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Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private)

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#1Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:42 am

Judina †
What does a wander do but travel, on the move all of the time left to everything in their mind alone sticking out various trips.

The break in the beach was nice for Judina, having a different area and slight conversation with some one left her thoughts to desire something she did not think too much about for a while, A friend to be around, it had been a while since she had talked to Alice and she had not seen anyone else really to stuck around, The company of another for a little while longer would be nice just to deal with the mental need of not being alone.

The human race it's self does tend to do mad when left alone for long periods of time, Judina realize that effect had taken place on her now. normally burying away such things to the back of her mind much like many other things.

It left her to reflect again like she did on the beach just a different subject. So she would be at the docks at a part where few were at and she looked upon the waves quietly unsure what else to expect, After her moment of peace she figured she would find her way back into the main part of the city to look around.

But for the moment the sound of the waves and the wind just seemed to be what she wanted to enjoy it was relaxing for her in some way, it helped only if for a moment, all she needed was one.

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#2Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:19 pm

Son of a beach, that's what she wanted to say, but alas she liked the waving mysterious side of the world that many beings like herself haven't explored thoroughly yet. Slowly she walked on the stone street side against some brick made store after another store. Arisa didn't bother to feel the texture as she past every single one of them. Her eyes gazed forward and never looked anywhere else. She could feel the ocean breeze though from the distance she was. They say that nature is what makes the oxygen that everyone breathes, but that's not the only thing that helps this planet, the water helps too. The ocean creates living nature that creates what they need to live. Her heart was beating slowly as ever as if she would die, but she obviously wasn't. Slowly her right hand would be placed against her stomach, feeling movement. What was it? What could it be? She wasn't sure, but the day would obviously move on. She wore today a sun-dress of lilac with a white ribbon tied around her waist and into a form of a bow in the back. Her long violet vibrant hair flowed by strands, separated a little even by the winds breeze. Not so far away was she from the docks.

#3Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:35 pm

Judina †
Then again Judina realized, She had not much else to Waylon wasn't around, Regis is a zombie, Her mother was most likely at home in Marigold and her father no one else in thought."Who knew, Loneliness effected well and so much? Is that how mother feels?" Judina mentioned to herself aloud mostly because she felt the need to just finally mentioned it to herself about reality of it. "Maybe, I rely on being around family too much more then I once assumed." She just seemed to sigh unhappily about it but continued to seem almost locked away in her own thoughts.

Turn around from the pier she had stood by she she would start walking to just do something to feel like it was better nothing, was it a build of not actually finding and telling family what happen to Regis? Or was it something else Judina was feeling she did not understand, It was still on her mind in the end she could assume it was the side effects of a mental shock of fighting family so quickly but if it was maybe nothing and she needed to just move on, all was questions she could answer, hopefully not bumping into anyone while she seemed to look down at the pier she walked on.

#4Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:38 pm

She contiued on her path down teh street and towards the docks. Her mind, all senses ignored everyone around her. She ignored them like the sun ignores all obstacles, blazing its light through the darkness and end its course. Her heart continued to go fast as she wondered about her own well-being. She didn't care much of it unlike how she felt towards certain people's well-being. Why did she make other people first...? Before herself even! Her mind was a large world of its own. Nonetheless, she didn't even know herself anymore now. Not ever since that day with Alisa. The cave incident when she was controlled, the thing, what it said. She was never as confused as she was now - other than the situation with her and a certain someone.

She wasn't going to give up on him though nor will she act according to her lust and hunt him down. Arisa tried her hardest to control these new... whatever they wish to call themselves. They were like the sins, but they had their own voices, beings within her of some sort or something. Soon enough she walked down the wooden stairs and down to the docks to overhear a voice. The voice sounded like someone she knew, Judina. 'Mother?' she thought and cornered her eyes towards the woman. ''At least your mother has people in her life. Her loneliness is just an illusion.'' Arisa spoke softly and in a motherly way, crossing her arms against her chest. She was about ten feet away from her right now, standing still.

#5Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:00 pm

Judina †
The voice was something she seemed to know but looks vastly different."And even if I know that voice and can not piece it, I doubt at this point its an illusion, Even then who are you to judge?"Judina mention since she wasn't piecing it together. "After all she is alone now, all her kids are gone her lover is gone, As far as I know she has no one else or hears from no one else."Judina had no idea what was going on with her family and relfecting a part of her own guilt.

But you could tell the rage Judina try to control was letting out slightly. She seemed to just stare at person dead in the eye."Unless you are a part of my family you do not harbor judging them in anyway." It could be picked up she was getting mad if anything, everything she was building up for many years was coming out."Even if I know voice, You do not talk as such to anyone of my family, No matter who you are..." Judina seemed to not be picking up whom was standing in front of her currently, if she were to realize maybe the situation would be different.

#6Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:26 pm


There she stood silently over and behind Judina. The lady of blue long hair and a cold stare. She was Waylon's sister and honestly in the past, they clearly didn't get along a lot. Even though that is and was true, they had things they had in common. She listened and looked down at her as she did. Arisa wasn't sure on what she had to say, nor did she really care on her reaction. Listening, it was obvious that Judina had no sense in who was talking to her. Slowly Arisa lifted her right hand to rub her eye, itching it softly with the soft part of her finger tips. With that she yawned softly as well. 'I should've gotten more sleep.' she thought in a sloth-like way. She knew it was that one creature's voice within her that was speaking. When she thought certain things, they had names some could say as the thoughts were always so different compared to other thoughts. Of course as she is, she listened patiently. ''You know... if you weren't who you were, I'd kick you in the very ocean you're close to.'' she spoke tired-like and yawned once more, using her right hand to then cover her mouth and rub her right eye afterwards. ''Because you need me to say my name and so forth, I'm Arisa.'' she spoke and then looked at Judina with a sleepy-bore look.

#7Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:47 pm

Judina †
In her slightly enrage Judina said."And I would take your leg and pull you into the water with me."She said spitefully and then stopped for a moment."Oh dear, I let my mind get the best, I am sorry Arisa. You seem so different and with a few things troubling me that i have not gotten out of my system, I am not in control as I normally am."It seemed whatever it was it trouble her greatly.

"I have spoken about it once to some one who is a friend but, To family i have not mentioned what is bugging me."
Judina then walked over and even if Arisa did not want it and hugged her."Forgive me my dear, I weight baring one of our brothers has been with me a long period of time."Her anger was gone just as quickly it showed up."But you have changed so much I did not know it was you, I am almost interested to hear what has happen."After she was done hugging Arisa she just wanted to mention it to family."I encounter Regis many months before my arrival to these areas, He is no longer how i remember him." She seemed to start letting it out now.

#8Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:02 pm


Quietly she stood there looking at Judina in her bored-like stare and tired-like expression. The wind was cool, making her feel more sleepy. Was her body getting more tiredly than before lately? It was weird and new as she always felt more awake, but lately she has been feeling tired, sleepy or however people wish to describe it. Ever since the sinner appeared and controlled her that one time, it has been like that. Out of no where, Judina came up and hugged her, receiving an 'umph' from Arisa as she quietly accepted the hug. She didn't really let people hug her anymore, but she was letting this ones slide because of how she was like family. Her chest felt squeezed against the body of another girl till Judina let go and stepped back a little. Sunset brown eyes gazed at the woman while listening to her rant of how Regis was causing havoc of some sort. He was different supposedly. ''Just watch who you throw your anger at. I could've been some dark guild cultist or something. There are dangerous people out here.'' she started and flipped her long violet hair to the right, parting her long bangs as well away from her own eyes. ''Other than that, what have you been up to?'' she questioned, studying her.

#9Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:22 pm

Judina †
"I have always had problems controling my anger, It is why I disappeared so out of the blue one day with out mention." Judina mentioned, Arisa wouldn't know this well because Judina then was a easily jealous girl she remembered well she was avoiding it happening again."I hid often when i was younger because I was jealous of a lot of things with my family, silly reasons mostly." Judina mentioned.

"I will control such feeling the best I can, I have too with various changes.
"Judina mentioned with a smile."For me only things that has changed is I joined the Rune knights. Mostly in the hopes to hope cure Regis for he is nothing but a murderous monster now, He could not even speak a word when I countered him last." Judina mentioned.

"I am often troubled by encountering him, followed by the dead body of his wife and child." She seemed hunted by such thoughts."But that is the only things I have either buried away or have changed for me." Judina then looked at her and said."What has changed for you?" She asked in wonder and waited quietly the wind and water seemed to help settler her troubled mind.

#10Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:07 pm


Judina started totlk a about how she had problems with her anger. Silently Arisa stood there with her arms crossed against her own big chest, one foot out and the other in flat straight position. The area was really quiet other than her talking. She wasn't sure on how much talking about this she was going to do, but as a family friend she stood and listened to it all. It wasn't really her ignoring Judina, but it was more being polite and shutting up. She spoke about how not much changed other than being in rune knights, regis ordeal and that was pretty much in on that list. 'Sounds... boring.' she thought and yawned, walked towards the edge of the dock and plopped her butt down. ''Sounds boring, Judina. I guess it's better than the drama I've been dealing with.'' she explained and leaned back so her back was against the wooden planks. Sure it wasn't a bed or mattress of some sort,bu t it was something to relax against. Her eyes would set on the sky in which was slowly setting like the gold in her eyes. If anyone really paid any attention to her eyes, they'd' see the gold move while her eyes weren't moving.

#11Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:47 pm

Judina †
It was most likely boring it seemed to Arisa anyway then again maybe Judina was over reacting too much and letting unneeded stresses get to her, Then again Judina also wondered."Have you not gotten enough sleep lately Arisa?" Judina seemed to just put it all aside now, then again maybe the sitting around them was just relaxing more then anything else maybe it was that, who knows but with it now Arisa not being interested and more sleepy in general, the subject should be move on to something else, with only one thing left on her mind really she wanted to know.

"Have you seen or heard Waylon as of late?"
She wondered after Arisa had settled where she was, But Judina seemed to follow quietly in sitting down like she were to mediate."I have yet to see him since my return as the same for my mother and father." She mention while she rested her arms on her knees and while Arisa looked at the sky Judina would look to the sea."Do you see anything interesting up there?"She said with a smile on her face and finally allowing herself to let the calmness to be taken in.

#12Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Sun Oct 08, 2017 11:39 am


Arisa listened to Judina again, her hair rested against her right shoulder while her fingers combed through it. Her eyes on the other hand just gazed and spaced off towards the distance in a straight manner. She felt lost in her own way, her mind, her heart, everything was losing itself. They didn't know what to do nor how to feel about everything so far. 'I guess you could say you're a lost cause. Maybe that's why he left you. Hahaha.' spoke a voice in her head. It sounded rasp and harsh, could that be jealousy? No... Anger? She didn't know as of right now. A small frown went and curved downward, but then heard Judina not speak anymore.

''Sleep? No... I feel sleepless yet so tired... My body doesn't want to do anything more than what has to be done.'' she tried to explain. Next she heard her question about Waylon. Waylon... ''I haven't for some while now. Also I look at the sky, wondering what it'd be like to live up there... Never having to be down here.'' she whispered her thoughts on that.

#13Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Mon Oct 09, 2017 5:39 am

Judina †
What it was like to live in the sky? Arisa seemed to think but Judina seemed to be more interested in the ground personally."I had not wondered that, mostly prefer the ground but, i am sure there is a part of each person that wonders maybe what it is like as well." She liked the ground maybe she was just too use to it for she had never been flying or high enough in the fly to realize what the peacefullness of the sky was as well, so it would maybe be on her list of things to do.

No leds on Waylon but it was to be expected at this point he seemed to be a hard then again tracking some one who you have known your whole life should be easier but this shown and was proof one little brother was seemingly almost impossible so she would have to rethink her plan and maybe whatever else she could think of "I will find him eventually." She just seemed to leave it be now, then again she was just wondering why Arisa was so sleepy it just seemed so odd, but she did not know what Arisa had been doing

#14Káilètte † 

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Her eyes lowered with gaze as it went towards the ocean. Her eyes felt so dull, sleepy and droopy, however people want to explain it. Her jaw started to hurt though from all the yawning that this, whatever it or this was - was causing. Her head rested against the planks and the sky was getting darker, the moon was coming out and soon the stars. The beautiful sky was very majestic to her. Ever since she found out she wasn't human and instead an angel in hiding, she questioned the sky. Slowly she licked her lips, skin shined and her eyes were lion-like brown with no gold. ''Judina...'' she started to say, spacing off into the sky that was getting more dark. Softly she was breathing, trying to relax while her heart was beating fast. ''Do you believe in Angels? Non-human beings that can freely fly.'' she questioned randomly. ''The stuff I found out... About my mother...Somethings not even your mother knew... I'm not sure anymore about people... If people are worth saving... Worth loving...'' she spoke more and drifted off deep into her mental state or her deep thoughts.

#15Judina † 

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Judina †
Not even her mother knew? What even did her mother know about Arisa that was so important, After all, to Judina and most likely to Waylon, her mother's past is unknown to her, She had never asked and it never came up, Judina viewed her mother as any person would for a mother, but there was a lot of mystery to her past, Not even in her past was mentioned. Judina figured he would help what she would call her sister and slightly moving her head from the plank to her crossed legs hopefully it was more comfortable, but aside from that Judina wouldn't touch Arisa other wise unless asked.

But Judina would finally answer."Believes are an interesting subject." She started off her answer."I believe angels and even demons are real, much like various things."She said with a smile a peaceful one."But what you mention of our mother's past I would have no idea, you would seem to know more then me." She would correct herself and thought since she did raise then both."Not even our father knows about her past, she seems to keep it hidden well." Judina mentioned to Arisa. "I am curious of her past, and why it is hidden but I feel the time will come for me to know i feel." Judina was unsure what else to say at this point but mentioned what she hoped.

#16Káilètte † 

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Arisa continued to lay her head down and looked at the sky, but why did it seem so interesting to do so? Her eyes closed finally and her body felt relaxed, tired and restless at the same time. It was pretty much unexplained, but it would have to do. She listened clearly of what Judith had to say and while she did that her eyes wandered in her own world, her eyes closed. Maybe she should forget certain people and that would be the best. There has got to be a scientist just like her mother who was studying under the same thing. Sure it was illegal shit, but it was going to be worth it, right?

''Sometimes I just wanna go fly... Fly far away from here and forget things and some people. Maybe make myself something different than I am now. Or even a new heart that just... doesn't fall for people.'' she spoke lowly with a sorrowful look of a frown as her eyes were still closed. Softly yawning once more she would then open them a tiny bit, letting the sight of the reality in. Out of no where a wishing star appeared and then she made her wish while her right hand slid to her stomach, thinking.

#17Judina † 

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Judina †
She seemed to now think, Move on the subject at hand to a different one."You seem to bare a lot of problems on your mind currently."She said a bit of a worried tone but it was small enough to be just barely noticeable. But she felt fine worrying about it for the moment."I do not know how to help you feel better, But i wish i could."She said even with a small smile about it, Trying to be consoling the best to her ability too. What else were she to do? listen and do nothing or offer and wait all she could.

"I think it would be interesting to meet and Angel, Even if i am unsure what else i would say or mention to them, for an experience as such is rare from what I believe."in the end of it all Judina knew she was clueless to even knowing aside from believing in angels and demons, She had only met cat people that was all, But the human mind rely slightly on beliefs depending on the person, Judina wouldn't Judge even if they weren't real."I do not know how to make some one a complete or new person in life or over all, such thing i am sure are possible but hard."

#18Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:52 pm


Yawning softly she continued to look at the sky non-stopped. She wasn't sure on what more to do right as of now, but she was just going to continue to relax. Judina was seeing the obvious, the fact that she had a lot of issues on mind. The fact that she could see it was quite a problem. What if he appeared out of no where and saw? Would he even care? Who knew... She doubted that he was going to even bother appearing or to even find her. No. The next thing spoke about was that it was possible for it to be interesting if she met an angel. It made her question if to show her wings or not or to even tell Judina about it.

The next statement made her think as 'Was it possible for her to even want to change?'. Her heart wasn't in the right place, or she had herself believe. She was nervous as to what to do next. Slowly she got up and stretched with a yawn. ''Well... I found out I wasn't human... Yknow...?'' she spoke and lifted up her shirt to show the tattoo on her back. It had wings, a weird looking cross in the middle and eyes that were male-looking. The design was mysterious, but unique. What did it mean though?

#19Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:38 pm

Judina †
Arisa was not human?"What do you mean with that one?"Even if Judina did believe in other beings it was hard to consider such a thing so close to home in feeling."You seem to fit the part, and so far from what I gather my eyes are not playing tricks on me."She mentioned but Judina felt like something is to be different with it being spoken to her now."Only thing i have ever noticed is...skin and hair differences."She mentioned what she noticed changed to carry it on the conversation for the moment."So forgive me I didn't notice."

But what else to talk about and mention Judina did not know at this point, what else was different in that she did not know? was anyone else she knew not human and hid it well? it was a good question to wonder."Then again, I do not know how to learn if i am anything else aside from human Arisa, So such thought and news is interesting to hear, Hoepfully it isn't too...depressing."Judina mentioned trying to be positive, what else was she to do since she had no idea really in the end, it was unknown to her howelse to deal or do here.

#20Káilètte † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 2:17 pm


She listened to Judina before speaking any more of what she had to say. Slowly she got up from laying against the plank to stand straight. Was she actually going to tell and show judina on what she meant. She showed her a tattoo, but perhaps Judina was a little slow on knowing the meaning. It was that or maybe the light wasn't shining on it. As the time was in good time, the lights of each post lit, enough light to show the tattoo in detail. It was as if the tattoo was burned onto her back. ''This tattoo was tattoo'd by the sun itself... To show and curse me in some words, that opened a gate within me.... I turned into one... A seraphim or angel. Whatever you wanna call it...'' she started to ramble, put down her shirt and lowered her gaze to look at the ground. The light would shadow her face as her violet strands would hide some of her face. Slowly her right hand hovered over her stomach, feeling it, breathing in softly and letting air escape her lips to make herself relax. Her heart was beating fast as she thought about 'What if what they said was true?' she was with Alisa at that time and now it made her really think. Was she... truly? What will she do now that the drama happened between her and a certain person...?

#21Judina † 

Quiet Minds and Lonely Thoughts.(Private) Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:02 pm

Judina †
She seemed slightly in awe and interest. after gathering her thoughts Judina said."Well, this is interesting to see."she had not seen such tattoo's before, it was a very well detailed tattoo. If she wasn't super crazy she would also think the tattoo is staring at her."It is interesting to think after knowing as such. But you do not seem personally any different to me in the end." then again Judina did not know what else to think of it, or being too simple about that in the end she knew whom she was talking too so she did not think any different.

"Well, Maybe not as I thought I would meet an angel, But now knowing you are one. I guess I check it off of how met one from now almost dying."
She was trying to make a joke but Judina was not good at jokes she even slightly laughed at it badly."But here, even if it is a curse in your eyes or good, It is all a matter of view, I just hope you are okay over all even with any problems you may face."She said with a smile."For i might not have tattoo's But i have scars on me."She said kind of sharing tales for tales in a sense, even if they were vastly different and maybe even vastly large levels it was tale for tale.

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