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Sign Me Up [Quest | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
The old man that was known as genjiro sat in his recliner chair within the room of the inn he had rented for his stay in Hargeon. The old man was combing his magnificently long beard that reached all the way down to his waist. He ran the comb through the full length of his beard. He may not have any hair on his ball head these days, but he still kept himself immaculately groomed by brushing his awesomely long board, amazingly lengthy mustache and bushy eyebrows. The old man combed through his beard, it was soft to the touch. He finished up and began brushing his long white mustache. After brushing it he picked up a pair of scissors and used a standing mirror nearby to help him trim up his beard, mustache and eyebrows keeping them clean. With a few snips he cut off a few stray strands and stroked them making sure to get out the loose hairs. Once he was done he put the scissors down and stood up. The old man grabbed his Haori and threw it over his shoulders before he began looking around for his walking stick.

Genjiro walked over to the front door of his room and retrieved his walking stick as it was where he had left it. Genjiro opened the door and walked outside, making sure to lock the door behind him. Once the door was locked Genjiro began making his way to the lift. He greeted those he saw on the way even stopped to have a chat with a little old woman who lived five doors down. The two reminisce about their younger years, surprisingly it was a small world as he knew her. Genjiro had met her during his mercenary years as he had taken a job from her to find her kidnapped daughter with his team. His team had tracked down the womans daughter who had been kidnapped by a group of young nobles for a little fun. Luckily Genjiro and his crew arrived before anything could happen. Genjiro had been enraged as the girl was barely thirteen years old, a child whereas the nobles were nearly twenty. Enraged he had cut them down without mercy swinging his sword with a vengeful fury. Heads had rolled that day. Even so the woman was thankful to Genjiro and his crew and she still remembered their work to this day.

Genjiro asked about her daughter, turns out she grew up to be a mage eventually joining the Rune Knights. The woman's daughter was in her forties now and had her own family, married fifteen years with two kids a girl and boy. Genjiro was happy for the elderly woman. As the finished he bid his goodbyes and departed. He went down in the lift to he bottom floor and walked out of the inn. It was nice to catch up with a past client and Genjiro was pleased her daughter was doing well. It was always nice to catch up with past clients, but not every client as some he did things for he would rather forget.

WC: 519

#2Genjiro Yamada 

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Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro made his way through the streets of oak, deciding to head down to the beach and visit the public gym. He felt like getting a little work out in. He walked through the streets humming a soft tune as he walked along at his own slow little pace. the old man wasn't in any rush to get down to the public beach gym. He would take his time and conserve what little energy he had managed to save. He held his walking stick in his right hand as stroked his long beard with his left hand. As he walked through the streets the sight of a six foot two, bald old man with caterpillar eyebrows, fu manchu mustache and an amazingly long beard drew attention. Kids would point and stare only to be lectured by their mothers. The old man didn't mind he simply laughed at their actions, kids would be kids who was he to blame them for their actions. If they saw something strange they would point it out and ask questions. And beside's genjiro was well aware he stood out with his magnificently long beard.

The old man pulled himself from his thoughts as he stopped by a fruit cart and bought a fresh mango. He peeled the mango tossing the skin away and began to eat on his way to the beach. The sun was high in the sky and the weather was warm, a pleasant day. The old man didn't seem bothered by his thick bulky clothing, his body was naturally cooler due to his age as it didn't retain heat as it use to, allowing him to go out in this thick clothing. The old man came to a halt as he finally arrived at the sandy Hargoen beach. He looked around and spotted the public gym. He began walking over only to stop as someone ran up to him, it was Jay Holiday a man he had taken a quest for before.

"Oh thank god someone I recognise! Listen i need a favour! I will pay you for it. Just please i need help. There is a competition today and I haven't signed up as I just heard about it. There isn't enough time to go over, sign up and come back. Please sign up for me while I stay here. This sheet has all my details!" Jay shoved the paper into Genjiro's hand along with some jewels. The old man blinked but nodded his head, money was money. The old man made his way to the other side of the beach, walking a little faster than normal to make it in time. Genjiro being so old had no problems getting to the other side of the beach. People saw an old man and got out of the way whether it be children or drinking teens. When Genjiro came across his fellow elders he explained he needed through and they happily cleared a path. Arriving at the line in no time he was greeted to a queue of sweaty body builders. They all turned and spotted the old man, they took one look at each other and parted to let him through. Genjiro kindly thanked them and headed to the front of the line and signed Jay up. Once he was done he said his goodbyes and returned home with his money in hand.

WC: 562
TWC: 1081


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