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Chaos at the Zoo[Mission]

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Finally there was a job he could take that was almost up to his skill level. It was a B rank request but they were very rare now a days. He knew that going to the criminal underworld would have been a great idea. This way he would be able to test out his skills to almost his max potential. This was a quest for Dr. Stephan Mabuz and it was a man that he worked with before. He was a scientist that was pretty fucking crazy to be honest. He was a a fat man with blond hair and big thick glasses that owned a shop in the middle of Oak Town down an alleyway where he would lure people in like a pedo lures little kids with candy and then use them for experiments and then he would either keep them in cages or he would dispose of them like the crazy doctor he was. Caius did some missions himself where he was the test subject and he had to inject himself with some type of white liquid and it would cause him to hallucinate. Caius would then be able to conquer those and come back up and sober. The Dr. Stephan Mabuz would then reward him and make sure his next batch was stronger. He was very creepy but the drugs he made were no joke as they were very powerful and could be used as a weapon in the future for the dark guilds.

Caius would then go into the alleway where he would find the old and rackety door that lead to the Dr. Stephan Mabuz's lab and he could find out what he would have to do to beat the B rank mission. Perhaps he would have to test the stuff on some rune knights. That would be fun. The Dr. Stephan Mabuz was doing some experimenting in the back adn then he woudl see Caius approaching. A loud zap was heard and then a scream of a man and then the doctor would clap to himself before he woudl turn to Caius and then tell him of the plan. Dr. Stephan Mabuz woudl go back into his office and then he would go under his desk and then he would pull out a big thing of blueprints and then he would take the blue prints and then he would roll them on the table and then he would open the whole print. Caius couldn't believe what the doctor had in store. The blue prints were ones for a zoo in the middle of Oak Town. Dr. Stephan Mabuz would rub his hands together and then he would go and run into the back and pull out a vial of some type of green glowing liquid. He then would take it and set it on the table to show Caius. This vial with the green growing liquid was now going to be tested on the animals of the zoo and Dr. Stephan Mabuz had a plan on which ones to try it out on first.



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Dr. Stephan Mabuz would go and he would state that the green vial that was glowing that was on the table in front of the blue prints would cause the animals at the zoo to meta morph into a bunch of violent brutes and when that happened they would tear down the whole zoo and attack people. The glowing green vial liquid would also let Dr. Stephan Mabuz control them and whit that he could have an army of a bunch of mutant zoo animals that could be used to attack their enemies. Caius wasn't one to use pets in a battle but it was something that if it was useful in the future we wouldn't mind it. Caius then would take the blue prints and then he would also take the green vial of the liquid and then he would go and he would make sure that this time he would go and get the mission completed. For now he would have to get a pack and put those items in it while Dr. Stephan Mabuz wished him good luck and then he would go into the back of the office and then he would go and he would make sure that he continued his experiment from the first time that Caius walked in. Caius would then take the bag with the supplies and then he would go and head to the zoo and then he would wait in line at the ticket booth.

It seemed to be a very busy day at the zoo as it was packed with a shit ton of people and the line was at least like 20 minutes long. However this was a front as Caius was going to have to find a way to get in the animal cages and then he would have to use his magic syringe and then he would have to inject the green liquid into the animals to make them all go crazy and then Caius would have to go and he would have to report it back. Once the line died down he reached the side of the zoo where all the buildings are and then Caius would slip past the front gate and go around the warehouse that was one of the main buildings and it was one of the locations were he could access and reach teh animals and then he could use the needle with green liquid to test it out on them. There weren't many guards so Caius would have a pretty easy time sneaky by and then he would reach the building with a red door. It was locked and Caius would have to break it down for now. He waited till the guards were far away and then gave it a big boot to the door square in the middle and it would fly open. It made a lot of sound but the guards were far away so they didn't hear. He would then go into the warehouse with the animals and would start the mission.



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Caius was now in the middle of the warehouse where all the animals were being stored. There were quite a bit of keepers from the staff there that were getting the animals all prepared for the rest of the night of entertaining at the zoo. They were making sure that they were well fed and that they were going to be lively for the crowd. Caius hid in a corner where nobody could see him and would bring out the bag and he would then see that he had all five vials of the green glowy liquid the crazy doctor had given him. He just had to use it on five different animal types. That was the deal that was given too him. Caius then would put them back in the bag and tie it up so the green liquid vials would not fall out. He then would go and he would make sure that nobody saw him. However when he was peeking around the area he would make eye contact with one of the scientists that was looking at the animals and that they were taking care of them. It looks like it was the stupid long horses which were the giraffes that were being taken care of. Caius would then slowly walk over to the man as he didn't want to be suspicious so he kept on going and going towards him. The staff member wanted to know what he was going to do here.

Caius would reach in his bag and he would be real smooth about the whole situation. He would say that he was a doctor and was to give the shots to the animals and he would go and he would pull out his bag. He would show the scientist the green vials of the liquid and then he would take a look at them. The staff member was fascinated by it and wanted to test it out right away as there were some animals that were sick and they really needed a doctor right now. Caius said sure it was fine and they would go to the staff area and then Caius would go and he would follow him as he told him he was new and didn't know where it was. They walked and they walked and they walked past the water reservation where there a bunch of crocs that looked hungry and there was a small building an din that building he would go and then he would be shown around by the staff member. Afterwards, Caius saw he was lucky and then he would wait for the staff member to turn around and then he would strike. He would jump and he would get the staff member in a headlock adn he would struggle but Caius was too strong and he would twist his arms and then eh would snap the man's neck and he would fall over dead. He then would look out the window and the coast was clear and then he woudl drag the body over to the crocodiles. He then would toss the body over and then he would watch it roll to the dirt and then he would see the hungry crocs go to town on him. They started munching on his dead body and then ripped him apart till nothign was left. He thought grimoire heart could use some of those since they left no evidence. The vicious little fuckers.



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Caius went back into the staff room and before he fed the man to the crocs he took off all his clothes and then he made sure that he could use that as a disguise. It was a blue outfit with a red hat that said zoo staff on it so it was full proof. Luckily that guy was pretty big and the size fit Caius perfectly. Now it would be a matter of time of just feeding the potion to the animals and then he would get the fuck out of there. He took a look at the security cameras and the would see that the rooms with the animals was having a security door that needed a special type of access. There was a guard next to the door so maybe he would have to sweet talk him. Caius would then leave the staff room and then he would go over to the room where the guard was guarding the animals and would ask if he would have the access to access this room as it was off limits to most. he then would notice the bag and then would ask what was in the bag because the animals that were in the restricted area were really sensitive and only certain things would be able to cross the line that they were at right now. Caius would have to think fast but he couldn't just knock the man out as there were cameras everywhere and he would get caught. he would tell the man that the it was a medicine that he had received and that he needed to use it on the animals. Caius would show the man and put the bag down. He would then untie it and show the 5 green glowing vials of the liquid that was in them. Caius then would tell them that it was to calm the animals and that it was to keep them safe for the fall and winter season. The guard bought it and would let him in to use them.

Caius would then be in the warehouse where the cages had all the animals that were on the list that needed tested. The first one was the gorilla that he had to inject the green glowing liquid into . Caius would go to the cage with the vial of the green glowing liquid and then would wait until the gorilla was distracted. He then would move quickly and he would stab the vial of green glowing liquid into the monkey's back. it didn't like that as it started making a bunch of monkey noises and freaking out at him. Caius would just back up as the gorilla was in the cage and it wouldn't be able to reach him. It was nothing more than a dumb monkey. Caius now had 4 more animals that he would have to inject the green glowing liquid and then he would be done with the mission. The crazy doctor told him it would take a few hours for it to take affect so whatever the fuck it did Caius still had plenty of time. He moved on to the next animal cage.



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The next animals up was the Tiger. He wished the doctor didn't pick such dangerous animals to inject the glowing green liquid into but he was sure it was for a reason. Caius then would pick up a rock on the ground and throw it behind the tiger so it would deflect off the cage and it would make a noise. While it was distracted like the dumb cat it was, he would stab the glowing green liquid into the Tiger's back leg. That was two down. The tiger roared but then calmed down. Caius then would have 3 more the the animals to inject the glowing green liquid into. He would move to the next one which was the big gray elephant that was in a big ass cage to keep his giant elephant body caged in. The elephant luckily was asleep so he would be able to give it a shot of the glowing green liquid in the side of the rib and then would exit through the large cage bars. There were now two more. For some reason these big old animals were used but this one was for the flamingo. Caius would walk up to the bird and it tried to fly away. Caius was way bigger so he held it down and would stick the glowing green liquid needle in its wing and would inject it. Caius then would move to the last animal target which was the long neck giraffe that he saw earlier. The giraffe was in a tall cage and it was munching on some leaves so Caius would take advantage once the stupid long horse was distracted and then he would stab the needle of glowing green liquid into the giraffe's leg. It would make a giraffe noise shriek and then would calm down and eat the leaves. Now Caius had to get the hell out of here so he high tailed it.

Caius then would wait a few hours as instructed by the doctor and wait for the results. He told him to watch the news to see what happened. He was at a bar and he also was just drinking some booze while he watching a football game that was going on. Then all of of a sudden the channel would change and it would cut to the zoo that he was at earlier. The entire building that held the animals was on fire and there were dead people sprawled across the ground. They said these animal monstrosities were running amuck and attacking everyone in site and the death and injury toll kept on piling up. The walls were concrete so that green glowing liquid must have had some serious power in it. He wondered if it could be used on humans. Since the mission was complete he would head back to the doctor and tell him he was done with his assignment. The fat blond doctor smirked really creepy like and went into the back. He would then go and get a bag of jewels and give it to Caius. He also gave him a 2nd one for all of his trouble of helping him out. He said he had already secured the animals and was keeping them at a secure location so he could dissect them and use them in some other experiments. He was starting to freak Caius out so he waved goodbye and would leave to his hotel.


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