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Hargeon Tea Party [Quest | Yumi]

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The demon that was known as Yumi was sitting on the edge of a rooftop. Her petite behind was resting on the brickwork as her long slender legs coated by thin black stockings kicked at the air. The demon was twenty meters up in the air looking down on the streets of Hargeon. Yumi's crimson hues were watching the people of Hargeon scurry about like ants, going about their day as if nothing was wrong. Oh how the demon was tempted to take the massive Executioner's Sword on her back, drop down and begin the slaughter but she refrained from doing so. The demon began to pray to her Demon God Malum. Yumi's God Malum was an ancient entity who had existed for countless years, he was a devilish God who followed the teachings of Destruction, Bloodshed, Battle, War, Chaos and Rage. Malum had gone by many names over the years, Bringer of Death, Chaos Lord, King of War, The War Monger, Blood God, The Evil One, Demon of Destruction and countless others. For eons his name was said with fear but the Illumin wiped him from the records, attacked his sacred church in an attempt to wipe out his followers, significantly weakening the Chaos God. Yumi's Foster father had been a survivor and would later pass his teachings down to Yumi herself.

The demon was a devout worshipper of Malum offering up countless souls, blood and skulls to the Demon God. Malum was a Demon God who stood several hundreds of feet tall said to wield a massive scythe as tall as he cloaked in thick black and red armour while seated upon a giant throne atop a hill of skulls. Yumi had worshipped Malum for years. Her sacrifices had gradually begun to restore her Lord's powers enough so that he had offered her a blessing for her loyal service. The Demon God and ruler of Chaos had blessed Yumi with not only the gift of Youth but he had turned her into something that wasn't human, shaping Yumi into a creature after his own image.

Yumi had been turned into a member of the demon race. She had lost her humanity but in returned gained youth. The once old woman had reverted into a youthful young girl and here she sat months later. The Demons power had risen exponentially and so had her potential. For years Yumi had been stuck as a B rank mage never able to advance, but once she had become a demon that all changed. Yumi soon advanced to the next rank as her power doubled. She was no longer the frail weak old woman she used to be. Yumi's strength was constantly rising thanks to this new demon body and she didn't plan to stop. Her new goal was to reach the rank of S rank. Something inside of her, no doubt her lord was telling her that if she could become an S rank mage, a legend amongst her fellow magical users then something beyond what she could contemplate would happen to her.

The Demon didn't know what but it was driving her demon instincts wild, she could almost taste. The little demon licked her pink supple lips at the thought of gaining even more power.

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Yumi was someone who craved power, she thrived on it allowing it to consume every fibre of her being. The thought of obtaining unlimited power filled her with great joy as shivers of delight ran up her tender spine. Goosebumps began to appear on her tiny back at the thought of what kind of power she could obtain Yumi had always been power made even back when she had first become an acolyte of Malum. The temptation her Demon Lord had waved in front of her had been too much for her withstand, immediately she had jumped at it. Even now her hunger for power was becoming insatiable. It had been so as an old woman but now the hunger had grown out of control ever since she had become a member of the Demon race. The lolita supposed it was demon heritage vying for her to grow stronger in order to unleash its full might. The demon would happily oblige her instincts and every day she was slowly getting closer. She could feel power brimming within her tiny frame threatening to burst out in an instant once the time was right.

The demon shook herself out of her thoughts and rested her tiny hands on the edge of the rooftop. With a push the demon forced her body off the ledge and allowed herself to begin plummeting towards the ground. As she descended the demon would extend her arms out the side allowing a wave of magical energy to overcome her tiny frame. Magic poured through her veins and extended out her back, located at her shoulder blades. Magic spread out into the air shaping itself into a pair of wings each with a one-point five-meter long wingspan. The black wings expanded to full length slowing her descent before coming to a stop just ten meters above the cobblestone streets of Hargeon. The surrounding ants, citizens, where startled by the sudden shadow over them and looked up spotting the demonic little lolita hovering in mid-air.

People were forced to hold their noses and cast their gaze down less they be labelled as perverts. As when they looked up they were able to see right up into the demons gothic lolita dress. What the demon wore was less than pure and could be considered risque, black lacy panties. It certainly matched her attire and appearance adding a sexy flair to the tiny woman. THe demon didn't care that she was flashing her panties in public, what did she had to be embarrassed about. Yumi was someone who was incredibly comfortable in her own skin and had a great self-confidence about her own body. And no would be able to tell her otherwise. Though her form was young it retained a seductive flair to it, and could be described as a sinful body to those who laid eyes upon it, yet Yumi herself could also be described as a snow white alabaster beauty thanks to the texture of her skin.

With the assistance of her wings, Yumi turned towards the Hargeon docks. Rumour had been floating around that Reagan Hullston was looking for the little lolita. Yumi was quite curious as to what the Hargeon Dock Smuggler was after and wanted to find out. Without hesitation, the little demon took off launching herself at speeds of twenty meters per second towards the Hargeon docks to meet up with Reagan.

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The demonic lolita flew overhead, soaring ten meters high above the ground and twenty meters per second. her wings were out straight almost gliding as she flew through the air. Ever since she had obtained this spell, dare she say it, the little demon had become lazy casting it at every chance and flying around with any worries. The feeling of flying like a bird at breakneck speeds with the wind on your face the demon couldn't even describe it. THe feeling was utterly sensational and she loved every moment it, fasting the spell every chance she had even for the most mundane things, such as going out to collect groceries. Thanks to this spell Yumi rarely even used her legs, why walk when she could fly, but she kept her self in peak condition by training every day. She might be getting lazy by using his wings to transport herself everywhere she went, but it didn't mean she had slacked off completely. Yumi still worked herself hard. The little lolita pivoted around a building and flew under a flag before rising up and landing on a rooftop that oversaw the docks. She was only a good twenty meters away from her destination, able to make the distance in a second.

The demon stood tall and folded her glorious magical wings. The wings spread out and Yumi leapt swooping down to the ground. Her sudden speed caused those who looked up to scream thinking she was committing suicide. When she was only two meters from the ground her wings suddenly spread open wide. With the opening of her wings and the gift of flight returning, Yumi swooped along the ground and back up into the air allowing relief to form on the faces of the citizens of Hargoen. Yumi sailed over the crowds moving as a red and black blur. The demon sailed through alleyways making left and right turns at every interval for no reason other than to prolong her fun. The demon rocketed forward and in no time she had arrived at the entrance of the docks. Yumi flew over the surrounding water towards the pier rumours said Reagan was waiting for her at, pier three. Yumi flew over the wooden dock spotting the hargeon smuggler in the distance standing at the end while peering off into sea like he was lost. It didn't concern Yumi nor personally, did she care.

Yumi swooped in flying over to Reagan and allowed her dainty boot covered feet to touch the ground with a soft thud drawing his attention. THe man turned as Yumi folded her wings opting to keep them active. If needed she could deactivate the spell later, for now, she as happy to leave it activated. The smuggler turned to face Yumi and nodded his head in greeting. He had a somewhat annoyed look on his face, from where he was staring it was mostly aimed at several ships that appeared in the distance. "Thank you for coming, I was not sure if word would reach your ears, I am thankful it has. Pleased to meet you again Miss Yu. I hope you will be able to work for me again as you performed exceptionally on the previous tasks I assigned to you." spoke the smuggler, revealing he was looking for Yumi in order to hire her for a job.

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Yumi waved the smuggler off, not really caring for his flattering words. "It was a job, i just did I was paid for, nothing else. Now what it is you need me to do and be picked about it." retorted the old woman in a young body. She just wanted to know what the smuggler wanted with her and if she would be paid anytime soon. There were a few things Yumi had on her agenda to do today and waiting around on someone else was not one of them. The smuggler nodded his head in understanding. After having Yumi work for him on a number of quests he was beginning to understand her character, she was the no-nonsense kind of person that preferred to get things done quickly yet efficiently.

"As you can see in the distance there are serval ships, that will soon be arriving. Each ship is carrying a large supply of tea that will be spread out of fiore. Now tea is quite the lucrative business as lots of people drink it. However the ships they refuse to do business with me! THis angers me greatly as I am missing out on profit. I am sick and tired of losing out on the tea trade and so I want to hire you to do something about it. I want you to do whatever you can to sabotage their business to the point they have no other option but to work with me. Impersonate one oft he Hargeon Dock Authorities and do what you can. Throw tea into the sea, hurt some of their employers I don't care what." stated the smuggler as he explained everything he wanted Yumi to do for him.

The quest seemed easy enough so YUmi decided to accept it. SHe shook hands with the smuggler and began formulating a plan. To pull this off she would need to option the uniform of a dock authority. Luckily for her, she spotted a decently attractive woman wearing the uniform she wanted. Walking up Yumi put on the charms making the woman blush as she had never been hit on by another woman like this, especially one so young. YUmi flirted a bit, pressing against the woman and managed to drag her behind a warehouse as they made out. But during it, Yumi struck her in the neck knocking the woman out. Once she was out Yumi tied her up with what she could find, after stripping her of her clothes down to her underwear. Yumi then changed out of her gothic lolita attire into the uniform, which was far too big for her tiny frame, even though the woman had only been a few inches taller and quite thin. Yumi adjusted the uniform until it fit, before grabbing the woman's clipboard and walking out. As she walked out, Yumi tracked the other member of Dock Authority and knocked them out dragging them away until she was left.

Yumi walked along the dock just as the ships with the tea began to arrive. Yumi smiled at the people as they began to unload the crates of tea. As they did the captain made his approach greeting her with a smile. He seemed slightly surprised by her age but figured she was probably older than she looked. However, the moment he finished, Yumi began to speak saying that they were not expecting them to arrive today or at all this week. Yumi flipped through the paperwork on her clipboard and said there was nothing about their arrival here, she had removed their legal paperwork to keep appearances.

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The captain scowled and began to argue with yumi even yelling at her but the demon kept a cool exterior. The captain shouted that they had the proper paperwork even going as far as calling a member of his crew to go and bring it. The crewman soon returned with a stack of paper and handed it over to yumi. The demon inspected the paper before asking to see the shipment to confirm that they were, in fact, delivering tea. The captain sneered but complied, as he didn't want to piss off the dock authority, that and the massive sword on her back was a bit of a deterrent to not mess with her. He assumed because of her tiny stature the sword was there to intimidate people and stop them from harassing her, he figured it was probably fake no way someone so small could carry or even wield such a giant thing.

Yumi approached the shipment and pulled a lid off, inspecting the insides. It was really tea but she didn't voice her thoughts. Yumi raised her left hand and unclipped the massive sword on her back. The demons right hand coiled its fingers around the handle and she drew the massive sword with one hand. The giant steal demon like blade glistened in the light of the sun as it cut through the air. The blade swung out and struck a crate sending it flying through the air and crashing into the water. Yumi shouted she would not tolerate drops in her port as she kicked out with her left leg launching another crate into the water with ease. Each swing of her blade a loud cling was heard showing its metal appearance was in fact true. The crew watched on in horror as the lolita wielded such a massive weapon with one hand to destroy their precious cargo.

As the last crate fell in the water YUmi continued pestering them. She would claim they were smuggling people, kick a few of the captain's crew members about bruising and breaking limbs. She even went as far as destroying other crates filled with cargo they had brought with them. The crew cried out shouting that she was abusing her power. Anyone who shouted out against her was struck with the flat edge of her sword and sent flying back onto the ship with enough force to crack the wood. She even said they had failed to pay their taxes, and their ship was disease ridden throwing whatever she could think of them. By the end the crew of men were miserable and Yumi finished it by saying that they were no longer welcomed in hargeon and if they showed their faces around her again she would have them locked up for drug smuggling.

The crew couldn't even protest as she walked away from them. From the corner of her eye, she could see Reagan approaching them and speaking to the captain. Yumi walked around a corner to where clothes were stashed and change out of the authority uniform back into her gothic lolita dressed. Once she was done she walked out and headed to the meeting point. Once there she leaned on a wall and waited for Reagan to arrive. Time ticked away and after twenty minutes passed the smuggler arrived. He informed her they had a change of perspective and would now work with him. Thanking her the smuggler paid the demon who accepted the money and left.

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