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Basic Duties [Quest - Ogel]

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*Thump Thump*

Ogel slowly walked up to the Hargeon police station with request sheet in hand. The young mage was dressed in his typical blue overall attire. His white hair danced in the gentle breeze. His blue eyes looked up at the two-story building that was home to the police force of Hargeon. Although these men and women were not as powerful as the Rune Knights, they still the ability to protect the citizens of their towns from minor thugs alike. This was the first time Ogel himself was about to come into contact with someone of authority. He was here for his first request.

He entered the police station and store with wide eyes at all the men and women of the force. They were dressed from head-to-toe in official Hargeon police gear. They had magic pistols equipped to their sides and handcuffs along with a baton and other various items. "Cool," Ogel thought to himself as he made his way to the receptionist desk. "Hey kid, how can I help you?" asked the lady as she shuffled a few sheets of paper around. "I'm here for my first request!" he answered enthusiastically. With a look of surprise, the lady grabbed the request from Ogel and looked over it before shooting him a smile and motioning for him to wait for a moment. After a brief phone call, the client of the request appeared.

The young red haired man gave the receptionist a smile as he looked at the young mage before him. "Oh, so you want to take a crack at this request? Don't know if your up for it kid," he begun. Of course, the request asked for someone to stop other youngsters from doing graffiti so it was right for the police officer to question whether Ogel was right of the job. "I'm up for it mister! I can do it! I'll show them not to do bad things!" Ogel replied with answers that could be heard all over the police station. The officer motioned for him to quiet down. "Alright alright, you can give it a shot. Just don't get hurt kid. Return here once you're done and please, don't lie if you didn't get them to stop. Give it your best shot and be careful," he explained as he gave Ogel a little pat on the head before returning to his earlier duties.

With a fiery passion in his eyes, Ogel exited the police station with swagger in his step. The young mage was about to embark on his first request as a partial police officer (in his own mind). He was going to make the police officer proud and hey, maybe this would be the beginning of Ogel's interest of becoming a police officer or Rune Knight in the future. For now though, his goal was to complete the request and return to the police station successful. He was going to show everyone he was more then a kid. It was time for Ogel to make a name for himself.

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Ogel made his way through the streets and kept an open eye for anybody engaging in graffiti. For the most part, the streets were clean. Hargeon was a large town and for a small boy like Ogel, it was hard to get lost, especially given the large crowd and his small stature. He had to be careful of not getting trampled along the way.

After what seemed an entirety of searching far and wide, Ogel smelled the scent of fresh paint from a nearby shop. Making his way over to the back of the shop, he noticed three teens a few years older than him facing a wall and tagging it. Each of the teenagers had a can of spray paint and were drawing whatever they could think of, often chuckling among themselves. Placing his hands on his hips, Ogel made his way forward and stopped a few feet behind them. "Stop!" Startled, the three teens dropped their cans of spray paint and slowly turned around to face Ogel. As they noticed who it was before them, they lifted themselves up. They all stood several inches taller than Ogel and attempted to use this to their advantage. "Oh, it's just a kid. Get lost," one of the teens spoke as he looked at his buddies. "You get lost! This isn't fair! That's not your shop!" Ogel responded as he took a step forward. Not moving, the teens intensified their glaring. "What are you going to do about it?" asked one of the other teens. Thinking for a moment, Ogel came up with a bright idea that put a  wide smile on his face. "I'll tell the police and everyone else. I know your faces and that's enough to get you in trouble!" Ogel exclaimed as he pointed a finger at the three teens. Faces turning bright red, the three teens looked to one another, looked at Ogel, looked at one another again before darting from the scene. They left behind the can of spray paint which Ogel collected and returned to the police station with. If someone had seen him carrying the spray cans, they would most likely think he was the culprit but luckily, no one either noticed him or did not care. His journey to the police station was relatively quick and uneventful.

Entering the station, he gave a smile to the receptionist who motioned for the client of the request to come over. Walking over, the police offer had an expression of surprise as he noticed Ogel with three can of spray paint in his hand. "Well damn, you actually did it kid. Nicely done," the police officer said as he took the cans of spray paint and placed them atop the receptionists desk. He looked at Ogel once again and stuck his hand out for a handshake. "Name's Kenji Maki. You did good today kid. Feel free to take up any future requests. By the way, what's your name?" he asked. Shaking his hand, Ogel gave him a bright smile and replied "The name's Ogel!"

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