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Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Seira]

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It was yet another beautiful morning in Magnolia Town. Seira was still in bed with her eyes closed, not completely asleep but also not really awake. She didn’t want to pay attention to the world yet she could hear the wind blowing outside, meaning that the weather was not sunny anymore. She assumed that it was finally getting colder, with the fall season approaching and all that, an the sorceress had slept through the entire day today. deciding that on her last day in Magnolia she wanted to relax, rather than stress about finding more jobs and whatnot. It was about 3pm now, fairly late for anyone to get up during this time, especially in the middle of the week, but she was a vampire after all and often spend hours during the night outside lurking, sometimes looking for prey, doing those kind of things to keep herself busy. Michi had already woken up as well, but instead of doing anything of meaning the lazy feline stayed in her basket, curled up to a tiny purple ball, and napped every now and then. Seira herself wasn’t going to get up anytime soon, even though she knew she had to. She had made plans on leaving Magnolia soon after all and for that she needed to prepare. Seira was currently traveling through the country, mostly for work and she stopped at almost every city that there was, but never longer than a week or a few days to do work before she moved on. She was quite active when it came to those type of things and Seira, unless she had reason to, hardly ever stayed in one place for a long time. That’s how it usually was for people without a home or a guild and even though she would love to settle down somewhere for some time, she didn’t mind being on the go either. Besides, work was important and she had her priorities. Seira was always searching for are weapons or perhaps even armor and even though she rarely fought she was still a mage and a vampire. With her new identity it was important for her to know how to defend herself and of course having items that could help you with that was, in way, important. Seira had started out at Hargeon after meeting with a special person and traveled down to the south to Marigold, which was the closest city by. She had only been there for 3 days, there wasn’t much work in a place like that, before she boarded the train and went back to Magnolia, where she was right now. She planned on taking another train tomorrow, one that would take her all the way up to the north, to Baska Town. Baska was ridiculously far away and walking there would take several days, which is why she decided to go by train. Her main goal was to reach Oak, but unfortunately Oak didn’t have a train station. That’s why she needed to travel by foot.


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The best way to reach Oak Town from a place far away, such as Magnolia, was to take the train to Baska and then travel up there by foot. Seira genuinely wondered if Oak was ever going to get a train station, but then again, the local guild was Phantom Lord and somehow she couldn’t imagine that any of them cared for something like that. Either way, it wasn’t all that important and Seira decided to see if she could find anything to do today before she continued her travels and left the city. The last few days had been fairly productive, to say the least, and the sorceress was quite satisfied with how things had turned out. After arriving in Magnolia from Marigold, she had immediately found some work in the local cathedral, where a priest had asked her to assist him. Many people had gotten sick from the flu, from what she could tell it was due to the weather and the temperatures sinking, and the priest needed help with distributing medicine to the sick people. There was a ton of them and Seira wondered how so many people could get sick at once, but instead of complaining she had helped out and fairly distributed the medicine to everyone. Seira herself had received some of the goods as well, but fortunately the vampire did not experience any symptoms of the disease and she assumed that she was either immune or simply had good health. Of course she had taken the medicine as well, which most likely had prevented further damage from happening. The payment was alright for that one, but then again, Seira rarely took on larger jobs, she prefered the small ones. The other day she had visited Khalash, an elderly man who was the owner of a magical drugstore here in Magnolia. Quite popular, not only his items but also he were well known and he had many customers, Seira being one of them. The Sorceress had often shopped at his store, mostly due to her obsession with herbs and whatnot and she was always happy to accept him as a client as well. His jobs and requests were often simple, such as delivering things to his own customers since he couldn’t leave the store or testing out a new item that he had bought. Yesterday had been the letter and he introduced her to a silver shield which was pretty and clearly also very expensive, but the quality was questionable. After they both used several magic spells on it and the shield remained unharmed without marks and whatnot, both came to the realization that it was in good condition and definitely not a fake. That had made the old wizard very happy and he had also paid her a decent amount of money. Seira thought about visiting him again, perhaps he did have another job for her and slowly got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. She took a shower and got dressed before eating some breakfast and feeding Espeon as well.


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It was getting late afternoon and Seira decided that it would be for the best if she left the house now. She didn’t really know where to go yet, but there was a local request board in Magnolia that had lots of job opportunities for people like her. It was a good enough place, she figured, and she had found many missions there before. Yesterday she had accepted a job for Barras, the local smith who was very popular and did excellent work. Seira had worked and helped out in his forge before, which is why she was familiar with him. Sometimes he gave wizards like herself quests and little tasks to do which he then rewarded with money. He rarely left the forge himself, which explained that sort of behavior. Seira had to pick up some goods from a suspicious merchant who turned out to be a scammer and after taking care of him and his aide, she reported the stolen goods to the police before returning to Barras with empty hands, who then decided to reward her anyways for her efforts. She appreciated that but at the same time suggested that he should be more careful with whom he accepted as his suppliers, since it could affect his business in a negative way. Seira left the inn she was staying at and walked through the streets of Magnolia Town. The weather was cool, as expected and she was glad that she had brought a coat with her. The request board wasn’t too far away and Seira decided not to stop by any shops while she was heading there, wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible. When she arrived at the board, she wasn’t the only person there and several other people seemed to be looking for jobs, which was quite normal. As she stood there and browsed through the flyers, she felt something tug on her sleeve. Surprised, the woman turned around and noticed a small kid standing behind her. He had brown hair and was fairly young and after a moment she recognized him as Tyler, who was quite smart for his age. He had paid Seira for work before so she stepped away to see what he had to say. “I remember you. You used to help me with something before and now I need your help with something again. There’s money involved too, if you are good enough. Care to listen?” Seira nodded and stepped away from the board. They took a seat on a bench as she listened to him. “Have you heard of the boxing arena that has opened up a month ago? It’s quite popular and many people go to see the matches. For those who win, a lot of money is involved as well. I go there all the time and it’s a lot of fun, my favourite fighter, Rocky, used to be the champion for a long time but he recently got beat, which isn’t okay.” Seira frowned at him.


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“And what does that have to do with me?” She asked and Tyler suddenly seemed upset. “He recently got beat by an idiot called Rodric! He used a super unfair technique and basically taunted him the entire time! I need someone to fight him, take him out and forfeit championship to give it back to Rocky, who truly deserves it! If you sign up for the battle I will help you and you can even keep the prize money. Besides, you are a wizard, right? Even though you are a girl you should know a little bit about fighting.” Seira wasn’t always like this but being a vampire had its perfect - she certainly was strong. “How much is the prize money?” Tyler thought about it for a second. “50,000 Jewels.” That’s it, and Seira was in. Together they walked to the arena where Tyler helped her sign up for the battle. People seemed suspicious of her dainty build at first, but that didn’t matter, Seira could fight anyways. There was still an hour or so left until the fight, however, and Tyler took the time to explain some of the rules to Seira. Of course no one should be wounded and the fight should be fair, which meant that Magic was out of question. That, of course, was okay with Seira. After a while Seira even got to meet her opponent, Rodric, who turned out to be a real jerk after all. He was without a doubt looking down on her and while he was quite handsome and clearly strong as well, he definitely lacked a good personality. “I’m going to mess you up,” he said with a grin and shrugged at her, “the fight won’t even last 60 seconds, I don’t even know why I am being told to fight a girl,” he turned his back at her and didn’t even look at her when he talked, but Seira wasn’t upset by that. She just wanted to get this over with so she could take her money, buy the train ticket and finally leave. After the fight had started, Rodric continued to taunt her. He said mean things and from what she could see his punches were actually strong, but instead of focusing he just kept taunting her and distracted himself more than all the others. The people were also cheering for Seira instead which was, of course, nice. She noticed that he was extremely slow however, which made all of his moves easy to dodge. The vampire didn’t struggle with that and to annoy her opponent, she decided to drag the fight out and dodge all of his attacks, constantly hitting him with small, but painful punches that he couldn’t avoid. After a while she finally got tired of it and high kicked him against the chin, which sent him flying across the ring and knocked him out immediately. Seira was declared new champion, but as she promised to Tyler she only took the money and forfeited the title to the former champion, Tyler’s favourite. She collected the money and left the arena shortly after.


Underwhelming Champion [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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