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Practical Uses [Quest: Seira]

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Seira woke up to another day in Magnolia Town, and compared to the mornings in Marigold, she was in a decent mood. It was around 11am, fairly late for someone to wake up in the middle of the week, but for the vampire this was still early. She had no plans for the day, other than to go into the city and look for work, but that certainly had time. Seira didn’t do more than one thing per day anyways, and hardly any job takes longer than few hours to complete, which was perfectly fine with the sorceress.She sat up in bed and glanced across the room, where Michiko was sleeping. The feline was curled up inside the new bed Seira had bought for her, and after checking on her several times yesterday, as well as tonight, she had come to the conclusion that she absolutely loved that thing and therefore the investment was certainly worth it. It wasn’t overly expensive anyways, and Seira wondered if this was perhaps too extra, but as long as Michi loved it, all was well with her. Seira got out of bed and opened the curtains to look outside. Much to her surprise, the weather was no longer sunny and beautiful like it had been yesterday, but instead it was gloomy and it also seemed as though there had been rain — typical fall weather after all. Seira didn’t mind, she actually loved gloomy weather nowadays because it helped her avoid the sun and the vampire was having a better time being outside.

Considering that Michi hadn’t moved an inch yet, Seira figured that the little creature wasn’t going to come along this time again. Perhaps she would spent the day inside and play with some of the toys Seira had bought her, it didn’t really matter. The vampire went into the bathroom where she would take a shower, get dressed and ready herself for the day. Knowing that Michi had some sort of psychic power which was still unexplored territory to the wizard, she left the window unlocked so she could go outside whenever she wanted to. The door, however, would be locked. Seira stopped by the small restaurant that was downstairs from the inn where she was staying at for some breakfast and a look into the newspapers before she actually got up again and left to go outside. As per usual there was a moderate amount of people on the streets. During such weather most people preferred to stay inside anyways and after walking around and looking at the shops she saw that they were more occupied than usual. The vampire wasn’t planning on doing any shopping today, however. She was looking for a job and walked into the direction of where the local request board was located at. Most clients left a flyer up to alert wandering wizards, those who weren’t part of the guild, that they were needed and it was left there with job information and also what the payment would be.


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A perfect place for any wizard who was looking for work. Seira picked up a flyer from a client she knew already; Khalash Saton, the owner of the mag drug shop who was fairly well known among the citizens and even most of the wanderers. Seira had worked for him several times and was also a customer in his shop. He sold all sorts of magical things, such as potions, ingredients for potions, but also weapons and whatnot - and it seemed that today he required help. Seira knew where the shop was and headed there immediately, where she was greeted by Khalash himself, who invited her in and closed the store for the time being. “I see you are back,” he said with a smile and led her inside. Everything still looked the way she remembered it, but she also spotted a few new items she was showing interest in. Unfortunately, nothing Khalash ever sold was rare or even unique in rarity and even though Seira didn’t exactly believe that common items was all he offered, she wasn’t going to press the matter. Instead, she decided to discuss with him what the matter was. “I have an item I want to test out, a shield to be exact. I need someone to hold it for me while I perform a few tests, that is why I summoned you here,” he explained as he led her towards a more isolated area in the shop, that was quite spacious and had enough room for the practice he was talking about.

That wasn’t the first time he had an item with unknown purpose, so Seira wasn’t surprised when he handed her a large shield, silver in colour with gemstones embedded into it. It was quite heavy and therefore felt expensive, but Seira had no experience with shields so she asked Khalash what she had to do. “Well to be honest, I’m not quite sure if this shield is as good as the seller claims it is, which is why we need to test it. Hold it up for me, use it to defend yourself while I cast this spell on you, will ya?” Seira, who was relatively sturdy and therefor worried about nothing, nodded and lifted the heavy shield up. She would never use something like that in battle herself because she could tell how slow it made her, but the purpose here was not to dodge anyways, so it all worked out in the end. Khalash murmured a few words and casted what she assumed was a powerful fire spell. A ball of fire crashed against the shield and although she could feel the heat, the shield remained flawless almost as if it hadn’t been touched at all - it did an excellent job at defending her. Khalash was excited and asked her to perform a strong spell of her own on it to check if it really wouldn’t break - so Seira did exactly that using her blood magic, but the shield remained whole. Impressed by its quality, Khalash (who was now in a good mood), paid Seira generously before sending her away.


Practical Uses [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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