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Blameshift [Quest | Yami]

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Blameshift [Quest | Yami] Empty on Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:14 am

The wind mage that was known as Yami was making his way through the streets of oak with a bored yet contemplated look on his handsome and rugged facial features. The wind mage didn't have anything to do today as he had been unable to find a single quest on the quest board in Phantom Lord. That was highly unusual as their would be at least a quest or two but today there had been none. What was worse when Yami headed into town to check the quest board in the town square he had found it to be completely empty as well not a single poster in sight. The towering man in his early twenties pulled at his long black locks in frustration. What was he supposed to do if he couldn't do a quest? It was a question pulling at his thoughts as he walked through the daytime streets. He didn't feel like picking a target and having a little fun with them, he wanted to do a quest to earn some money. Even more so he wanted a quest that would enable him to kill so he could test out his new spells.

Yami had not long finished up training himself in order to create five new wind spells. His arsenal had been pitiful with only five D rank spells but through a little creative thinking and effort he had doubled his arsenal. Originally he only had three offensive spells, one supplementary and one self buff to boost his speed. Now that he had completed his training he has five offensive spells three being D rank and two being C rank. Three supplementary spells for use, two C rank class and one was D rank class. Finally was his self buffing magic to increase his physical speed one D rank spell and one C rank spell. With these new spells he had doubled his arsenal and increased his killing efficiency. Yami had a deadly array of spells that he could use at a moments notice. COmbined with the sylph sect book he carried under his left arm in his suit jacket he could cast the D ranks without a cooldown time and C ranks were effectively cut in half allowing him to cast spells faster. Sure it would drain his magical reserves quicker but if he aimed them with precise targeting he wouldn't have to worry about running out of magic.

The wind mage released a breath he had been holding. What was he to do on this boring day without a quest to do. Perhaps he should head into the oak forest and see if he couldn't run into some thieves or even wild beasts to fight. A few thieves going missing no one would miss, same with bandits. And he doubted the local populace would care if their monster population dropped significantly. The wind mage fiddled with the cuffs of his suit shirt as he mulled over just what he would end up doing. There was so many options to pick yet so little time in the day.

WC: 513


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Yami turned into a nearby alley in order to help with his thinking. He began walking towards the other entrance deep in thought. Yami was pulled from his thoughts however when he felt something collide with his legs. Whatever collided with him was small especially when compared to his massive seven foot two frame. Yami barely budged making feeling vibrations but a loud cry caused him to look down to see just what had bumped into him so suddenly. Sitting on his ass rubbing their tender behind was the young street urchin named jerr. Yami had performed a few quests for the young boy a number of times before with Alice, simply takes but he had enjoyed the none the less. The boy stumbled to his feet as yells caught his attention. He quickly hid behind Yami using him as a shield. The wind mage raised an eyebrow watching as a group of men came running past the alley way, not even noticing Jerr behind Yami, after all who would. When you saw someone as tall as Yami you tended not to look down.

The moment the gangsters were gone, Yami turned around to face Jerr. The boy gulped as he recognised the psychotic mage who had assisted him before. "So little boy tell me what that was about and I may not skin you alive." spoke the towering wind mage as he bent down in order to look Jerr in the eyes. He crouched to the ground shrinking his massive frame. The young jerr gulped feeling intimidating by the man all in black and quickly nodded his head, "I was running as they caught me eavesdropping on their meet. I caught word about some new shipment of money coming into town around town and followed up for a location. I headed to their headquarters where I heard them talking about it. The shipment will be coming in sometime today. The wagon is traveling on the outskirts of oak if he split it fifty fifty we both stand to make a lot of money. If you do this for me, I will need you to travel out to the outskirts and kill off the guards while blaming it on Vincenze Tessio."

jerr ruffled around in his backpack and removed a note from his back and handed it over. "I swiped this one day from Vincenze Tessio, it's his signature. Lay it at the crime scene and surely they will see it as his calling card. Whatever you do you can't leave any witnesses once done meet me at this address with the wagon." Jerr then handed the tall mage a note with an address on it down by the docks. Yami nodded as he pocketed the two notes. "Alright good like. I'll head off and make sure I'm not spotted." With that the street urchin turned and started running away from Yami.

The wind mage rubbed his hairless chin, this had come at a surprisingly lucky time for him. He had just been after something to do and now he had a quest. WHat luck he had today. Yami was happy as not only could he get rid of his boredom but also do a little killing and test out his new spells.

WC: 543
TWC: 1056


Blameshift [Quest | Yami] Empty on Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:12 am

Yami brushed his fingers through his long black locks as he began humming a soft tune. The wind mage looked around with his grey hues before he began making his way towards the oak town gates. He would think up a strategy on the way depending on just how many enemies he had to face. Being a shipment of money there would be at least two or more guards. If it was two guards they would no doubt walk on each side of the cart. If he snuck around behind them he could then launch a surprise attack on them. If their was three perhaps they would take a triangle formation with the point at the back. Again his aim would be to sneak around and attack from the back. He would aim a couple of spells to wound and diffuse before taking them out. If their was four or more he would just have to think up what he would do at the time of the confrontation.

The wind mage flashed his credentials to the town guards greeting them on his way. He shared a short conversation with a little laughter before walking away and making his way towards the outskirts of Oak. He didn't have a clear indication of just where the guards and their cargo would be, so he would just have to walk along and see if he could find them. Yami followed the path away from Oak and into the distance walking on until a good hour at past and oak was long in the distance. The wind mage frowned as he looked around for any sign of the cargo and the guards but he couldn't see a thing. The wind mage crossed his arms over his chest and grumbled in annoyance he didn't think they would be that far from town.

However this would give him a chance to set up an ambush. The surrounding area around the road he was at was filled with bushes, trees and deep forest with the odd rock. The closet bush was only three meters from the road while a cluster of trees was four meters. The mage made his way towards a cluster of trees and began hiding behind them crouching down low to the ground to keep his seven foot two form hidden from view. Yami removed his sylph sect book allowing it to float around him as he began waiting patiently and time ticked away as the guards and cargo arrived four in total.

THe cart carrying the cargo was two meters in length with two guards on each side only two meters apart. He could use an area of effect spell on the furthest guards, right of the guard, while attacking the two closet to him on the left of the cart. Yami extended his left arm aiming at the back two guards, flicked a wrist and clicked his fingers. A gust of wind wrapped around the two guards and began shredding them to piece with sharp blades of wind. The other two guards went on edge and began drawing their guns. Yami acts making a gun shape with his left hand and cocked the thumb down. A 10cm ball of wind shot forward hitting one guards gun hand punching a hole through. Yami slashed down with his left hand firing a blade of wind that struck the other guard in his wrist slicing in to draw blood making him drop his own gun.

WC: 580
TWC: 1636


Mana: 375 / 500
Gale Cast: -50mp
WInd Bullet Cast: -50mp
Wind Cutter Cast: -25mp


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Yami then kicked forward a gust of wind launching his body forward as he raced towards the four guards. He raised his left hand and a gust of wind rained down on the back two guards consuming them in a fury of wind blades slicing away at them once more. Yami charged in towards the closest two guards and aimed his right hand like a gun and fired again launching the sustained spell before slashing down with his left hand launching two attacks. A ball of wind struck the middle of the guards forehead and out the back, as the wind blade carried on cleaving into the neck of the second guard slicing his jugular vein. The two guards dropped to the ground long dead as blood sprayed out on the ground.

Yami leapt over the cart and attacked the other two reaching out and grabbing their own guns from their waist. Yami raised the two guns with his hands aiming at the third and fired two rounds into his kneecaps before bringing the guns up and firing two rounds into his eyes one in each eye. The fourth guard was covered from head to toe in cuts some deeper than the others as blood dripped to the ground. Yami raised the guns and fired two shots one into each of thee guards kneecaps. The guard screamed as he fell to the ground bleeding out. Yami raised the guns and fired a shot into his right shoulder than the left shoulder missing vitals. Yami aimed the right gun and fired a round into where the right kidney would be before doing the same to the left kidney. Yami watched the mean wiggling and screaming about in pain as he spewed up blood.

Yami twirled the twin guns before raising them and fired again launching two rounds into his head finish him off. Once the mage was done he dropped the guns and pulled the note out leaving it on the ground. The mage than grabbed the cart and began pulling it back towards town. Yami hummed a gentle tune as he walked back to town attempting to pass the town with a little music. The wind mage spent an hour walking back towards town, as he arrived he spoke up to the guard saying he was transporting a shipment for the tessio family. The guard waved him through and Yami thanked him before making his way towards the docks. Yami used the back alleys and streets as he made his way down tot he docks,

Yami walked towards the docs following the directions given to him by Jerr. Yami made his way tot he meeting point coming to an abandoned warehouse. THe wind mage opened the door and walked on in spotting Jerr waiting on a crate for him. The mage smiled at them as he walked up with the cart and sat it down. He then retrieved a stack of jewels splitting the money in half and bid Jerr good day. Yami left the warehouse heading back towards the Phantom Lord guild for a little drink in the shape of a cold beer.

WC: 524
TWC: 2160



Mana: 250 / 500
Wind Bullet Sustain: -50mp
Wind Cutter Sustain: -25mp
Wind VOlley: -25mp
Wind Step: -25mp

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