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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel]

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Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:08 am

Seira spent the remaining few hours inside an inn in Baska Town. It was nice here and she often wondered why she never stayed longer - but then again, the sorceress rarely came this far up north. She usually did so to visit Oak, work there and then return to the safe south of the country, where things were more light-hearted (mostly due to the obvious lack of dark guilds). Baska in itself was nice enough, however, and she definitely liked it better than Marigold from the looks of it.

Unfortunately, today she had not brought a lot of time with her and after getting some rest and something to eat for herself as well as Espeon, the vampire had to continue her journey.

Oak was about a day away and she had to get there by foot, seeing how no the town had no train station whatsoever. It was kind of unfortunate, mostly because it took her a while, but when Seira and Espeon eventually arrived, she quickly headed for a nice hotel in which she would book a room. Seira decided not to leave again, but rather rest for the night so she could have energy for the next morning and hopefully find something to do.


Baska Town to Oak Town [Foot Travel] LqKLdpe

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