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Manji Shrine Locations

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#1Chisu Lau Manji 

Manji Shrine Locations Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:05 pm

Chisu Lau Manji
Manji Shrine Locations 0-10
To pray at these shrines, please light the lantern, or place a lit candle around the stone lantern. After your post, please exit.

Please bow, however it is not required. On this shrine it is apparent to honor a single god who's name has been long weathered away.
Generalization of God:
The name of this god has been weathered away by time. The name that was inscribed on many of these stone lanterns and altars are unreadable,
or in an old language. Few will be able to read, and even less will understand the god's given title.

To those that heard of this Nameless God, will know that this is a god of second changes and of destined opportunities. It is rumored that the god will one day return. Some refer to this god as Great Nameless, The No-Name God, Forgotten God, or simply, just as Nameless God.

Commonly, people simply come to this shrine to see if it really exists. It's said that even those who don't honor the god, even if they close their eyes and bow to the shrine, will leave the area with a clear mind and relaxed.

Baska : Link

Crocus : Yukirochisu Plaque & Shrine

Dahlia : [Temple]

Era : [Link]

Hargeon : [Link]

Magnolia : ???

Marigold : [Link]

Nanuq : [Link]

Oak : [Link]

Oberon : Link

Orchidia Town : Marble Shrine

Sieghart Mountains :[Link]

Tenrou Island : ???

Vernus : ???

Worth Woodsea : [Link]

Manji Shrine Locations Mo5r9

If you do not wish to make a prayer,
you may set up a meeting with a "Manji Shrinemaiden" the Manji will be at random. You will be requested to preform a spell before them in return for either enlightenment or some form of knowledge.

If this is for a siggy, a single cast will result in a static signature. Three casts will result in a gif.

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