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Scare Outsider[Caius]

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Scare Outsider[Caius] Empty on Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:03 pm

Oh baby it was time for more work in Oak Town. Caius had been doing all the high rank missions available and this was another one of the highest ones that was on the list. It was a B rank request that he got that was called Scare Outsiders and it was for Frankie Marino who was the right hand man of one of the biggest underworld bosses in the town. if you get in with Frankie Marino then you are in good shape with getting drugs and also getting illegal goods and also getting illegal weapons for your dark guild with ease. Caius was to meet in an alleyway that was in the market of Oak Town and it would be down in the middle of the market where he would go and he would go past the crowd and then he would go to the alleyway where told him to go for the request and then he would be greeted by two guards. The guards were a big couple of guys that were wearing suits and they had bald heads and they also had black glasses and they also had a suit and tie and they also had some black shoes and they also had earpieces and they also had big bushy beards and they also were very tall and beefy. They were obviously strong but they were no match for Caius. They told him to put a bag on his head cause it was super duper secret where they were going to take Caius cause Frankie Marino was a VIP. They struggled for a bit but they were able to finally but the bag over his head so then he would be able to get his head covered and then they would take him to Frankie Marino

After walking for another few minutes he was talking to a run down place in the market district. They took off his mask and then he would see Frankie Marino that was sitting in front of him they were in the basement and the walls were covered up in some type of metal that made the room soundproof room the outside. Frankie Marino was dressed up in the same way as in he was a man that was wearing a black suit and tie and he had brown hair like a bear and he also had a tiny little beard that covered his chin and it was light brown as well. Caius looked around and there were even more guards that were as big as the last one and on the table there was a weapon in front of Frankie Marino so he could use it if Caius tried everything. Although he was A rank so he would destroy these nerds in an instant cause they just had normal weapons but he would hear what they had to say. He needed the money and he also needed the infamy. He put his legs on the table and then would starre the big boss man down. "So what do you want?"



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Frankie Marino would swirl his wine glass and would stare at Caius. He had heard of his quest completions in the underworld for the other families and other merchants of the black market. He wanted to make sure he was the real deal. He clicked his fingers and one of the men would fire a crossbow bolt at him and caius would sit still. Black wind would cause the bolt to fly away and hit the wall and he didn't even move the whole time. Frankie Marino was impressed and would tell him of the plan that he had to do the job on the request board that he posted the other day. THe plan for the request that he posted would be one of checking in on two men that were supposedly going to try to undermine the big boss of the underworld himself who went by the name of Vincenze Tessio. He was a man that ran most of the underworld in Oak Town so Caius would want to make sure he helped him out to gain his favor. Caius would listen up as the man would tell him what he would have to do in order for him to protect Vincenze Tessio and make sure he stayed on top of the underworld. The way that they noticed the men were trying to mess with Vincenze Tessio was when they were told by the shops that they made pay the protection money to keep them safe would tell them that they had other guys trying to threaten them now too. This extortion would actually have to make them use the protection from the Vincenze Tessio' Family. Caius would act on their behalf and he would get paid a lot too. It was a good deal.

The deal was to send the men a message and not kill them. That way they would spread the word that the Vincenze Tessio Familia was not to be fucked with anymore. They didn't play around with no bitches trying to go up and on their turf in Oak Town and it was sunny out. Frankie Marino would slide a paper over the table that he was sitting on and he was sitting in front of Caius so he would take the paper and he would see that on the piece of paper it would show the two men and the pictures of them and it was also showing a picture of a mpa and it had the first shop and it had the 2nd shop and it had the thirds shop along with the pictures off the owners of all those shops. This way Caius would know where to find them and who they were and he would have an easier time completing the mission. Frankie Marino told Caius to get going and that he would have faith in him for his past missions that he did in Oak town and he would have to do it by the end of the night to get the reward. Caius would then head outside and then he would go teach those two thugs a lesson.



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It was about mid day when Caius left the area where Vincenze Tessio right hand man was. The guards would have showed him out of the alleyway and would have taken him out back on the Oak Streets. Caius would then be back on the streets and then he would start the mission by finding the two men and the Vincenze Tessio right hand man told them they would be in the market and that they would threten the shop owners and that he would have to get some information on them. Caius would head out that way and he would walk and it would take him aobut ten to fiffteen minutes but then he would arrive at the market district in oak were they had all the people that sold goods and they also had all the people in oak town that owned the bigger shops like the shops that Vincenze Tessio owned. Once he had arrived the next step was to look for the two men that were the thugs that were threatining the shops in the first place. They pictures showed they were part of a ganag and that the thugs would wear a purple jacket and they had a yellow stripe on them and that they were part of a gang that was a rival one to Vincenze Tessio's own. Caius would look around and he had an esier time over the crowd as he was 6'6" and could see over it and then he would be able to spot the bright bright purple jackets. He would move in closer

Once he was in close, Caius would look at the pictures and then hew ould see that the men that were on the paper that Vincenze Tessio gave him were the same one in the purple jackets that had the bright yellow stripe across it. The men were both pretty big and they would be armed with bats for weapons and the one was a big ginger with a giant afro and he had a dragon tatoo on his face that made him look pretty menacing. The other one was a bald guy that was really big and he had a tatoo on the top of his head that was an eye and he also had a giant bushy brown beard that made him look lik young santa clause. Now it was time to tail them but also listen to what they would say. As Caius got up behind them but he was still a safe distance away too, he would hear them start to talk about their mission to go into the shops and get the protection moneoy like the other guys knew when he would reques the mission. However they did start to talk about betraying the boss they currently worked for which was interesting to Caius. He would need mroe info though as they started talking about sports and stuff like that to change the subject cause they didn't want to speak to much about it in public. Caius then would see they were walking into the jewelry store for the first stop. Caius waited outside for them to finish after they roughed up the owner a little bit. Caius would then watch them leave and he woudl walk in and tell the store owner they were bitches and he would take care of them. He had nothing to worry about



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One down and two more to go. The shopkeeper was assured Caius was going to take care of these two thugs that were in a purple jacket with the yellow straip that was the type of jacket they used to represent the rival faction. Caius was right behind the two of them and he would hear them talk about that new boss that they worked for again. He wondered what this new guy looked like to get thugs like this. He would have to be sure to report back to Frankie Marino on this new build up. THe two thugs would walk into the 2nd shop and it would be a big clothing outlet. Frankie Marino said this is where a lot of the guards that he met earlier and him himself and the rest of the family all got their suits and thin tailored and made them look nice. Caius would walk in and there was a bunch of people that were still in the shop so they couldn't do anything too crazy otherwise. The two men would walk up to the owner and then they would ask to try on a suite and they needed some black ones. The owner was a nice old guy and he said eh would be happy so he waited for the two thugs and they would pick out a suit and go in the back and the ol man that is the owner of the store that Frankie Marino owned would go to measure them. Caius would then see the two men were starting to make some threatening gestures and they would slam the squirts down and then they would leave. The poor old man would look shocked for his life after all that but Caius would then wait for the two goods to leave and then he would go over to the shop owner and that way he would help him up and pick up the suits the other guys stepped on when they left. He told the clothing store owner it was going to be ok and then eh would pick him up and then he would carry him to the back room and heal his injury with some first aid kit before he would go back on the street and would get the info on the men.

Following them outside, Caius saw the men walking again and they were talking about joining the other faction of the families and it would be a triple betrayal by them. They said that it was because the money would be increased by double and they would be able to make out like bandits and make a shit ton. Caisu keep the notes off all this on the paper that had their faces and the locations of the areas on the map. IF they kept being dumb and they kept blabbing like this, he would have enough dirt on them to make those two little goons get the fuck out of Oak Town for god and then they would never come back.



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The final shopkeeper was a grocery store owner of local supplies that were grown out of Oak Town. A nice lady but these two thugs were being jerks again. They would walk into the store and they would then toss the fruit on the ground that was on the front of the store. She would ask them what they want and they said shut up and that they were the new law in town and she would have to play protection money and if she did that then she would be safe from their wrath. They then would pick up the fruits that they knocked on the ground which was gross because they didn't even wash it but they would take a bite out of the food and then would sip it out and then they would tell the owner that the food tasted like trash and she sucked and that she needed to find a new jobs if she only made food like this. The poor shop owner was in tears before the two men left. Caius would easily just break the two but it waos his job to only make them leave and inform them that they were in the wrong neighborhood. After that Caius would walk up to the lady and then she would tell him about the Vincenze Tessio family and how they were still on top and she wouldn't have to worry about the two nerds that threatened her. Caius would then be thanked by her and then he would go and he would follow the two guys that left. Since the three shops were hit the next step was to tell them to fuck off and get out of Oak Town because it was their spot and not theirs.

The two thugs were walking out of the market district and then they were going to the bar cause it was starting to get really late and then they could relax. Little did they know Caius was waiting for them and had some bad news. Caius would then go up to their table and sit down and the two thugs would look pissed off and then they would tell him to screw off before they pulled out their weapons and then they beat the crap out of him and left him in a bloody mess for the ambulance to pick up. Caius would just laugh at their threats and then would piss them off. As they reached for their weapons then Caius would say the magic words that he knew they were going to betray their boss for the other gana. IF the boss found that out they would be screwed and would be enemies and can't live in the town again. Caius said that he already told the boss so the two got up and would leave town so they wouldn't get assassinated. Caius then would go back to the ally that Frankie Marino was in and the guards would escort Caius to Frankie Marino. Then he would tell them about the shops and how the shops are now fine now and he told the owners that the threats were empty and Frankie Marino would have their back. Caius then would tell Frankie Marino about the dirt that he had on them about them betraying their boss for another gang. This was concerning to Frankie Marino but he would keep note of it and he would then use it for another time. For now he was pleased and he would then give caius a bunch of jewels for his services.


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