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Experimental Hexes {Quest: Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Experimental Hexes {Quest: Lucian} Empty on Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:04 am

Lucian V. Crimson
The good doctor has called once again, this man was something rather strange to deal with the last time considering that he desires for the world of alchemy and science considering that those desires led him to look at my body as a potential science experiment instead of that of a regular human. Also, his eyes were more strange and unsettling than anything. It was as if behind those glasses of his he was gathering all of my exact measurements, vitals, and other essentials with just a glance at my frame. Never felt more naked even compared to taking a shower. But as long as he was not trying to put this body naked on that operating table of his it is all fine by me.

The laboratory smelled the same as the previous time. Sulfur, smoke, and a distinct stench. Though whether it was from the madman himself or the possible grotesque experiments that occurred here, no one can really say. Gah, this place is horribly disgusting indeed.

"Doc. I'm here. "

Ehhh. The wheels and that distinct sound of slurping. He's close.

"Ah! Young mage. Good Good. Now. Come on over here. I have some things I want you to see. "


The fact that the doctor has disappeared is not a good idea and is not the most secure situation for one to find themselves in when in the lab of a mad scientist. Especially considering the items that he has in here aren't the most appealing and look more for causing slow tortuous pain than anything else.

Thankfully, instead of being he is at a desk of some kind, papers were thrown everywhere and his small form whisking about it looking for some kind of item, with his back turn should he do anything that isn't approved of, I will easily dispatch him.  

"Here we are! The hexes! "

Hexes? Like those of old cults and crazed witches that were used to cast various ailments upon the unwary or disrespectful. Why would a scientist use hexes? Is he trying to merge the worlds of alchemy and magic?

"What would a use is a hex to a scientist?"

His eyes, they were crazed and yet they looked almost focused. Like in moments where his work is question makes him sane. Or almost look sane.

"For your information, magic like anything is in this world can be mass produced or manufactured. Lacrimas for example. But to give you the quick answer. These hexes have been produced by me and I want to study their effectiveness. I have "friends" that desire their uses. "

The pieces of paper, where flimsy parchment to say the least. But there was only a single word that graced the front of them. Nothing more and nothing less.

"So I'm assuming I read these and they will be cast at the target of my choice. "

"Precisely! I guess you aren't stupid. Now, please. I anxiously await your observations. "

I cannot lie and say that I am not so damn happy to be leaving this dungeon of place and back into the folds of civilization and fresh air. Okay.

Now who to inflict these upon, the first one is stimuli. Mmmm who to cast this on. Ah. A nice pampered rich woman, the bags on her hands and the snooty upturned nose. The fancy clothing that revealed the skin of her legs almost to the top of her thigh. The large brimmed hat made out of some sort of silk. Walking as if she was the only one meant to be on the cobbled street and no regard for those that walked the same path.  That was the kind of woman mom almost turned out to be. Which is rather disgusting to think about considering that folks such as her were rather annoying to deal with and mom was no longer here.

So there is my target. The way to invoke the hex was to imagine my target and then speak the word. Alright. The highly polished woman, with the upturned nose and bags of items.


Hmm did it work? Ah, now that is a shrill scream. She is highly uncomfortable. Haha. She looks so out of place. She's dropping her bags and trying to cover her legs and yet she can't. Oh man, that's hilarious. Even the air seems to make her uncomfortable. Ah, I guess you could say this hex worked just fine. And ..I see the word is gone from the paper so these are one time uses. Well, the doc will be happy to know it worked.

Next one is mmm decrepify, I'm assuming this is to do some sort of harm or cause failure. Or atrophy. Okay well who to target next.

Mmm, there seems to be no one around to...ouf! Well, that's rather rude. I can understand being in hurry but a sorry would have sufficed.

"You can say excuse me next time. "

The sneered on this rather large brutes face could only mean that an apology wasn't going to come out of his mouth, and if it wasn't for the fact I'm not from around here, I'd have stomped him to the ground. But...

"Watch where you're walking worm. "

He turned to walk and now I had my newest target. Let's see if you like is not able to do whatever this makes you not able to.


The words flew from the page and the incantation seemed to be working, here we go let's see the... A limp. Really? All that gave him was just a slight limp. I thought this was supposed to do something major. Much like the stimuli from before. Hmm, I'm sure this isn't what the doctor intended but it will do. Time to go gather this reward.

And again the journey into the abyss. Though at least at the end of this there laid a treasure waiting for me. And at least for the time some enjoyment. Though not too excited by the effects of the last hex. That was a let down of sorts but what can you do.

There was the doctor, still whisking about at his desk. I'm sure he's studying his notes on some kind of potion of sorts or crazed experiment.

And right on cue.

"I see you've returned. What were the results? "

I'll just lay these right here.

"The stimuli hex worked just as intended. The target was overly stimulated by everything. She was worked up into a frenzy. Decrepify, on the other hand, gave the man I used it on a slight limp of sorts but nothing else. "

"Mmmm I see that's not good. Stimuli worked perfectly but Decrepify was to remove all function in the lower extremities for one hour. The fact that all he got was limp is unsatisfying to the say the least. Oh well. I will fix this. Here is your reward, now I have work to do. "

You don't have to tell me to leave twice. Though considering how the last hex turned out. I won't be surprised to hear from the good together again soon.

Great. Just great.


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