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Fishing Contest [Quest:Odin]

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Today was a special day for Odin, mostly because it was the first day he wouldn't be taking a job requested by Maxwell Buscon, the loud mouthed disappointment of a thug that he was. Today he was meeting up with a Jacob Fischer, whoever that was, nearby to the beach in Hargeon, where Odin had heard word of a fishing contest happening later that day. Whether that had anything to do with his upcoming quest, he currently had no idea. But either way, he was ready for whatever was thrown at him. Having changed out of his finery -which usually consisted of a shirt, black trousers and a waistcoat with dress shoes- and into his other 'work clothes', Odin stood in a navy blue matching track suit top and trousers, with a red cloak covering most of his lean, well defined figure, and a pair of simple navy sneakers which completed the look, allowing him to be ready for literally whatever it was that would be thrown at him. He wasn't here to look his best after all, he was here for work, and no doubt work that would require a little subterfuge and foul play. He just had to wait for his client's arrival.

It didn't take long, with Jacob appearing from a nearby street and introducing himself quite kindly for the kind of work they were no doubt about to perform. He was dressed in beach shorts and a white t-shirt, with a long bag slung over his back, something that Odin couldn't quite understand the significance of yet, until his client started talking, and explained everything to him in detail.

"As you may have heard, there is a fishing contest happening later today, and I need your help with it. It's a simple competition: whoever catches the biggest fish wins the competition, and also wins a healthy sum of money. Your task is pretty straightforward too. Make sure I win this contest, I don't care how you do it, whether by stealing other fish, sabotaging fishing poles, whatever you have to do, just make sure I win."

After speaking, Jacob made his way towards the site of the contest, not once making it obvious that he knew Odin, and not even turning around to look at him once, which made sense honestly. The last thing he would want to do would be seen as a friend of Odin's considering what he was about to do, not that it would make a difference anyway, as Jacob was about to learn. Before approaching the site of the contest, Odin moved into a simple side street, took off his cloak and stretched, preparing himself for what he was about to do. He didn't want everyone there to know who was about to do what he was about to do, so the easiest solution was to make them hunt someone they'd never find, give them a scapegoat. Make them waste all their time finding someone that didn't exist, not really. Luckily, this was something that Odin knew exactly how to do.




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His hair was the most notable of all the changes, as it was such a drastic change: morphing from the short, untidy olive green hair that Odin was known for into long, golden locks that fell in beautiful waves much further, even going past his shoulders, as two equally golden horns grew from the top of his head, pushing out and pointing backwards. Arguably the most confusing part of the transformation, until the wings grew out of Odin's back, with bone and muscle forming where none previously existed. The first change had been a shock to his body, and a painful one at that, which caused him to writhe in pain until it had finished. While it still hurt, the dark mage had become used to it, as he flexed his new wings: a motion that came as naturally to him as breathing. The rest of the changes weren't as interesting as his hair, horns or wings, as the only consisted of his body becoming slimmer, his posture becoming more refined, and his body growing three or so inches, completing the transformation from human to demon. Cracking his neck, Lucifer moved towards the site of the contest.

He was glad to have worn his red cloak, as the large item of clothing was perfect for covering the wings on his back -such that he would simply look like a man with an awkward hunch- and its hood covered the horns, being baggy enough to completely capture them without concern. He would be perfectly hidden from the world, and they would never know of Odin's involvement. He was right on time as well, as the contest was just about to begin, with Joshua looking about trying to find the man he'd hired. If it wasn't for the red cloak, and the look Lucifer gave the man, he'd have had no idea who was helping him in his endeavour.

The contest began soon after that, with all the entrants being given two hours to catch the biggest fish they could. Joshua managed to get an early lead by catching an impressively above average fish, but his hopes of winning by legitimate means were soon dashed by one of his opponents, which prompted Lucifer to make his initial move, walking over to the position of the current winner, and using a simple spell: raising his palm and aiming it to instantly singe the fish, as well as the man's fishing rod, rendering both useless as the force pushed the fish back into the ocean. The man looked around to find out who had done such a thing, but he had no idea who it could've been, or any proof even if he did know. He seemed to be the only one that Lucifer had to sabotage, as Joshua won soon after with his original catch: no other contestant able to defeat him. Despite constant complaints from the man Lucifer had played with, Joshua was the clear winner, who walked past Lucifer, planting a small pouch into his pocket, before wandering off. Reaching another alleyway, Lucifer cancelled the transformation, and became Odin once more, having completed his mission with ease.



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