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Disenchanted Potion [Quest | Yami]

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Disenchanted Potion [Quest | Yami] Empty on Sun Oct 01, 2017 1:47 am

A loud yawn could be heard around the Phantom Lord Guild. Where exactly was the yawn coming from, why the very top of the building. Lying on the roof top with his back to a wall was a towering mage over seven feet in height with long black hair, dressed in a formal suit called Yami. The wind mage was lazing about under the warmth of the sun, eyes opened half way with bangs coming down from his forehead covering the majority of his rough facial features. The wind mage raised his right hand pushing the bangs aside revealing his deep grey hues that would pierce into ones soul. The wind mage rolled his neck and began to rise, placing his hands on nearby supports to steady himself on the guild roof top. The mage began making his way towards the edge of the roof top and came to a halt as the tips of his feet rested on the edge. He leaned forward slightly, keeping his balance and looked down at the ground beneath him, over ten meters down.  The wind mage rubbed the back of his neck as he craned it up to look up to the sky. He had not long ranked up going from a pitiful D rank mage to a C rank mage. He was still just a tiny flea on the scale of magic but at least he was progressing. Yami felt no need to rush things and was moving at his own pace, but at least now he had a better control over his own magical energy and could use stronger spells.

The wind mage extended his right leg as if walking forward and held it in the air, keeping a perfect balance. The mage then dropped falling from the roof. He strained his legs out into a pin drop as he descended towards the ground. His eyes were half open but he was wide awake as he fell the short distance. When he was two meters from the ground a gust of wind blew underneath him slowing his descent as he landed in a perfect standing position just outside the guild wall. Being a wind mage had its perks. Something as simple as stopping his descent was easy enough for the towering wind mage.

Yami looked around deciding what he should do. Earlier that day when he had gone to buy a few thing he had run into Doctor Stephan Mabuz. The dear doctor had asked to hire the wind mage for a quest. The mage was a little tentative but with a sigh walked off in the direction of Mabuz's shop. The doctor had told Yami to come to his shop after midday if he wanted the job. Walking through the streets it wouldn't take the mage long to arrive. Pushing the door open and bending down, being so tall had its negatives as you had to watch you didn't hit your head when walking into store shops and houses. The wind mage looked around for the doctor spotting him by the counter.

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Walking up to Mabuz, Yami leant against the bench and looked the overweight crazy doctor in the eye. "What was it you needed me to do for you doc. And please don't be something lame like gathering information about a snitch." Barked out the wind mage as he grabbed a nearby knife and spun it between his fingers with a bored expression on his devilish handsome features. The mage gave a yawn as he than sat on the counter. The doctor merely gave him a once over before he started to explain. "You see what I'm hiring you for is to assist me in the creation of a magical potion. This particular potion can be used to drastically increase ones own magical reserves, but it is marked as illegal by the magical council. It's not the potions effects so to speak that make it illegal but the rare ingredients used to make it." Explained the dear doctor as he spun around on his chair before coming to a halt. "Anyone who is caught making this particular potion will face penalties, jail time. Perhaps even execution. The same goes for anyone caught assisting in its creation, they will face jail time. Knowing this do you still wish to take this quest, I won't blame you if you back out." added the doctor before opening a nearby draw and removing a candy bar. He unwrapped the chocolate bar and took a bite as he waited on Yami's response.

The wind mage frowned as he adorned a thinking pose. It was not like he was afraid of Jail time, hell helping out on an illegal potion was nothing compared to his other works. Yami after all was a mass murder and rapist. Even if no one knew his face if he was ever caught it was most likely he would be hanged or be decapitated, maybe even given the electric chair or a lethal injection for the things he had done. What was he afraid of. A little jail time was nothing besides he could find a way to break out after all he was an incredibly smart young man. The wind mage snorted and looked the doctor in the eyes. "I'm not afraid of a little jail time. I'll take the quest, just tell me what it is you want me to do and I will do it without question."

Mabuz smiled at the words of the mage and put his chocolate bar down. "What i want is the first ingredient. It comes from an endangered species of lizard called the Green Spine. As its name the lizard has a number of green spines on is back but is also the size of a newborn baby. They frighten easy and rarely get into conflicts. What I need is the tail of the lizard. Find a way to capture it or kill it, I don't particularly care all I want is its tail. Get me that tail and I will pay you a handsome sum of money for it."

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Yami waved his left hand in the direction of the doctor after he had explained the details of the quest. "Don't be so worried doctor. I can handle this for you. Just wait here and I will be back with the ingredient you need. Just tell me where it is I can find this lizard of yours." Retorted the wind mage, he wasn't worried about finding this creature. He could handle some lizard, surely it would be that difficult. Yami had handled a lot in his time and no lizard the size of some newborn baby would cause him any trouble. He was exceedingly confident in his own skills as a mage. He has a small arsenal of spells that he was effective at using and with the sylph sect book tucked under his left arm inside his suit, he could continue to cast his wind spells without worry as the book canceled out the cooldown of his spells allowing him to use them immediately. Of course that only worked on D class spells he wasn't sure about C and up as he hadn't the magic power to create such spells, yet but he eventually would.

"Very well. You can find the Green Spine Lizard deep in the oak forest. It often lounges on large stone rocks while basking in the warmth of the sun to warm up its body, seeing as its cold blooded." The doctor scrounged around in a draw and eventually retrieved a photo. He slid it over to Yami showing the mage a picture of the lizard. Yami accepted the photo and looked over it. Once he memorised the image he handed it back and tucked his hands in his pockets. "I'll head off then. I will return as soon as possible." The wind mage turned on his heels and walked out of the magic shop, making his way through the streets of oak towards the front gates. It was a boring day so there weren't many gathered at the gates, meaning Yami would have an easy time going out.

Yami approached one of the guards and greeted him, "Salutations my good man. Yami of Phantom Lord heading out to do a little exploration and monster culling on behalf of the guild." Yami removed his id from his suit jacket and showed it to the guard. The guard waved yami through letting him depart through the gates. The mage thanked the towns guard, and departed walking down th road that would lead him towards the surrounding forest. The wind mage dug into his suit on the left side and removed the green sylph sect book of his. The book glowed and began to float around Yam imbuing him with a mystical power. Yami didn't know how strong this lizard would be so he would have to be at the top of his game. He wasn't going to underestimate it. As soon as he spotted the lizard, he would sneak up behind it and begin bombarding it with his spells before attempting to remove its tail.  

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Yami left the gates of oak, making his way down the road where he entered the forest of oak. He pushed aside branches and shrubs following a path deep into the forest. He didn't know when he would find this Green Spined Lizard, he just knew he had to find it before nightfall. The wind mage slashed the air firing blades of wind to cut down branches and slice away trees making a clear path through the air. With a wave of a hand he summoned strong gusts of wind to push away shrubs. He walked a clear path as he headed deeper and deeper into the forest. Any wild animal or beast he came across he would take care of with a slash of a wind firing a blade of wind at their neck cutting into tissue and decapitate them. With his sylph sect he didn't have to worry about recharging his spells.

Yami make his way again deeper into the forest. Time ticked away and before he knew it he had spent close to four hours alone in this forest surrounding oak looking for some rare lizard. The wind mage pushed a tree branch aside and came to a halt as he saw an open clearing. In the middle of the clearing was a large rock, from above the canopy was a large hole that at this time of day allowed sunlight to shine from directly above, warming the giant rock up. Lazing atop the rock was a large lizard the size of a new born baby with a number of sharp green spines on its back. The mage approached quietly moving to behind the lizard. The creature was asleep, eyes closed as it snoozed atop the rock. Yami moved until he was only five meters from the lizard.

Yami raised his right hand to the sky and before the lizard knew it blades of wind rained down from the sky at its location covering a one meter diameter area. The wind blades rained down slamming into the lizard and cutting up at its flesh. The lizard awoke with a start and cried out in pain. Yami kicked off the ground and a gust of wind exploded out from beneath him launching him forward. Yami covered the distance and slashed his left hand down as he came from the left of the beast's behind. A blade of wind shot forward through the air slicing through the base of the lizards tail slicing it off. The lizard shrieked and ran off disappearing into the surrounding forest. Yami didn't care he had what he needed. The mage collected the tail, pocketing it and left the forest. He followed his path back into town, greeting the guards as he did before making a beeline towards the doctor's shop. Yami walked in and placed the tail down on the counter followed by demanding his money. Mabuz threw a stack of jewels down bound by a paper band. Yami grabbed the money and pocketed in his jacket before thanking Mabuz for the work. The mage turned and left heading back to the guild as he desired a cold beer.

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