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Hargeon --->Marigold[Foot Travel]

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Hargeon --->Marigold[Foot Travel] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:23 pm

It was about that time to head out. Caius had finished all there was to do in Hargeon Town. The operation was a partial success and many of the guild members were starting to do their own thing. Caius's plan was to head to Oak Town where the dark underworld controlled most of the town. There were always a ton of requests to do there and that way he would be able to get a ton of money and then he would be able to buy some magic items or potions that could increase his power which he o so desperately needed. He remembered he did help some fat doctor that did experiments with a type of hallucinogen steroid so maybe her perfected something for him. For now he would travel south and then he would go to Marigold Town as it had a train station and he would be able to take it to Baska. That would be a small walk to Oak and then he could get started on all the requests over there. Caius landed in the town and would head to the station.

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Hi I'm Caius

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