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Interrogation Tactics {Quest: Lucian}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Interrogation Tactics {Quest: Lucian} Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:35 am

Lucian V. Crimson
Usually, riff-raff and mischief were things that I rather not choose to be apart of in instances such as this. But unfortunately, money wasn't something I was willing to beg for nor what I was willing to steal for. So I might as well work it. Even if the person that I am working for and that is giving this money is one of the fouler folk of the city. But one must not judge, though how Mother would feel about dealing with those of the underbelly doesn't really help make this any easier on my conscience nor my nerves. Especially considering that this boss may ask me to take a life. And that will not happen.  So should tonight end in a peculiar fashion with having to have two gangs after me for trouble, I guess it will have to be for the right cause.

Besides, with the lack of light on these streets, there is a strong chance that there is gonna be trouble waiting even before tonight's festivities begin.

"So you gonna come out or do you have to keep walking behind me with those atrociously loud shoes. Besides no ones around. Let's just get this over with. "

For a gang member, this man was surprisingly well dressed, which was definitely ruined by the mess of hair that sat on top of his head. The half sneer half grin that adorned his face seemed to translate to a feeling of superiority. A feeling I will not hesitate to snuff out. Along with his walk of confidence and the jewelry, it won't be a stretch to say that this guy feels like he runs this town. Even though he clearly has no idea or clue that there are powers he will never grasp to understand. Or should I say, powers he will most likely always refuse to understand?  

"We all can't just turn invisible like the rest of ya hocus pocus runts. Pulling rabbits out of hats and such. Some of us have to be a little bit more cunning, calculated, and mindful. "

His tone. He has such a condescending attitude. But then again when facing the uncertain and the unexplained people fear what they don't understand. They put on these facades and fronts like they're stronger than their fear when in actuality it is written all over that they're terrified. I can tell by his eyes and the way he sticks his chest out that he's trying to put on a front. One like that of a scared child in front of the darkness or a young man preparing to say I do to the woman of his dreams. Scared and afraid of the unknown.

"I do not pull rabbits out of hats, but you do have a point. Those who are too weak to doing anything truly must be extra careful. I mean considering that your boss hired me to do the job instead of you or some of ya buddies. So what does that say about you? But enough with that. Let us get this over with like I said. I have things to do and money to get. "

The spit from his mouth hit the ground with an audible splat. It betrayed him and it only revealed his disgust with the idea that his boss did not think him capable of getting information that they needed. Typical spoiled folk.

"Follow me to the building. Put this on Rabbit Boy. "

A fail attempt at an insult was clearly a reflection of his own shortcomings indeed. And this mask. I guess it was meant to hide my more distinct features to prevent them from having a readily available suspect to link back to them.

The building was a rather dull shade of grey and the dingy sort of rundown construct that would fit well to the task that was at hand. The men inside were brutes if that was the most that could be said about them in good light. They sat confidently and yet they slouched. Some had dirty and uneven clothing and the room smelled like a psychotic mixture of heavy cologne, sweat, and body odor. Disgusting indeed.

"Alright Boss said to get the necessary information from the guy. None of that flashy boom stuff. Nothing mystical just your fist and also no mentioning that you are with us. We don't want it getting back to us got it. Rabbit Boy. "

These were rather simple directions. Easily followed. But yet...

"What happens to this man after I get the necessary information? Will he be killed? "

His snort and the chuckles in the room that followed were not something that I wanted to hear. I could easily take down this guy. The one by the far wall might get his weapon out before I could get to him but other than that they will be easy work.

"What's it to you? Huh? Did you get a soft spot now? "

I think it is definitely fair to say the cologne was coming from this guy. Jeez.

"Because then you all will be the ones getting broken tonight, and my magic is on the table for that. "

The shock in their eyes was evident, it was almost hilarious to watch their pathetic attempts at looking scruffy and imposing. But just like their friend here they couldn't help but accept the fate of life.

"Boss says he's just going to be dump outside alive and knocked out. Happy? "


The door to the other room swung open and the man sat in the middle of the room. His hands and feet bound to a wooden chair,  by rope. His clothing was wrinkled and singed with dirt. His hair was a mess and he looks slightly beaten and judging by the look on his face he was resilient for them anyway.

"You are not as big as the last one. Running out of guys to beat my ass huh. "

Feisty and resistant, filled with life for the most part. I'm glad he will be keeping that after all.

"You're not a talker huh, and is that black mask supposed to scare me huh?! I ain't talking. I'm not giving up a thing pipsque,  AH!"

A punch to the rib cage, directly along the bone, it should not have fractured but that will be a rather nice bruise for a nice while.

"What is going on with the family. "

His eyes were wild, reminiscent of those of a caged animal desperate to be released and kill its captor in a fit of bestial rage.

"Suck my- AH!"

A strike along the same spot, this time though on the second rib I do not want to fracture a rib yet, I want him to get out of this relatively healthy.

"No need to draw this out. "

"Huh, ha, ha, you talking about drawing this out. And yet here you guys have kept me locked up for I don't know how long. Let me go. Cause I ain't talking. Besides Boss will kill me if he finds out I ratted. And I rather take licks from you guys instead. "

Resistant person indeed, I see why the brought me in. Mm, I guess I'll just have to put some more effort into this.

"I respect your guts. Yah. "

His stomach seemed to collapse against under my boot. I could hear the audible whoosh as the air began to leave him. A nice kick to gut to get the wind out of his big blowing sails. The chair fell backward and hit the ground with a solid thud. His head slapping against the back of the chair.

This was not fun and I really hope I didn't crack one of those ribs from earlier though more than likely if he keeps this up I will have to. His gasp for air was like that of a helpless man drowning in a large sea. Fighting futilely for breath that might never come, though in this case, they would be painful labored breathes from the pain in his ribs.

His coughing and spurting showed his struggle to breathe. And his face was softer this time around than from earlier.

"Ah Ah. My ribs. I can't..ah brea..breathe. "

"Yes I know. And trust me. I don't want to have to do that again."

He was easy to pick up considering I thought he would be extremely more heavy with the chair.


"Man.... ssss. Ah... I'm a dead man, either way, huff... I guess. Look. It's a cash transport going down next week tah. The drop is going to happen here in oak. "

Now we are definitely getting somewhere with this. Now let's bring this home.

"Where in oak?"

His eyes lit up with fear, and he seemed to almost become defiant again. But I could feel it. He wanted to fight and strike back. But at the end of it all, he was gonna be at the mercy of fate.

"Its... along a forgotten trade route. The old road that runs alongside sivally street.  Just finish me, man. "

Job complete. And I can get out of here and not deal with this again.

"That is not for me to do. Also luckily for you my friend you will not be dying. Besides you can assure your boss you didn't talk and then skip town. Start a new life. You have enough of it left. "

His head dropped down, he's definitely out. That pain can be a very taxing thing.

Thank goodness. I can take this hot thing off and cast off this disgusting thing. Besides I need to take a shower, I feel soiled.

The men in the room perked up like eager puppies and the look on their faces was one of smug confidence or doubt. I can't really tell. But it doesn't matter.

"So did you not get the info like expected. "

"The drop is next week, on a forgotten trade route that runs along the sivally street. Now my jewels. "

The sound of the money in the bag was sound to my ears, I didn't have the desire to count it right now. Besides if they did end up shorting me, then they would deeply regret it.

"Damn Rabbit Boy I didn' think you had it in ya. "

"Well, then you should learn to read deeper. And next time you call me rabbit boy. I will break all your ribs instead of just two like I did that man. "

The night air was refreshing from the musty rooms. And with money in my pocket, I can do like my friend and get to travelling. I'm sure I don't want to be here when next week comes. Besides, a change of scenery is going to be nice.


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Interrogation Tactics {Quest: Lucian} Qhre37u


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