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Howling to the Winds [Yami - Lycan transformation]

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Howling to the Winds [Yami - Lycan transformation] Empty Tue Oct 03, 2017 10:57 pm

The wind mage known as Yami was making his way through the streets of oak late at night. THe moon was full and hung high in the starry night sky as darkness consumed all. An eerie blowing of wind made its way through town whispering sweet murder to the ears who heard it. The echoing of skin shivering howls aimed at the moon filled the air. A mist had rolled in so thick you could not see three meters in front of you. Even with all this the wind mage still made his journey through the town of oak. Just what was he doing out so late one might wonder?

There had been rumours spreading around town of a strange howling every full moon and the sight of a towering beast, resembling a wolf, standing on its hind legs appearing within the surrounding forest. IN its wake the beast would leave a trail of death and carnage. At first it had only been the local cattle ripped to shreds and their insides eaten. But it had moved on to fresh human meat. A number of young couples who used their midnight haunts for their late night rendezvous had been found torn apart by razor sharp claws.

The question though just what did this have to do with Yami? The wind mage had become intrigued and begun reading up on the local legends. He had never come across a beast such as this and it peaked his interest. The tall psychotic wind mage for once in his life got off his lazy ass of his own doing and began studying day and night, visiting the local library in order to obtain as much information as he could. He had looked back into records coming to find that this had been going on for quite some time over the last two hundred years. The myth would change though sometimes the beast had black fur while was shorter than the average human, sometimes pure white and towered like a giant and others brown with a lithe almost feminine figure. From this Yami began to gather that the legend revolved around multiple beasts and each lasted no longer than the average human life span.

Yami rubbed his hairless chin as he walked through the streets. His sylph book was gone, having sold it for a little cash. The mage had begun to rely on the book far to much so he scrapped it. Sure he began to miss the weight of the book under his left arm but it would do him good. Now he had to be more careful with the use of his spells, it would be different but he would do it. The towering mage licked his lips as he traveled through the midnight streets, dressed in an elegant black suit with a white under shirt. His black shoes tapped away on the cobblestone road as he walked along. After investigating the rumours he had collected a map and begun to map out the locations of the current beasts appearance. He had managed to narrow its hunting circle and figured out where its lair would be now he was making his way there in order to not only see what it was, but see if he could kill it.


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The wind mage Yami hummed a soft tune as he walked up to the front gates and greeted the guards out the front. The tall male began speaking to the midnight guards, discussing the matter of his leaving town. The guards were pretty reluctant to allow him out the gates especially with all the horrifying murders that had been happening lately. The mage began to reassure them, revealing his status as a mage of Phantom Lord. He said he was going out to do a little investigation to see just what was causing the murders. If he could deal with it then he would take care of the problem tonight. If not he would return as quickly as possible without being noticed and report the matter to the guild and allow a stronger mage or a team of mages to deal with the beast.

The mage after an hour of talking over it with the guards, arguing back and forth the towering giant of a wind mage, who was human, managed to persuade the guards to let him through, by now it was two in the morning and black as ever. Yami ignored the gaze as he walked away from the guards waving to the guards as he did. They seemed a little uneasy and unsure of the phantom lord mage's ability to deal with the threat or if he could even be able to escape from it, but they could only watch as the mage walked of into the foggy night disappearing from sight as he was engulfed by the blackening darkness of the moonlit night.

Yami followed the road towards the surrounding forest, up over and hill and down. Turning down the left off a fork road path Yami headed down to the forest to begin his investigation. It was late at night but he had a pretty clear memory of his surroundings and the way he needed to go. Taking a lone step he entered into the night forest unafraid of what he would come to face while inside. As the wind mage made his way deeper into the forest the sound of howling could be heard from all over, making him raise an eyebrow. He was soon assaulted by the scent of blood and began turning towards the smell. He inhaled it deeply tracking the scent through the forest where he would eventually come to an open clearing where the body of a young couple lay on the ground mutilated to pieces. Picking away at the corpses were four grey wolves. The wolves were skinny and hungrily feasting away at the corpses.

The wolves sniffed the air and looked up towards Yami having sniffed him out. Their maws were covered in blood and began growling. The wolves then charged towards the one who dared to interfere with their meal. Yami sneered as he eyed the incoming wolves as they speed towards him. The mage raised his right hand and slashed down firing a blade of wind that cut through the air and pierced through the neck of the first wolf. As the other three rushed Yami reached out with both hands grabbing two wolves by the scruff of their necks, while kicking out with his right foot hitting the fourth wolf in the head and sending it flying into a tree.


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Yami tightened his grip on the two wolves in his hand as the fourth he kicked wined and began to slowly stand up. The wind mage slammed the two wolves down into the ground head first with enough force to make them shake. The mage picked them back up as the fourth wolf growled and began charging towards him. Yami threw the wolf in his left hand towards the one charging at him. The two wolves collided in mid air as the fourth leapt at Yami. As the two beasts collided Yami swung his left hand down firing a second blade of wind that shot through the air and carved through both at once tearing them in half.

Yami then turned his focus on the final wolf, the second one. The mage walked up to a tree as it struggled in his towering grip. He then slammed its back against a tree with a loud thud and continued over and over slamming its head into the bark until it turned into bloody paste. With the wolf dead Yami dropped its corpse onto the ground its head mushed beyond recognition. With the last wolf dead, Yami made his way over to the corpses of the couple. Their faces were torn apart and bodes mutilated intestines spilled everywhere on the ground. Yami inspected the corpses, they were two days old at least. The claw marks on the corpses were far to big to have been done by those wolves. From the size the beast was at least seven feet tall and weighed more then three hundred pounds.

The mage rubbed his chin as he inspected the surrounded, their was a track of blood heading deeper into the forest, east. Yami contemplated his current location to his map, from his current location he was about one hundred members from the beasts lair. Standing tall he began making deeper into the forest traveling away towards the lair. He hummed away to himself as he transversed through the deep dark woods in order to find the beasts lair. As he got deeper he came across more corpses, not just human but other animals wolves, deer, apes, monkeys even buffalo. Of course there was also a number of human corpses in the midnight forest.

The mage came to a halt as the smell of blood got stronger. Walking a few feet further he came to a halt and crouched behind a large boulder. In a clearing by a river was a massive beast over seven feet height standing twenty meters from Yami/ The rays from the light of the moon shined down on the beast revealing its bloody mawed frame. The creature had thick brown fur and stood hunched on his hind legs with powerful limbs. Its eyes were blood red with thick teeth dripping with blood and saliva. Its massive elongated claws capable of bisecting a man were dripping with blood from a fresh kill. The beast was eating away on fresh meat, the smell of blood in its nostrils preventing it from being able to detect Yami.


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Yami eyed the giant beast thinking of a way to take it down. He crouched low to the ground and waited patiently, moving his way around the surrounding area to get closer to the beast. He walked through the thick forest area until he was only eight meters from the beast as it munched away on the arm of a fresh killed. Blood was dripping from the fresh blood as it nibbled away. The mage waited patiently as he crouched low before launching himself at the beast covering a five meter distance in the end. The mage would cover five meters until he was only three meters from the massive beast, who Yami could clearly identity as a Lycan or its common name a Werewolf.

The wind mage slashed down with his left hand firing a blade of wind. The wind blade shot through the air speeding forth at twenty meters per second covering the three meter distance. The werewolf had no idea what hit it as the blade of wind ruffled its fur and sliced into its massive back. The blade dug in deep cutting into the beasts back drawing blood. The beast stumbled forth dropping its massive arm. The beast roared in anger and looked up blood spilling from its jaw as it turned to find out who had attacked him. The beasts blood red hues filled with an insane madness locked onto Yami who stood three meters from him.

Yami eyed the massive beast as it roared and launched itself towards him becoming a blur. Yami waited as it crossed the three meters distance until it was upon him. As it swung its massive right claw down and lunged to sink its jaws into the human male, Yami stepped to the right avoiding the beast and raised his right hand. Yami aimed his hand creating a gun shape with his fingers, coiling in his pinky and ring finger while pointing his index and middle finger at the wolf. Yami cocked his right thumb down and a ball of wind ten centimeters in diameter was shot out. The ball shot through the air being so close the beast couldn't even dodge it. The ball of wind was impacted into the beast's right leg. The ball hit the right leg piercing through flesh and out the other side a clean hole punching a deep hole in its right thigh. The beast roared in anger as blood leaked out of its leg. It turned its jaw towards Yami and roared.

As the beast turned Yami kicked off launching his body backwards with a gust of wind crossing a five meter distance as a large claw struck where he had previously stood. Yami slid back across the terrain as he steadied his power and stood tall. His long black hair whipped around him as the massive wolf began to howl in anger. Saliva dripped from its massive jaw and onto the ground as he hobbled to turn its entire body to face the towering mage. His eyes glowed bright red as a murderous intent rolled off his body.


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Howling to the Winds [Yami - Lycan transformation] Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:21 am

THe werewolf roared and lunged towards Yami covering the distance regardless of its leg, Yami's eyes widened at the speed of the beast. It was injured yet its speed had almost doubled. He could only slash down with his left arm while raising his right, cocking his thumb down to fire a bullet of wind. The two offensive spells shot through the air racing forward at speeds of twenty meters per second. The blade of wind struck force cutting into the wolves chest slicing it open and spill blood out into the air. As the blade cut a bullet of wind followed hitting the open wound. The bullet pierced through open flesh and traveled deep into the werewolfs body making it howl in agonising pain. The force of the attacks had forced the massive wolves body to move off course and collided with the ground three meters from Yami and to the right. The beast was clutching at its chest howling and withering around in pain as blood spilled out onto the green grass turning it red.

With the beast on the ground Yami extended his left hand aiming it towards the beast intending to use an area of effect spell in order to deal with the little beasty. He was going to shred it to pieces. The massive creature was mindless all it knew was how to go around killing in a berserk state. It had no strategy or will of its own meaning it was easy pickings for Yami. If the beast had been intelligent he would no doubt be having a much harder time while dealing with it. But luckily the beast was dumb, no mind of its own simply that of a blood crazed wild beast. The mage flicked his wrist in the direction of the werewolf before clicking the fingers of his left hand loudly. Magic poured forth out of Yami's body as the wind began to pick up. Wind wrapped around the werewolf covering a two meter diameter area as it began to shape itself into strong razor sharp blades of wind. The wind blades whipped about as they began to lash out as the werewolf carving deep into its body. The blades shredded the werewolf apart slicing it all over covering it from head to toe in hundreds of slash marks.

The werewolf howled in pain and began to stand attempting to ignore everything that was slicing away at its body. The beast ignored the pain and roared with angry. The eyes of the beast glowed bright red as it turned its attention to Yami ignoring the slash marks as they appeared over its body. Blood coated its brown fur dying it blood red. Blood trickled onto the ground forming a puddle. The werewolf then kicked off with the last of its strength shooting towards Yami with the help of its powerful legs. The action caught Yami of guard as it appeared over top him slowly descending. His eyes widened as the beast opened its jaws lashing out intending not clamp its jaws down on the beast and slash with its powerful claws.


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Howling to the Winds [Yami - Lycan transformation] Empty Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:06 am

The beast fell upon Yami slamming his body into the green grass. The mage changed his positioning plunging his right hand into the open wound on the werewolf's chest as he fired a wind bullet as the werewolf collapsed onto his body. He gritted his teeth as pain coursed through his body as he felt the wolves teeth piercing deep into his right shoulder digging into his veins drawing blood. The beasts left claw scratched his left ribs tearing his suit to ribbons and drawing blood. Yami hit the ground holding back the pain fro the claw and bite wound. The beast on top of him breathed its last breath as the bullet of wind that had been shoved in its chest has torn apart its heart filling it in the process of biting Yami.

Yami lifted his hands and rested them on the beast's jaw using them to remove the monster's teeth and jaws from his shoulder. He dislodged the teeth and kicked the beast up off his frame tossing it aside where it collapsed into a dead heap on the grass not moving. The beast's body was stiff as the fur began to roll off its flesh. The fur shed away off of the werewolf's body as its form began to shrank. The massive beast's frame shrank down to six foot six inches in height. The brown fur had turned into long shaggy brown hair and the eyes turned from red to blue. The man was in his sixties with a thin bulky frame. The man was underweight with blood dripping from his dead mouth. His teeth were stained with blood and rotten flesh.

Yami groaned as he slowly stood up, wincing from the pain in his left leg and shoulder. He grabbed his shoulder and began removing his suit and shirt in order to inspect the wound. A row of teeth appeared on each side of his shoulder, a deep wolf like bite mark. The wind mage stumbled back and collapsed onto his behind as he began to feel woozy. Something wasn't right. His vision began to blur as his heart beat sped up. THe mage clutched his head as wave of pain surged through his body. The light of the moon illuminated his tall form as he began to grow. His form began larger reaching eight feet in height, growing almost a full foot.

Yami's cloths began to tear with his sudden growth in height. The mage released a beast like roar from his lips as his muscles began to expands almost tripling in size. His black hair grew out becoming wild and untamed as his teeth became elongated. Yami's nails grew in length as fur began to spread over his hands and down the side of his face. His appearance had become more wolf like as he hunched over and began growling a wave of power flowed through him as all his abilities had become enhanced from his sudden transformation. Yami reeled back and released a terrifying roar as a wave of power coursed through his veins.


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Yami was hunched over as he felt an overwhelming power course through his very veins. His muscles throbbed, blood raced and blood pulsed. The wind mage turned to face the moon his eyes glowing with a shade of red as he gave a beast like roar that echoed through the midnight air. He slashed his long claws through the air and turned to face the dark forest. The mage crouched low to the ground his hands touching the earth. The mage kicked off the ground the earth cracking as the grass hook. The mage shot out like a bullet racing towards the nearest tree ten meters away from him. The mage roared and lashed out with his right fist. The fist collided with the tree at high speed a strong power behind it. The fist collided with the right side of the tree hitting bark. Bark exploded out on impact as the fist tore through the trees wood. Bark flew out in every direction as the fist tore it apart with ease. Yami pulled back his right fist examining it, not a single sign of damage to his fist.

The mage allowed a beast like smile to form on his lips as he raised his left fist and lashed out on the tree again. His enlarged fist lashed out hitting the bark of the tree, his muscles bulged empowering his fist with overwhelming strength. The fist connected and made bark explode out as the tree shook on impact. The mage began to lash out attacking the tree with a barrage of fists. Bark exploded with each punch as he carved away at the tree beginning to demolish it. With a roar he threw out another punch landing one last blow. The entire tree shook as half of its stump had been blown out. The tree fell back with a loud roar as it hit the ground with a thud.

Yami eyed his fists as he began stalking through the forest. This new power was amazing, it was wild and beast like. His mind was foggy but he could feel himself returning. The mage gritted his teeth as he regained control over his thoughts clearing the animal instinct away. The mage hunched over as he began to calm his beating heart. The transformation began to recede as he shrank in height. Yami's muscles decreased in size as his hair became tame once more and eyes regained their grey hue.

Yami began to laugh this was to perfect. Whatever it was the werewolf had transferred its abilities on to him. Unlike it though Yami retained his clerical insight and hadn't lost his mind. WIth everything in order he departed making his way back to town. He was greeted by the guards who asked about his state of dress. He explained he had clashed with the beast, lying and saying it had been a giant wolf that had evolved to stand on two legs. He had killed it burning its corpses, but in the process his clothing had been torn and he had taken damage, pointing to his bite and slash marks. The guards acknowledged and let him back into town. Entering Oak the newly born Lycan revealed a devilish smile, he couldn't wait to test this new form out fully.


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