon would never allow it.

Kon did make sure to say that they would be ending the game for some time when they left to eat, before showing off his physical ability by serving an absolute beauty, hitting a spot in the sand in between two teenagers, who both dived for it, collided with one another, and fell, both missing the ball and making it three points to Odin and Kon, and zero to the angst-filled teenagers, who were starting to get rather riled up. "Guessing it won't be first to three points then." Odin remarked as the teenagers grabbed the ball and prepared to serve.


Game Time [Kon] Empty Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:40 am

The two men continued for some time with their game of volleyball, to the ever increasing annoyance of the teenagers, who were never able to gain even one point for themselves: the two mages vastly outclassing them despite not having had nearly as much practice. It was extremely amusing for Odin to watch, as he loved to build rage and frustration in others, especially when it was during something as simple as a volleyball match. After scoring their 26th point, Odin looked over to the teenagers and spoke "That's time now kids, we're going to get our lunch, it'll definitely be cooked now. Thanks for the match, it was good fun." Giving a sly smile, Odin turned to join Kon and return to Tim the fisherman, excited to eat some cooled fish. As he walked away, the leader of the teenagers group, no doubt upset about both losing and being called a kid, shouted back, "Hah, they've left, which means you guys surrender and we win. That was too easy, bye bye."

Growing really tired of the pathetic bravado, Odin shot the man a look that shook him to his core. The fact that they thought they could claim the victory was unfounded, and Odin wanted them to know what would happen if they tried, before going and enjoying his fish with Kon, a man he had now become quite good friends with now.



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The match went on and on, with the teens scoring not a single point in comparison to Kon and Lucifer who had won round after round. Eventually though while there was an agreement to continue on regardless of circumstances the match drew to a halt when they or most specifically Lucifer called an end to it revealing that they would be retiring to have their lunch. Admittedly Kon was growing hungry and was thankful that he had not been the person to stop the match as he didn't want to admit the slightest of weaknesses to any of them. It was quickly clear however that the teens wouldn't take no for an answer with the leader making a rude remark towards them.

While he stood the higher moral ground by merely waving his hand back at them as he returned to the fisherman, Lucifer wasn't having any of it evident from the glare directed at the kid as they walked by breaking midway their light conversation as they walked to the man. Eventually reaching him, Kon apologised for taking longer than expected before helping out with the preparation of eating the meal before eating with two new associates. He was interested to see who Lucifer truly was, as there was clearly more than meets the eye with him, even his name was something to take note of as he had never met someone simply called Lucifer before.


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