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Ex's Closet [Quest : Odin]

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#1Odin † 

Ex's Closet [Quest : Odin] Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:33 am

Odin †

If there was one thing Odin hated more than being poor, it was knowing that the only way to get money and stop being poor was to do some else's dirty work. Not in the fun way of someone needing someone else killed and you were the hitman. No, that would be far too easy for Maxwell Buscon, and much too interesting for the street thug. Instead, he wanted Odin to do something much, MUCH more boring and mundane. Even worse than breaking a poor old man's house to send a message, that had at least been fun in some way, as it allowed Odin to unleash his magical powers and burn the place to the ground, or at least the contents of the place, but this had no outlet for magical ability, and barely had any interesting aspects of it at all, as Odin stood in front of the thug that thought he was a god. Maxwell Buscon, with his stupid haircut and annoying personality, was currently describing to Odin what it was that he needed to do, and boy was it lack lustre.

"I'm so glad you're here, you really did a number on that old man's house last time. People are terrified of me in the streets for fear I'll burn their homes to ash. But this is a much more important job, and I need you to approach it with a bit more stealth than your last job. I need you to..." He trailed off and went silent for a moment, before coming closer and dropping his voice to a whisper, "I need you t-to break into my ex girlfriend's place and steal something for me. I'd completely forgotten I'd left it there until the other day, and it's very important to me. It's in a little yellow box, probably in the bottom of her wardrobe. I'd go do it myself, I'm not scared you know, but she has this dog, if you can even call it that. It's a monstrous being from the depths of hell and it can recognise my scent, which would alert her to my presence almost instantly. This is why I need you."


If not for the fact that Odin had been looking his client directly in the eye during their conversation, his own eyes would have rolled so far back into his head that he probably would have died there and then. He knew Maxwell was a unique sort of person, and Odin used that term very loosely, but this was just ridiculous, being too scared to go to your ex girlfriend's house to collect something that was actually yours in the first place. However, this strange animal that the girlfriend seemed to possess did interest Odin, as it meant that he might be able to have a bit of fun and defeat a monstrous beast. Of course he wouldn't be able to kill it, due to the fact that he couldn't make it obvious that he'd been there, but there were other ways to go about it.


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Odin †

When Maxwell had mentioned the presence of a 'terrifying beast from hell' Odin had gotten rather excited. He was expecting a monster, like what was described, maybe a fabled Cerberus: a three headed dog that was more ferocious than any wolf that had existed, or perhaps a hell hound that spat fire and hid in darkness, ripping its victims to shreds. Something only heard in fairy tails that had to be defeated, through great difficulty, by the hero in the story. Something that seemed invincible until one put their mind to it and found a specific weakness that could be exploited for the hero to save the day and claim his reward. He had been told it was a monstrous beast from the depths of hell which, to Odin, suggested that he had a big fight to deal with very soon, and he couldn't wait. He was ready, and he was expecting all of Hargeon to tremble as he fought.

What he didn't expect to find, sitting outside the house Odin was directed to, was a minuscule, useless animal that proved, despite how much Odin wanted to believe otherwise, that Maxwell Buscon was a complete coward and a fake, to be terrified of such an insignificant beast, and so he'd sent Odin to get into the house and pacify the beast to do so in his stead. Whatever he had said about the scent was probably somewhat true, but it was much more likely that he just was scared of dogs, or more specifically, his ex girlfriend's dog, that Odin now had to think of a way to get past.

As he moved closer to the dog, Odin dropped low to try and seem less imposing to the small creature, holding out his hand in a friendly gesture to allow the dog to come closer to him, which it did. It sniffed his hand for a moment, before snuggling into it and Odin, jumping onto his lap as he sat down to pet it, making sure it was happy -which he noted by its constantly waggling tail- before continuing onward in his quest, and entering the house. It took a few moments of looking but eventually Odin found the wardrobe in question, and opened it to reveal a strange assortment of garments, both for public appearances and much more...private moments. Ignoring what he saw, Odin searched the bottom of the wardrobe and found, just where Maxwell had suggested it would be, was a yellow box. Not caring much for Maxwell, and due to the box not being properly sealed, Odin opened it to see its contents. Horrified at seeing many photos of Maxwell Buscon naked in various terrible poses, Odin sealed the box before leaving the house, giving the cute dog one more pet and snuggle before he did so. He would never be able to mention to his guild mates what had happened with the dog, but it didn't matter now as he returned to Maxwell, handing him the box and receiving his pay, leaving once again in the hopes of never meeting the dreadful thug again.


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