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Rune Knight for A Day

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Rune Knight for A Day Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:29 pm

Chisu Lau Manji


A life like hers was something tied by fate. It didn't matter if it was what she wanted, she acted purely on behalf of a god that had no name. It didn't matter what the god wanted, whatever was requested of her, she obeyed without question.

The case of her family's relic remained in her hand as it always had been. She had changed the box for a much stronger more durable case. It was nothing more than a round leather case made to hold a long narrow scroll, but instead held something much more sinister. On it, a seal of her family would be held in the center, on display for the world to see in a nice bronze embossed jade.

She wandered the docks, moving in only the direction fate would take her. Her black dress dirty and tattered. She had had much misfortune in this land, but for this day, it didn't matter. She would find her wealth in tiny tasks like today. Today, she fed on the feelings of need.

"Oh dear, oh dear. . . "

She would hear a man talking to himself, looking around for someone as if someone left him behind. She would grab his attention by calling him out as she got close. "Do you need help?" she asked him.

Frantically, he would turn towards her and lay a task upon her, just as she expected of the day. "I was looking for this man," he would say, reaching for a notebook in his jacket. He would show a picture and give Chi a look, but would not let her touch it.

"I was told he would be around here doing something dangerous. If you find him, could you get him and bring him to me?"

The girl would nod before giving a light walk into the streets just off the dock. She knew well enough that he was a royal guard, locally known as a Rune Knight.

Whatever she did today, would be in light of the guilds. She didn't know all of the names, nor of who was of great importance. But judging by his presence, he was someone of low rank, and thus was given a simple task. She ran her mind over it as she continued to walk the roads, turning her head into every alleyway she passed.

By the facts and common sense that was given to her, she knew that it was a simple information gathering mission. She wouldn't have to get her hands dirty. And killing in this city would be most likely the worst possible outcome of her day.

"That looks great, but how strong is it?"

She heard the voices, and it was enough to catch her attention. She turned her head to find two men conversing near each other. One held a packet, or some bag of some kind, while the other held money. It wasn't sure who said what or who originally had what. Whatever it was, it was an exchange of sorts and seemed harmless at first.

Rune Knight for A Day The_al10

"Hey, could you guys help me out?" She would call over, wondering if they could help her out. The picture fresh in her mind. As the turned towards her, her answer was given, and she saw the man she was looking for.

The both of them were in the alley. Behind one man was a fire escape upwards, and behind the other another alley way into something. As she looked at them, she must have given them an odd look as the both of them parted quickly from each other to leave the spot. The fat man with a mustache seemed to fly up the ladder as she ran towards them. he would find his way to a door with slammed behind him. She knew she couldn't get both, so she settled on the skinny guy who bolted down the other alley.

She would sprint after him, and oddly enough, he didn't seem to get as far as she thought. She was no more than a half dozen yards away from the man, but he seemed to just be a little faster than her. She ran with all of her might, holding her possession in her right hand after the man. It wouldn't be long until he ran into the back of a restaurant, into the kitchen. She would follow soon after, pushing away all of the smoke and steam from grilled and cooked foods. The man would jump and slide over counters with no regards for anyone else. Whatever he was guilty of, it wasn't something small. He had to be a repeat offender.

She would follow him his actions, sliding over already cleared counters thanks to him. With her free hand, she would take up a fork and throw it ahead at the man. It wouldn't hit him, but it would fly close enough to his face to confuse and stun him for just a second.

And a second was all she needed.

She would fly behind him with her feet extended,
slamming into the back of the man. He would fall and she would land on his back. It was the only time she thanked herself for having a bit of weight over a man. The staff stared at her surprised and confused, but also as if it had happened every once in a while in there.

"You wanna tell me what the fuck was going on?"

She would press her knee to the back of the man's head. "I'm no Rune Knight. I can kill you and get away with it. Speak."

"Fuck you." he'd answer.

Her left leg would press on his back, and she would look at the staff to help her. A single chef would hold the man's legs, and another called out for anyone to help, hopefully the man from before.

She shifted some of her weight to the man's head.
"Give me a name. Who was he."

"ugh!" he'd grunt. "Reagan Hullston! I was buying some dope!" He started to squirm.

"Where did he go?" she asked

"I don't know man, I don't know, please stop!"

It was all she was gonna get. The man from before would entire from the front of the kitchen, possibly from the actual entrance of the restaurant.

"Miss, what are you doing, this isn't the guy!"

"Reagan Hullston is the name of the guy you want right?" she'd ask him. "Well this addict was buying some of his prized merchandise."

The Rune Knight would kneel over to take the man in whatever nature he wished. He motioned for Chi to leave and she left it as that. She would turn, her box still in her hand.

"Thank you." he would say nervously. He wasn't sure if he should have been scolding her or thanking her. Nonetheless, he got one criminal, however dirty he really was.

Being on this side of the law didn't feel right to her. Btu still, her mission was complete.

Maybe she went a bit overboard.



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