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Glory to Hargeon [Mission | Solo]

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Tenshi †
Finn had brought himself to Hargeon, and for what? He had failed his guild master, whom was also his first friend in this society of humanity. He had failed his guild, who had taken him in as part of their family and forced him to adapt to the ways of the people around him. It was not a negative thing, to be forced to understand the world that he chose to cast himself into. It was something that was needed, something that had benefited him greatly and served as a chance for him to push himself further. He had reached a new height while here, having attained further mastery over his weapon beyond which he had thought himself possible of. Still it hadn't been enough. He came up short when it counted, and when his friend needed him, where was he? When his guild needed him, what was he doing? He had focused so much on getting stronger, and yet here he was. He possessed more strength than he'd ever had before, and he had still been powerless to stop the events that had transpired. He knew that he needed not strength, but experience. He needed to better understand the world that he now called home, and he needed better mastery over the skills he now possessed. He had not been born into this skill, but rather had earned it. Still, it was new even to him. Though he had worked for it, he was in no way its master. It was as if it wanted to pull him along, to force him to improve more so it could show him more of a world he knew only minimally about.

So Finn decided to help the town. It was a way to cope with the stress. He could give back, even if only slightly, to the people he had failed so recently. He would not be able to reverse time, no matter how badly he wished to. Instead he could only look forward. One foot after the other. He would find a way to tackle the new days as they laid themselves before him, and he would discover a new way to improve himself. He would prove to himself that he could be better, and he would prove to the town that he would not betray their expectations again. This desire to give back to the people whom he had felt as though he wronged had brought him deep into the heart of the town, where Hargeon had earned its fame. The Dock, a place where the trade was bustling and there were plenty of ship and people to go around. This was where the market of Hargeon was given a place to thrive, and how the town had become so wealthy. With how busy it became here, and how much work came to and from the dock, he figured he'd be able to help move things along quickly. Though it was not defending them from danger, it was helping in a more immediate sense. Now, right after tragedy had struck them so suddenly and so completely, it was perhaps the best help he could offer. So here he was, ready to lend a hand to those who could need it in the hopes to help the town recover.

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Tenshi †
In the center of a large stage stood Reign, a man who was offering some sort of celebration. Finn felt as if the action was wrong to do at the time, considering what had recently happened. Still, he knew that that bitterness should not be imposed on the townspeople or upon his guild. He was feeling the death much harder than most, and he knew that. He couldn't help it. It went beyond just having lost a friend, he had completely failed them. How could he not? Still, it was good for the people who had gathered. Celebration of something so innocent and simple as a birthday would allow for them to distract themselves from the recent fears and misunderstandings of the attack, and instead to come together in joviality and embrace a new day with smiles and friendship. It was something that practically embodied Blue Pegasus, and though his initial reaction was of anger and disappointment, even he could feel a smile tugging at his lips. For a moment, he heard the words of his late guild master ring in his head. The people will always find a reason to smile. When all else fails, the sun will still rise. Where there is light, there is the chance to find something new. He was wise, much wiser than people had thought him to be. Where they saw a pretty boy who only cared about his guild being beautiful, those who knew him knew the truth. He saw beauty in all that was real, and he wanted nothing more than to share that pure view with the world.

Had that been what had costed him his life? Finn didn't know for sure, but he would do everything in his power to make sure that Lance was remembered in a positive light. It wasn't something the deceased needed, nor would he necessarily ask for it. It was a selfish want for the living, and it was something he was willing to work hard to ensure. As he approached Reign upon the stage, the thought of preserving that memory was fresh in his head. He greeted him as a member of Blue Pegasus, and the man offered him a sad smile and his condolences. Those outside of the guild had not been given a chance to get close with Lance, but they knew of him. Who couldn't know the guild master of one of the most prominent guilds in the land, especially when it was his own home town? He wished the best for the guilds recover, and of course offered to help in any way he could. With the formalities out of the way, he got on to business. He gave Finn the plans of what was to come, and explained to him the materials that were needed and most specifically how Finn was expected to help. The adventurer didn't exactly have an eye for fashion, and he was luckily not expected to help plan or prepare beyond grunt work for the most part. The job was to get the materials, which were stored by a man named Mywand Olden. Supposedly it was all in the mans warehouse, and Finn was tasked with helping transport the materials. It seemed straight forward and simple, perfect for the adventurer, and without much delay he got to work.

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Tenshi †
As Finn began going, there were people who were assigned to help. Obviously Finn wasn't expected to do the mission in too many trips, as they were on a time crunch. If he were to take his time by going back and forth than the entire festivities would be canceled, and they couldn't have that. Riding upon one of the ox driven wagons, Finn spoke lightly with the people who were contracted in leading the ox's upon the carriages. The wagons moved rather slowly, but the beasts were strong and would be able to shorten the trip dramatically. Finn was one of the only one whom he could see whose direct job was actual manual labor, but that was fine with him. He was young and strong, and doing such things could practically be viewed as training anyway right? As they neared the warehouses, the conversations dulled. They hadn't gotten too deep into any one topic, but rather exchanged pleasantries and the like. They were not there to make friends, and he knew that. They just wished to be paid, and honestly that part excited Finn as well. As they pulled up to the warehouse owned by the old man, Finn hopped off the wagon and jogged up ahead. Finn quickly engaged in conversation with the ones who were working at the warehouses, as they had to make sure that he was indeed who he said he was and that he was not just some man attempting to steal the lumber and other supplies for the ship that was being build. Such a celebration, he could only imagine being rich enough that an entire ship was made in his honor. It would never happen though, and he couldn't say that it would keep him up at night exactly.

As the wagons pulled up and the discussions were again finished, Finn began loading up the supplies. They had offered to use buffing magic on Finn to make the job possible, but they had no idea that Finn would be more than capable of the heavy lifting even without such magics. Politely turning them down, he began to get to work. Before long all the lumber had been stacked up, as well as the supplies. While tools such as saws and hammers were already provided at the dry docks, materials such as nails and screw drivers had to be ordered specifically for the project. There were also other things that hadn't been expected at first, at least not by Finn. Large tarps for the sales, smaller chunks of wood for pieces that would likely be specially made for the ship. As the materials were all loaded in, Finn went over the warehouse one final time to ensure that nothing was forgotten that would delay the work further. Upon his sweep being completed, he began walking back to the dry docks with the many ox's in tow. Soon the real work would begin, and that's where things would get complicated.

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Glory to Hargeon [Mission | Solo] D09aavQ
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Tenshi †
As Finn made it back to the dry docks, the many people who were there to help with the ship began working. Finn was not exactly a construction worker or a carpenter, so luckily there were people there to figure out the blueprints and to make sure that everything was done correctly. Truth be told, he was nothing more than muscle. While Reign came by to specify that they were not to use any magic other than buffing magic to help, he was surprised to find out that Finn was no magician. Despite being fairly known withing Blue Pegasus, he was a mere adventurer. He possessed no magics, and as far as he knew, only a small amount of mana. Everything he did was with his own physical ability, and that had pushed him far beyond the capabilities of normal people. As if to demonstrate that his words were true, Finn began lifting pieces of lumber by himself that would have been far too heavy for anyone else there to lift. He was not just a man to brag, and soon enough the ship had begun to take form. The work was surprisingly tiring and tedious, but luckily everyone came together and worked hard.

Just as Finn had begun letting himself be distracted, people began talking of Lance. It wasn't something that would bring his mood down though. The words that were spoken were ones of positivity. These people had a high opinion of the ex guild master of Blue Pegasus, and those words brought a smile to the young adventurers heart. As the ship neared completion, Finn couldn't help but feel much happier than when the day began. People did indeed remember Lance, and those who spoke of him here spoke of him in high regard. It was still upsetting that Finn felt as if he had let his guild down, but it was nice to know that people knew the truth. Lance was a good guy.

As the ship completed, and Finn could finally step back and admire the work that he had helped create, Finn went to report to Reign that the job was done. Surprised that the entire job was completed in one day, he thanked Finn profusely. He had planned for this to happen, but with how many people called out of work due to recent events, he thought the job would be postponed. Due to Finn's freakish strength, it was still on schedule! Getting together a full crew and tethering the ship to another, Reign made the preparations and put the ship in open water for the first time. It floated, of course, and before long the tether could be broken and the ship was taken away from the docks for its maiden voyage. Its next stop would likely be back in Hargeon, but who knew where it would go after that? Reign was satisfied with the work, and more than impressed. With everything done, he gave Finn his payment and his thanks.

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Glory to Hargeon [Mission | Solo] D09aavQ

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