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Ex's Closet [Quest: Seira]

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Seira strolled through Hargeon Town during the middle of the day, the weather was decent and there were quite a few people on the streets. She carried some bags along with her and while this was a rather unusual sight, the vampire had gone shopping for what felt like the first time in forever. Autumn was here and she definitely needed a few winter clothes that provided warmth and comfort during bad weather and while today was still sunny, you could never know how it would be like within the next week or so. The streets were crowded and the vampire made her way through Hargeon square without any issues. She stopped by a coffee shop after a while and decided to get something to snack on and something to drink before continuing. She had no other plans for today but decided to spent more time outside just to see who or what she was going to run into. Seira was always, in a way, looking for jobs and although she had gathered a decent amount of money for now, the vampire still felt as if it could be more and therefore she was always going to check on potential jobs around the area. After finishing her meal she returned to the house she had rented in the suburban part of Hargeon to put all of her belongings down. She figured that she would take care of the laundry later and stepped back outside. After walking through the alley for a while she noticed the sound of feet following up behind her.

The vampire turned around and saw a man, perhaps in his mid thirties, seemingly following her. He seemed a bit uncertain at first and although he hadn’t said anything yet, Seira could tell by his appearance that he most likely meant trouble. He turned around to check if anyone else was around and then approached the vampire slowly, with his hands up in front of his chest, indicating that he meant no harm. “Can I help you with something?” She asked the man and crossed her arms in front of her chest. “Yes, actually. You are a wizard, right? I have heard from others that you.. take jobs and I have something for you.” Seira perked up and nodded slowly at him. She was never opposed to taking work, even if it was from random strangers. For as long as they offered her money and it was nothing too difficult or dangerous, she would do it. “Yes, what do you need? And how much are you willing to give?” He looked around again, as if he was worried that someone was listening to them. “So, you see, me and my girl Brittany broke up. It’s fine, we will get over it and all that, but we aren’t on good terms and I forgot something very important at her place. Can’t ask her about it, she won’t hand it over, even less let me in. I need someone to retrieve that item for me!”


Ex's Closet [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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Seira rolled her eyes. “Really? That’s all you need? Are you sure you couldn’t just ask her?” He shook his head vehemently. “No, besides, I am going to pay you 25,000 Jewels if you break into her place and get the box for me? Deal?” Seira quickly nodded. “Sure, what exactly does it look like and is there anything I need to consider?” Seira didn’t have any issues with breaking into a random stranger’s place for some money, she had done so before and she could make it look as she had never even been there in first place. Maxwell then began explaining. “Alright, listen. Her apartment isn’t far from her, about ten minutes down the street. Anyways, there aren’t any cameras there or anything so you don’t need to worry about that, but there is a dog and he’s a little beast. He barks and bites and you have to get him to shut up before looking for a yellow box, that’s what I need. It’s about this big,” he showed her with his hands and then pointed into a direction. “I will wait here for you, but don’t hurt the dog!” Seira nodded and he gave her the address to Brittany’s apartment. Seira didn’t have any problems with dogs so she figured this wouldn’t be a problem either. Getting into Brittany’s apartment was rather easy, she opened the door with a hair needle and entered the place quietly. Due to her appearance, there was nothing suspicious about it and when Seira closed the door, she quickly noticed a very tiny, adorable looking dog.

He started barking a bit, but she calmed him down by throwing a ball and pretending to play with him. Seira was fairly good with animals and after throwing a ball around every now and then and then petting the dog, he was no longer barking and seemed fine. He was quite adorable and not vicious at all, like Maxwell had described. She made sure to throw a ball around every now and then to keep the little dog busy while Seira started searching the apartment for a small, yellow box. She looked through the kitchen, then the bathroom but there was nothing to be found. Next was the living room where Brittany stored quite a few boxes, but none was small or yellow. She also looked through the closets in the living room and the shelves but eventually moved on to the bedroom. Brittany was still at work so the vampire had plenty of time, but she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible so she could go back into the city and continue shopping. The last stop was the woman’s closet in her bedroom and that was, of course, also where Seira found the hidden yellow box. She had no clue what was inside, but she didn’t exactly care either. She grabbed the box and left the apartment and the dog behind, closing the door quietly as she left. She walked back down the streets and returned to Maxwell, who was waiting. She handed him the box and he rewarded her in return.


Ex's Closet [Quest: Seira] LqKLdpe

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