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FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu)

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FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu) Empty Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:28 pm

Tenshi †
Hello, and welcome to FTPN (Fairy Tail Programming Network). We are here for Fairy Tail's first ever Draft! For this thread, I'd appreciate if the only ones posting have contacted us before hand in Discord or via the Private Message system for permission. In order to ensure a fun draft for all to follow, please follow this one request!

Each guild has been stripped down to only their team captains, who are either chosen based off of current Guild Master position or for embodying that guild to perfection. We will be addressing each guild in the order that they will be picking, and we will be updating this thread as the teams are formed!

First pick will be Fairy Tail itself, led by team captain Tori Lancaster! A prominent and reoccuring member in Fairy Tail in all iterations of the site, she has lived through both criticisms and praises and remained prevalent through all! Though not a powerhouse in her own right, we're excited to see how things will play out!

Up next will be the Rune Knights, an organization once considered the strongest in the site that has fallen into disrepair over the years. In this draft is their chance to rebuild. Will they focus on power, or on connections forged in the preseason? Their team captain is LeeAnn Nakamura, an individual who has been both active in the community and maintaining enough activity to be considered for the Rune Knight team captain spot!

Third pick in our draft is Phantom Lord, led by Guild Master and meme lord Geb Majura! Leading Phantom Lord in style, and boasting quite the power himself, he looks to build his organization from the ground up! While they've looked strong in recent showings, I'm sure he plans to shock the world with whatever organization he builds this time around!

Coming up in fourth is Blue Pegasus, lead by team captain and soon to be Guild Master, Hikari Snow! Known as Snowflake, she has ground her way to A rank through hard work and effort! A relatively new addition to the frontier, we have no idea what to expect from her draft year! Hoping it will be a good one, we can't wait to see what she prioritizes first!

Second to last will be Lamia Scale, headed by team captain Arisa Rinmizukimi! Don't let her complicated name fool you, this woman likes the simple things in life- Like winning! Hahaha! She has risen up to the forefront of Lamia Scale. Stripped of her loyal and powerful guildmates, how will she build this organization?

And last but not least, Grimoire Heart! Lead by all around swell guy Caius Kazama, this man has been a member of FTRP since its beginnings! Always active, always prevalent, and yet still a total mystery. We have absolutely no idea how he will focus on this draft, despite him being one of the oldest members on record! Keep your eye on this guy, because we have no idea what to expect!

And there you have it! These are the established teams, and the set captains! We will be reaching out to each of them separately to head each draft, and as each round comes to a close we will be giving updates! These rounds will be single draft, single characters. In case of conflict (such as multiple alts), you will pick one of the alts. The rest of the known alts shall be eliminated from choice to avoid overlap! The only player who cannot be chosen is Jyu, who will hopefully add some comments on the draft as we progress! Join us in Discord for some interviews, which may or may not be transcribed here! As the draft progresses, we will be bringing in analysts to give us their input on the draft!

Will teams focus power? Glory? Friendship? Romance? Who knows! There's only one way to find out- Join us next time as the first rounds are completed!

Tori > LeeAnn > Geb > Snowflake > Arisa > Caius

During even rounds, this order is reversed

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FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu) D09aavQ
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Tenshi †
It's time! Round 1 for the FTRP draft officially begins tonight, and I cannot begin to describe how excited we all are for the big event! Joining us here today is Jyu, the owner of forum Fairy Tail Roleplay and the big man in charge of the FTRP Oversight Committee. Jyu, what are your thoughts heading into this night of drafts?

"What? I don't really care, what is this?"

Awe inspiring. Now the information for the picks have been forwarded to us in advanced, and we took the liberty of doing some interviews. I'd by lying to say that I could wait any longer, and without further ado, we may begin the First Pick of Round 1! Leading off the teams is Tori Lancaster, team captain of Fairy Tail. The namesake of the site itself, Fairy Tail has rich history that his been tarnished in recent years, lets see how she drafts today!


Wow! First Pick of the First Round, and Tori is really making a statement here. One of the few members boasting over one million jewels, Alice is both of the Neko race and a Beastmaster! She is standing in at A Rank with an average mana pool, and an above average magic. Requip offers a wide range of possibilities, and while it has been a popular choice in FTRP past, it is a rather rare sight now days. According to the team captain, Alice was chosen due to the sheer versatility she brings to the team, as well as her ability to get along with people in both the IC and OOC setting. Here we have someone who is looking beyond just power, and I have to say, it's a refreshing sight.

Coming up for Pick Two of Round One is none other than LeeAnn Nakamura. Long lost brother of ex-admin turned memory Hikaru, she has gone through a plethora of genders and races to get here. Lets see how she drafts today. Our analysts told us to expect the unexpected here, and like Jyu before the start, we're confused as hell.


That's the spirit.


Simply outstanding! Another A rank has been picked up today in the draft, though it's no surprise. Though not boasting as much of an even stat pool as the First Pick of the FTRP draft, Alisa brings her own assets to the table. With a nearly identical mana pool, what really sets her apart is her Crystal magic which has become a staple for the mage! With a solid companion, a ring to aid her in events involving any sort of dice rolls, and a solid weapon, she has a lot to offer! IC and OOC, she is known for her chill demeanor and ability to make conversation, as well as establishing friendships. She had a strong showing in the recent event in Hargeon, and shows great potential for growth despite already being A rank! A solid choice, and it definitely makes the new Rune Knight squad begin to look fierce!

For our third pick of the day, we have Geb Majura. Recent inheritor to the Phantom Lord guild, and obvious choice for team captain, not much is known about this Meme King. While the previous captains have focused on OOC contributions as well, it is unsure what he will be picking as of today!


Oh! A member who was expected to go in the First Round, and sure enough! Our third pick today is none other than Raion, considered to be one of the top Combat RPers in the site. Having boasted a powerful performance in both events of this new FTRP, Raion has proven on multiple occasions that he is a force to be reckoned with! Having worked his way up to B rank, he possesses a God Takeover magic as well as a solid mana pool for his rank! With an uncommon ring and a unique weapon, this man holds all he needs to continue to be a threat in FTRP! While no comments were made about his OOC contributions, this man has an in depth knowledge of systems on the site, and he has proven he can do quite a lot with quite a little. We can't wait to see how this prospect develops, and we can't wait to see what follows him up in this years FTRP draft!

Next up comes Hikari Snow, or as we like to call her, "Snowflake"! Not much was known about this newbie when she joined up, but damn has she made a name for herself! Outgoing, kind, and quick to socialize, she has worked her way up from nothing to stand at A rank. Currently prospected to become BPGM, who better to be their team captain? She-


Ohhh~ Another solid choice! Also one of the favorites who was a prospected First Round Pick, Seira is considered a sure win for the first S rank on the site! Constantly willing to go for more quests, more events, and more work both IC and OOC. She is of the Vampyre race, sporting both a massive mana pool and impressive companion in the form of Espeon. One of the sites two admins, she is considered relaxed on the chatbox. A user of Blood Magic, and of the Trickster class, nothing is known of her combat potential. One thing is for sure though, she has nearly all the weapons she'd need to be dangerous! When asked about her decision, Snowflake said the following: "In terms of OOC, we get along very well and she's easygoing, which could provide a soothing environment for members. She is also good at giving advice and ideas. IC, she's decently strong and is of the Vampyre race, as well as a nicely distributed amount of stats."

Couldn't have said it better myself Snow! Near the end of the list we have Arisa, the Team Captain for Lamia Scale. Arisa by herself is a potential powerhouse, a Seraphim and an A rank mage with a sizable mana pool. Her strength is high, and her light magic is an obvious pairing with her race. Lets see how she picks today!


A solid pick, though one that could have gone in either the First or Second round! While he has had two solid showings in the FTRP events, his biggest strength lies in way of his Legendary companion and, well, his Strength stat. While he is considered one of the best Combat RPers on the site, ranking slightly below Raion, this man is still of the Adventurer class. While his current gear and Companion put him in a solid position in terms of combat now, it is unsure where Adventurer will allow him to climb given time. That being said, he is the only Master in Weapon Mastery currently on the site, and is slowly nearing A rank. With time, maybe the classes will change to allow him more future threat potential- But for now, a solid pick!

And rounding out our day, we have Caius Kazama. Caius is one of the original members of Fairy Tail- The site, not the guild. He has always been a prominent figure, and once again has placed himself in the ranks of staff. He is a likable individual, expected to reach S rank shortly. He has remained one of FTRP's most enjoyed individuals throughout his stay, and is without a doubt one of the strongest members on the site on his own. Lets see how he drafts today!


Wow! Another unexpected First Round pick, but a solid one to end off the day none the less! Bianca is of the Vampyre race, and is actually a sort of Mother Vampyre to Seira. At A rank and boasting well over a million jewel, Bianca utilizes Blood Magic as well as an impressive Strength and Speed stat. An admin, and a well liked member of the FTRP community, Bianca possesses a slightly lower than average Mana pool, but has been an active member in prior events on the site! She is expected to bring with her a positive image of whatever guild she is in, despite the fact that it's considered an evil organization! Fun loving OOC and with plenty of potential to grow IC, Caius had this to say about his first addition to his team!
"Bianca is active as a mod and rper. Her stats are high. She's a Vampyre, and counters Seira because she's her mom. She's an admin so she can ban anyone who disagrees with us. Nice Faceclaim, and don't have to wear protection."

We believe the last comment there was made in relation to her not owning any armor items, and while that is true, it's still rather odd to mention! That rounds up Round 1 of the FTRP Draft, and it has been a solid round indeed. Jyu, how do you think the teams stack up after this first round, or is it too early to tell?

"That comment didn't mean what you thought it meant."

Incredible, thank you. This concludes the First Round of the FTRP Draft. See you in a few days when Round 2 officially begins!

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FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu) D09aavQ
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Tenshi †

Hello, chiming in for a quick update. Due to several people around the League asking about trades, we figured to do a quick explanation!

The FTRP draft will ideally be broken up into 8 rounds, Each round, any members not previously picked may be drafted. No conflicting alts may be recruited (If I possess Finn and Tenshi, then once Finn was drafted, Tenshi can no longer be picked). This is just an example- Old characters, of course, may not be drafted.

Once a team reaches 8 members, they may not take in anymore. They will be removed from the drafting lineup at this time, if they manage to reach it ahead of time.

Trades may happen, but must obviously be operated through me. This means the Team Captain comes to me with the trade offer. I go to the recipient of the offer, and give them the offer. I then return with the answer. Players and draft picks may be traded.

We are performing what is called a Snake Draft. This means, in the first round, the draft went in a linear order (1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 > 6). This round, it will go in the reverse (6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > 1). If a trade seems ridiculous for any reason, or simply unfair (potentially even borderline cheating), the FTRP Oversight Committee retains the right to deny the trade outright!

Trades may be temporarily disabled if things get to hectic. Lets all remember this is only for fun- No getting our feelings hurt!

FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu) D09aavQ
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Tenshi †
Hello and welcome back for another night of FTRP Draft! I'm back with my co-host Jyu, the Owner of Fairy Tail Roleplay and a well of knowledge and insight. The first night of drafts came with a few upsets, and also a few predictable choices. There has not been enough information for us to tell what direction any team is heading, but one thing is for sure; There's plenty of time to find out. To keep information flowing and to allow our viewers more time to enjoy this draft, we will be making every effort to catch up with more of the players and owners and get their feelings on this draft, and we'll start that out with the upset of the other day. Coming it at the First Pick of Round 1, we bring you Alice Baskerville. Alice, are you ready?


Great! First off, Alice, you were the First Pick in Round 1 of the FTRP Draft. That's quite a statement. You were considered to be the most valuable asset to Fairy Tail, and beat out many others who were projected to be in that position. How do you feel?

"I am really flattered. It definitely brought a smile to my face."

Quite the modest answer! When you were chosen as the First Pick, your team captain had this to say. "The main reason we're picking her is sheer versatility due to her magic, as well as her ability to make friends OOC." Do you think they missed some key points that makes Alice unique there?

"Hmm well I think the ability to be herself. No matter work and other influences. I don't think I use the versatility much for her magic, I do try of course and apparently that works."

Certainly the ability to create a story, and allow your character to truly be molded by that story, is an aspect we can all respect. Now on to the next question! The goal of this draft is not necessarily to draft a powerhouse, but rather, a guild that can last and can be prevalent in the site as a whole. Of course there are many different aspects to the site- Combat, Events, Questing, Socializing, etc. Where does Alice best fit in, and where do you hope to explore in the future?

"I do like everything because of development but I mostly like socializing because the ability to meet people and become friends."

Being well rounded can certainly be a positive thing, we hope that you can pull it off efficiently for the future. Well then, final question. How do you feel being drafted by Tori Lancaster of Fairy Tail? Are you happy ending up there after seeing how the rest of the first round went?

"Well I consider myself and Alice close to Tori. IC and OOC but I didnt think that I would be drafted but it sure feels excited and I sort of feel honoured to be picked. Definitely made me happy!"

Well, I'm sure it'll make him happy as well when he knows you think so highly of him! We hope to bring you more additions like this in the future, including interviews that will be held in their own timeslot. For the time being, lets get to what everyone is ready for- The Draft!

Today's prospects have the chance to be tomorrows foundation, and we will get to begin noticing a pattern in the picks in the nearby future. Whether or not our captains are hoping to prioritize certain aspects, or whether or not there will be any planning as all, should become clear in the next couple of Rounds. Due to the Snake Draft format, today we will be starting off with Captain Caius of team Grimoire Heart. Yesterday's choice was a solid pick who prioritized OOC efficiency and personal relations, but how will today go?


There goes our first pick of Round 2! It seems we're starting off strong with one of the powerhouses of the site, and an actual guildmate of the Team Captain himself! Yumi is a deceptive member of Grimoire Heart, being over seventy years of age and appearing less than twenty! She possesses extremely high and evenly distributed stats, is well on her way to S rank, and is a user of a non elemental magic! Possessing a companion and a weapon, she has multiple ways to attack, and she has found herself active in every site wide plot! Having held her own against even Cell, she is both well rounded and active! As a member and as a mod, she has earned the respect of her peers. Upon this decision, Caius had this to say:
"Yumi is always down to RP with people, she's a demon, she's done plenty of dev work and has earned herself a lot of stats. She has a good weapon, a good companion, and OOC Yumi has survived to adulthood in Australia, so he's proven tough. Plus he can jailbait opponents."

Well, no one can say that Caius is not our most extravagant Team Captain! With yet another A rank guild member, Caius is proving that he came here today with the intent to continue building up his squad. Jyu, what do you think of this development?

"He's just building himself a harem."

Maybe so sir, but a powerful one at that. With the first pick now finished, let us move on to Pick Two of Round 2!


And here we have it ladies and gentlemen, the sites only current user of Summoning Magic. He was expected to go in the first few rounds, and it is none other than Arisa, Team Captain of Lamia Scale, who picks him up! About Kon, the team captain has this to say.
"I guess what I like about Kon is his character development. Not only that, but he is capable of both good and bad in his own way in a plot driven sense. Hell he even killed a child to accomplish his goals!"

Brutal, but seemingly accurate. While we cannot attest to what Kon is willing to do IC, we can certainly analyze what he is capable of.

Kon is a moderator on FTRP and considered an admin-in-training! While most of his stats are ordinary, his intelligence is above average and allows for him to effectively and cheaply use his extremely versatile magic. Holding well over two million jewel, being of the Neko race, and even wielding a weapon, Kon is someone who can combat from close or afar. While he has not been active in events or quests consistently since achieving Holy Knight status, the untapped potential there is high. With one of the highest mana pools on the site, he can drag battles out to his liking if he so chooses- Or simply attempt to overwhelm his opponents. The potential is all there, and so is the logic behind today's second pick! Lets just hope these amazing choices keep coming!


A pick that is as solid as it can get, Shin is one of FTRP's longest lasting members. An outgoing individual who has made many lasting impacts on the site, his pick could be for IC or OOC reasons and make perfect sense. Maybe that's why both had such an impact in tonight's decision!

A user of Fire magic, Shin Katari is a man who many recognized for the longest time as Edward Elric. Having held on to the iconic face claim for so long, what many see now is the new addition of Shin that not many have gotten the chance to see. He has proven time and time again that when urged to, he can put his feet to the dirt and grind out both quests and event participation in order to reach his goals. Able to get along with almost anyone, and with an incredible amount of potential, he is perhaps one of the safest picks someone could make for tonight! Standing at A rank with both average stats and average mana, no one knows what he's capable of in the future. With that said, lets move over to Pick Four!


Yet another solid decision, Odin stands solidly at B rank. Also a long standing member of FTRP, Odin is known for his kindness, as well as how easy it is to talk with him. An ex moderator on the site on multiple occasions, Odin is not one to shy away from work when his schedule permits it. With below average stats for his rank, but a solid mana pool, he brings with him a unique Takeover magic- Takeover: Demon Soul Lucifer! Plus, with almost one million jewel and rumors of his hopes to change race and magics, it is unknown what this man will be up to in the near future. A solid choice with a potential wildcard future, Team Captain Geb had this to say:
"I believe that he has a lot of potential and definitely seems to be one of the more hard-working members right now."

A reasonable statement about a reasonable decision. Now nearing the end of the night, let us see who comes next!


With a name that intricate, we're bound for some good information, right Jyu?

"She's actually an up and coming character with solid potential, and someone who has solid bursts of activity. A solid pick."

I couldn't have said it better my- Wow. That was actually a solid response man.


I hate you.

Kerii started off this iteration of FTRP at D rank, and already she's standing at B rank! One of the few Elves on the site, she is intermediate in both Bow and Sword weapons, though she currently owns neither. With one of the Eeveelutions as her companions, and the potential of using one of the aforementioned weapons, she is an unknown factor in the realms of combat RP. By her jump in rank, it is quite obvious that she is willing to grind out Quests in order to get what she wants, and though she is not active in the discord, that simply adds to her current mystery! While she has not been active in current events, her willingness to do work for what she wants is a positive sign, and her character is one with incredible potential. Plus she is one of the sites only Clerics, something that is a solid point all its own!


Wow! We did not see that coming at all! With yet another tumultuous pick, Tori Lancaster is breaking necks with his picks! This was a pick that was not expected until the later rounds, and yet here we have it at the Sixth Pick of Round Two. Lets look at the reason behind this decision!
"I believe he has some deep, untapped potential. Think of him as my teams Gohan."

Those are some impressive shoes to fill, and one thing can be made certain, Kenny has plenty of room to grow. A recent addition to the Vampyre race, Kenny is yet another member who started with a basic character and worked his way to B rank. With above average strength, and a solid amount of endurance, Kenny offers a threat in any physical altercation. That being said, he currently appears to be an adventurer with no gear. While there are rumors of his plans to gain magic, nothing is yet written in stone. Kenny is one of those picks where a world of predictions and theories could be crafted, and yet currently there is very little to go on IC aside from his willingness to do events and participate in plot.

OOC, Kenny is a newer member on FTRP. Having been quick to be recognized in Discord, Kenny is able to converse with any member with relative ease. Always voicing a will for improvement, and an eagerness to prove himself, great things are expected from this rather unexpected clutch pick. Whether or not his value goes up really depends on what happens between now and the end of the draft, but I'm sure plenty of our viewers are rooting from home.

Join us in the upcoming week for Round 3 of the FTRP draft, and between now and then please check in for regularly scheduled content. We hope to interview team captains, noticeable drafts, and hopefully even some outside analysts. Until then, this is Finn and Jyu signing out!

"Do you really hate me man?"

Of course not bro you know that.

FTRP Draft (Featuring Jyu) D09aavQ

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