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#1Sage † 

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Sage †
It was night time, and Sage was just hanging around under a tree by the beach. The sky was clear and nobody is around, which made it a perfect spot to just relax and chill. Sage had a bottle in his hand, and in it is just an apple juice he got from a bar not far from there, with a long straw so that Sage could easily drink it.

The moon couldn't be seen, which means that it is the beginning of a new month and stars filled the sky, Sage wondered what will became of him once he grew up, is he going to be a full time mage? or something else. Sage felt free, but he felt trapped in his mind.

Sage has always wanted a companion, to company his journey and whatnot. Sage took a nearby stick and drew something on the sand, it wrote 'empty'. Sage didnt know why he wrote that, maybe because he is feeling empty, Sage sighed, and lowers his body to the ground, his eyes fixed on the sky, he felt like sleeping there, or perhaps dying there.

Sage took a sip of his apple juice and the bottle became empty. Sage took a look at the empty bottle, wondering what he could do with it now it is empty.

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Kenny bobbed his head to the music in his head, some lyricless hard rock would do him some good right about now. He gave his right fist a few pumps as he mimicked the test swings of a boxer, a bit of a warm up as he marched about the night looking for something to eat. If what the purple haired old woman told him was true he would need to find someone or something to munch on quickly before he starved himself to death.

His thirst brought him to the beach, it was mostly empty and he could likely find a bum or other vagrant to snack on to get his monthly fill. He rubbed his hands together just thinking about all of the blood that would be covering him when he ate. For some strange reason the thought of feeding teased him immensely as he paced down the beach front.

Now red hues scanning the beach he would take a whiff of the ocean air around him, it was a damned good night for dinner. Then again, it would take some time to get used to having fangs. Sure, Kenny had read about vampires as a child, but never did he think of becoming one and to his surprise there was a lot to get used to especially the constant desire to eat.

Soon a slender figure caught his eye underneath a tree as he scanned the beach, it looked like a redheaded young woman with a bottle in hand… “Hmm, don’t you look yummy.” he smirked to himself, he woudn’t miss a beat as he made his way towards her. Though, just as he approached the red head with her empty juice bottle he stopped in his tracks when he saw another creature walking past. A drunken gent stumbling and bumbling about the place, just as fast he came, he was gone as Kenny followed the bum.

With a bit of a hop he’d trip up the drunk and rubbed his hands together, “Whoops.” he hunched over his victim fangs bared… Oh wait, there was a cleaner method to this… His vampire mama showed it to him. For a minute he would fumble around in his pockets for his tools and after a few more minutes of of digging he would pull out a syringe and a small capsule of rubbing alchol. “Now dinner is serv-” the drunk had managed to scamper off while he was looking for his tools, “Ah damn it!” he kicked the sand, “Now what will I eat?!”

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#3Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage noticed that someone kicked the sand which is quite irritating because some of it hit him. Sage decided to check on what is going on, he stood from his position and turn his body around, a stern face could be seen across his face, he is already stressed with his life and now someone is playing and kicking sand around him, he noticed a tall man with dark purplish hair, probably way older than him, Sage scanned the situation first before he acts, and the first thing that he noticed is his fangs, which made Sage put his guard up, ready if something happened, Sage has never heard about creatures that has fangs nor has he read something about it. He also noticed the thing in the man's hands which made Sage curiosity rose even more.

Sage dont know if he should step in or not, but before he could do anything, he stepped on a twig and crack, a sound can be heard loud and clear as the night is pretty quite plus there was nobody there except for him and the strange fanged guy. Sage didnt know what to do, he was a little bit afraid but also furious, his heart beating fast, he couldn't believe that he might enter a fight, he waited, for the fanged man to take the first move, either he is going to make a new friend, or someone is going to die tonight.


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Location, location, location, Kenny was unsure how but it seemed he had the kicking ability of a professional athlete in reverse as the sand hit the red head. He would tilt his head just as he neared the woman, he would be handling her with the utmost care, it was nothing for him to just move on with his life, accept the loss in losing out on his last possible meal, but something drew him up beach today. The red head no doubt, he was in the mood for something spicy and they seemed like they would be the perfect meal especially if they had just gotten done drinking. With his instruments still in hand the Omega would approach his prey with a kind smile. There was no need for hostility starting off, but he was so hungry at this point that he couldn’t think all that subtly.

No reason to be aggressive early on, he would creep up to her with ease side walking just a tad slow one leg crossing behind the other in a bit of a side ways not so sideways walk. With instruments in hand he would gently gesture to him as he approached, “Hey there uh…” the only light provided by the moonlight made the young woman turn into a young man much to Kenny’s dismay. “Hello there young man… Hope you don’t mind if I keep you company… Just have a question.”

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#5Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage just watch as the suspicious man walks towards him, and what made the situation more awkward is the style he used to walk towards Sage. Sage loosened up a little, he guess that that man wont harm him at all, plus when the man is face to face with Sage, he greeted him, and asked Sage if he didnt mind keeping him company for a while. But then he said that he has a question, with no worries or any advance guard up, Sage replied, "What is it mister?", as the man in front of him looked way older and wiser than him, and under the light of the moon, Sage noticed again the sharp teeth that the man has, Sage has heard about people who have sharp teeth, which is just some kind of disease. But this is abnormal, his teeth are way sharper than normal. Sage don't know if he really should keep his guard down or not. Finally Sage did a quick thinking and will only put his guard up based on what the mysterious man were going to ask him. Sage also reminded himself that he cannot let anybody see him in his dryad form, except if he needs to.


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Kenny stared him down, there was no need for him to pace anymore. He dashed instead pouncing on his prey closing the 2 meter gap Kenny managed to generate between them in a matter of seconds. With the young man obviously steadily watching his approach the Omega would cock back his fist and sent a jab into the boy’s chest, following up with his other in an uppercut no doubt putting him to rest.

“Forgive me, I’m hungry, it’s been a long night and I gotta eat.” he wouldn’t prolong his next move as he followed up with his feeding frenzy. With the red head either unconscious or reeling in pain Kenny would step back and watch him fall. “Forgive me, I’m just hungry.” he licked his lips. This was a hard one, he couldn’t just kill the kid. Hopefully he was alive after the onslaught, Kenny wasn’t a killer, he couldn’t harm another human being but he had to feed and this young man or woman was at least a three course meal. If his attacks were successful Kenny readied his tools still in hand after managing the two attacks… if they hit of course. “Just give me a moment to get myself ready mentally to have dinner.”

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#7Sage † 

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Sage †
The mysterious man said sorry first, he said something about he being hungry and all, Sage know how he felt so he decided to share some money with him, "I got some extra money from today's quest, I could give you some, there is a bar near-". The punch and the uppercut knocked Sage out completely, he was shocked beyond words, he already knew that the abnormal sharp teeth the man has were enough to convince him to put his guard up, but he didn't. Sage could only see white when he was punched by the mysterious man, he thought that it was over, and his journey would end sooner or later. Sage could feel his body in pain and his brain telling his other part of his body to act in a situation that his body is not ready for. Sage could also feel his body slowly falling to the ground, and where he fell is where he lay before under the tree, his body fall to the ground with a thump, Sage thought that it was over, but before he close his eyes, he could see the night sky, the stars and the moon accompanying it too. Sage's eyes closed, he couldn't see anything, except for pitch black space. Sage's brain slowly starts to not working and Sage couldn't think about anything anymore, Sage completely passed out.


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Watch as he slumped to the ground Kenny nodded, it was nothing personal at all. There was no ill will nor was there murderous intent. The boy would crumple up underneath the tree, a sad sight, one that tugged at the vampyre’s heart strings. Just looking at how defenseless red was rendered made him regret his decision to attack. There was no reason to fight him, there was no reason to punch him, it felt like the right thing to do but for some reason, a reason that couldn’t quite be comprehended by the likes of a broken man, there were hints of guilt but that couldn’t have been it could it. He would perform the same ritual mother did, he leaned the nameless child against the tree exposed his neck. Shame, this was just a young man on his own with his entire life ahead of him. Could he really do this? There was no risk to his form but if he made a mistake or slipped up in the slightest he could accidentally killed him. Then again would it even be an accident?

With alcohol in hand he dampened a cotton swab from his pocket and rubbed down the sleeping other’s neck. “Just like she did it…” he leaned in closing his eyes, there was so much heat between them… Why was it getting hotter? This made no sense, he shouldn’t have been getting nervous! Sweat seeped down his forehead as he opened his maw and clamped down on his neck with no hesitation. This was it. With his fangs piercing the tender flesh of his victim Kenny began to feed the best he could, blood was seeping out of the wounds and into Omega’s mouth. There was a lot, it felt like a lot, but once he finished and reeled back he wiped his mouth and spat on the grass next to them.

He would take care of this one, it was the least he could do. With a cotton swab he rubbed down his neck cleaning up the excess spit and blood around the holes.  After cleaning he applied a bandage. They were both a little dirty, Kenny’s black suit had tinges of blood on it anyway.

After patching him up Kenny realized what he had done. “No… No, no, no…” he fell back as he backed away. “No, how could I? I’m so sorry…” shaking fingers touched his lips looking for mess, it was there. He looked down at his fingertips, blood was there, not his own but his victims. He stared at them not expecting an answer, his eyes were welling with tears. How could he have thrown away his morality like this? This was another person and he just… He just attacked them like they were nothing, an animal, live stock.

Gripping the sides of his head he would stare wide eyed at them, he was feeling guilty for his crime and rightfully so.  “You should have ran…” he mumbled under his breath, “You should have just left! That’s what everyone does to me anyway! They always just leave me!” no, it wasn’t guilt, It was rage  latent rage being pent up and held down for too long now.

“Now look at you! You’re sitting here probably fucking dead because you wouldn’t leave.” he barked down at him, “Why do people waste their time with me huh? Why? I always just hurt everyone who gives me a goddamn chance!” he stood up now, hunched over as he barked with clenched fist, he got back on his knees and stared at the motionless cattle. His eyebrows furrowed as he glared daggers at them rage in his eyes, “I pushed away the only ever person to ever love me for me, because I was so fucking selfish! I wanted to change for you,  loved you, but I just wasn’t enough for you was I? I wasn’t what you saw me as, what you wanted me to be. Was I just a free ride? Is that why you got bored of me?” he asked as he leaned in with curious eyes and twisted grin, “Well? Is that it? Were you bored of me? Well it’s okay that you’re gone! It’s okay, because I will rebuild myself and I won’t let myself be distracted by you anymore!” he chuckled as he crawled up to Sage with a eerie smile, “You will never be a footnote in my story because I did love you! I wanted the best for you! I would have killed for you! I committed crimes for you and then you leave me without a goodbye?! Are you serious?!” he punched the ground, “Why did you leave me though? Was it the dog? I could have taken care of him. Our last night together was so magical b-but you left me.”

He was talking so damn much, his crime combined with his emotions seemed to finally boil the pot of his mind over and now the stove was burning, “Don’t worry though, like I said I will rebuild Kenny Omega, I’ll redesign Kenny Omega, and I will make my claim as one of the strongest Fiore has to offer without you Alyssa!” Kenny caught himself, was he yelling at them? Was his mind really going? He felt… Relief from all of the yelling, though the person getting yelled at didn’t deserve this ire.

“Forgive me... “ he laughed to himself, “Just had a bit of… Therapeutic yelling.” he crawled next to them and continued to laugh, “Hey wake up will ya?” he took Sage’s right hand gripping his index finger in his right and left hand and snapped it like a twig. That should wake them up, just a broken finger.

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#9Sage † 

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Sage †

It was like electric, electricity running through his body from his finger to his brain. Sage could feel his brain starting up again and Sage opened his eyes and inhaled a large amount of air as if he havent breathed for a long time. A second after that he felt pain, extreme pain from his index finger, as if something broke it. Sage could also feel warmth, someone was holding his hand. He tilted his head to his side and saw a man he saw before with the sharp teeth, he could also see blood in his hands and now it is sticking in his hands too. Sage was shocked beyond words, his body is triggered and Sage backed away, with his hands in front of him as if something was about to attack him.

Then Sage could feel a little pain from his neck, like a giant ant just bit him, he place his hand up to his neck where it hurts and noticed a bandage over there. Which made him very confused with what's going. The he remembered that the mysterious man knocked him, "W-What happened?!" Sage shouted, confused and angry at the same time, "Who are you?", "Why's there blood all over your hand? and why did you break my finger?!"


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He didn’t hear a word Kenny said… Shame, it was a nice dramatic little dialogue. The breaking of the finger woke him up, but not convinced that he was in the right state of mind, Kenny broke another one of his fingers, the middle one to be exact, to be exact, strange he felt different… Maybe all he needed was a good yell, “Calm down, take a nap.” Kenny would strike him again, this time with a punch across his jaw likely putting him to sleep just after he woke up. It was probably unhealthy for someone so young to sleep so much, but the dark haired male legitimately believed he needed the rest after the day he’s been having.

With his victim resting once again Kenny went through his pockets, “Alrighty Jimmy, what do you have for me? I have to charge you for patching you up after all… How much do you have hm?” he tilted his head as he patted down the boy’s pockets. “Here we go.” he had managed a bag of jewels, he was unsure how much there was but he would pocket it anyway, stand up and pick the kid up, slinging him over his shoulder. “Alright, let’s get you somewhere you can get some sleep yeah?” he carried him towards an abandoned building.

“Over here should do, the person who bit me did something like this.”

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Sage †

Sage was punched once again without any warning. But it doesnt feel that much pain as before. Sage could feel himself floating, he opened his eyes and all he see was white, then he realized that he is inside his own dream, he was wearing white clothing like what they wear in the hospital. Sage couldn't think about anything else about what happened that night.

He was punched twice by someone, he still remembered what he was going through before all that happened, he felt sad, sad about himself. He feel like he is worthless, he couldn't even put his guard up and fight like a man. Thinking back he is barely 15 which made him feel more worthless. He wished the man who punched him just kill him instead, at least he is a good punching bag. Sage started to cry, tears were falling from his eye, Sage could feel the water flowing on his cheek, maybe he was so sad that he cried in the real life. After a few moment, all he could see is black, maybe he is just sleeping.

Then he could feel his eyelid slowly opening, revealing the dark world. Sage don't know where he is, he is laying down somewhere, an abandoned building, and when he look around, he could see the person who punched him two times. He then noticed that his eyes r swollen a bit, maybe he did cried while he was knocked out. Sage doesn't want to react violently, he gave up, on everything.


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Kenny thought about what he was doing, he, a grown man attacked a defenseless child. Well were they really defenseless? They had the nerve to be on their own out here, surely they knew the consequences for weakness. Kenny was weak himself, but he found a way to become a bit stronger, a little louder and a bit more competitive with others. He couldn’t fight most mages but he could handle his own.

He tossed the kid onto a mattress in the place. Nothing special as he cracked his knuckles and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment. He wasn’t gonna turn this guy that was for sure, but all of the yelling and thinking helped him clear some mental blockage so the least he would do is make sure no one preyed on him before leaving. Without much hesitation he straightened the kids head and rested it on the filthy pillow no doubt left but one of the home’s former patrons.

To think, Kenny Omega in a trap house… Though given all of the stains this could have been a brothel… Ew. Either way after getting the kid straight and giving him his jewels back and straightening his jacket. “Sorry I punched you.” he turned his back to him, “Your jewels are on the mattress and clean yourself up..” he walked towards the door, “If you’re gonna be out here you should be ready for people to fuck you up.” he walked out of the room and into the night.


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#13Sage † 

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Sage †
Sage woke up, the light of dawn can be seen not far away from him. He tried to remember what happened and where he is, he looked around, it seemed like an old abandoned building with only walls ceilings and floors and nothing more. Sage noticed a wallet not far from where he is and noticed that it was his, he snatched it as fast as he can or something might happen to his precious money.

Sage then tracked back what really happened last night, he was attacked, by something not human. Sage then noticed a bite mark on his neck, he was bitten, bitten by something big, and it cant be an insect, the holes are too large and too far away from one another. Sage rose from his position and walked into the outside world. The smell of nature brought his mind calmness and tranquillity. Sage lifted his head and his eye meets with the sky, it was clear, light blue was the color of the sky and white puffy clouds decorated it. Birds can be seen flying south, winter is coming, and Sage must get ready, to face the world once more. Sage remembered that he was grieving about his life, he must get tough, and face it all maturely.


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