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Sunny day on the beach [Kon]

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Sunny day on the beach [Kon] Empty Mon Oct 02, 2017 3:22 pm

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back later
And see
if I can
find some beer.
The sunlight touched the beach of hargeon lighting the sand a flame with heat making it look like the harsh deserts of desertio and making the sea glitter like the stars of the night sky. Victor sighed as he had made his retreat underneath one of the beach palms having stripped himself of his armor and his coat/mantle he held a coconut drink in his right hand leaning back against the tree and looking at the females that had spread out over the beach in their bikinis. Sweat made it's way down his forehead and lightly made his hair glisten and become a little wet. He took a sip and tried to imagine how this beach would be like with X-ray vision which of course gave him a light blush on his cheeks.

A woman who was quite close to him looked at him and winked but just as she did so her man looked up saw Victor walked over and smacked him across the head putting Victor out cold. When he woke up the couple had left the beach and Victor's drink was spilt. He had a slight headache and felt a little bit nauseous, "Not my alcohol..." Victor said as he gave the empty half coconut a sad look. He then decided to leave the beach in search of more alcohol.


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