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Captain's Rum[Caius]

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It was another time for a mission in the town of Hargeon for Balthazar Barbossa who was a pirate that helped with all the smuggling that was going in the town with another client that he worked with. Caius would then head to the Hargeon Docks and he would meet the client Balthazar Barbossa and then he would go and he would make sure to get to the location quick. It was a nice day in Hargeon that was sunny out but it still had a cold breeze as it was fall now and it wasn't summer anymore so it was still a nice day all in all. There were leaves falling from trees and there was a bunch of yellow leaves adn there was a bunch of red trees and there was a bunch of green ones still that had yet to change color at all. Caius would walk by through the park which was the quickest ways to reach the docks and once he had arrived there he would keep on going and then he would go and then he would see Balthazar Barbossa standing there and he was looking at the ships that were in the port so he would walk up to Balthazar Barbossa and see what he would have to do today to get his paycheck for his dark antics. It seems that a transport was needed to go out very quickly as it wasn't on time anymore and he would have to go out now to make the shipment of the smuggled goods. Once that was completed then it would be easy for them.

Balthazar Barbossa woudl pull out a bottle of rum and then he would show it to Caius. IT was from Reagan who was the lead smuggler and it was a very fine brand. He then would open up the bottle and then he would lift it up to Caius' face and let him smell it. It was very strong and it was very good aroma and anyone would be happy to have that as a reward as it was a very high quality type of alchohol. He then would give it to Caius to use as the pirates around the docks would be tempted by the flavor of this rum. Balthazar Barbossa was a pirate his hwole life so he knew how the shit went down and knew the weak points if they ever need infiltration. Balthazar Barbossa told him that the pirate captain was there on the docks and Caius could use it on him. Once you had the trust of the captain, the rest of the pirates wouldn't give him any trouble as he went to complete the mission. Caius would take the bottle and he would put it in his pocket and then would head out to the docks with the large pirate ship. Caius was stopped by some of the pirates but he told them that he had a gift for the captain. Caius headed on to the boat and would head to the captains quarters.


Hi I'm Caius

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Caius went into the room and immediately the captain was suspicious of him. You could tell there was a bad vibe going on right off the bat that had to be defused. It was a good thing that Caius had the rum in his pocket. He reached back and then would pull out the bottle of the old and rare rum to show off to the captain. Caius would explain it was a gift from one of the smugglers and gave it over on the captains table. the captain looked pleased and he would grab the rum hasitly. He would reach over and pop off the top of the rum and then he would lift up the bottle and then he would drink the rum. He let out a happy sigh after he had taken a swig of the alcohol and then would slam the bottle down. He told Caius that it hit the spot and he would help him out now. the captain would tell him about a job that needed done to help them out so they could get the transport gonig so they would be able to smuggle those goods out. Apparently there was a man Maxwell Buscon that was outside of the docks near the warehouses in the docks and he had a package that would help them leave the port unoticed. IT was filled with smoke bombs and they could use the smoke bombs to make a smoke screen and then they would be able to leave undetected. IT was on Caius to go pick up the bag so they woudl be able to do the next part of the plan and that way they would be able to do the mission and smuggle out the goods.

Caius would get off the boat and then he would head down the docks and would be at the outskirts of the docks and would look for Maxwell Buscon. he was a thug that was a bigger man and had a black cloak and he had a red shirt usually with his gang symbol on it and he had a bunch of blond busy hair. He wouldn't be that hard to miss. Caius would go around the side of the warehouse that the captain told him about and then he would see the man waiting that had a bad at his feet. That had to be the goods that they needed. Caius walked over and waved at him. Maxwell Buscon seemed alarmed but Caius would tell him that he shouldn't be afraid as he was part of a dark guild and was doing the quest to smuggle the goods out of here. Maxwell Buscon would calm down and would show him the bag of the smoke bombs. He opened up the case and there was enough here to cover up the whole docks and make sure nobody would be able to see those boats. Caius was a bout to grab it but a loud whistle would blow. It was the fuckign rune knights busting up the deal they were doing. There were a lot of rune knight pigs so they both took off in different directions. Caius would have to circle back and get the bag of the smoke bombs.


Hi I'm Caius

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The rune knights were on his tail and telling him to halt. Caius luckily got a big head start and was very fast and was at a full sprint so they had ground to cover. Not to mention that he was in light clothing and that he would be able to move more while the guards had full armor on. He would cut around the warehouse and circle back. He hoped Maxwell Buscon was fast. The man was big so hopefully he didn't skip leg day and could run at sonic speed to get away. The guards were still on his trail but he was making some distance in between them. There seemed to be some type of fishing event going on at the docks in the meantime so there was a large crowd and that was when Caius had an idea. He would go and run to the event that was going on and then he would shove himself though the crowd and would go directly into the middle of them. After that the guard would have a hard time because theyw oudl have to push the poepol out of teh way and then they would get rowdy. Not only that but they could hurt the citizens too if they tried to use force to get to him. The slowly would search thorough the crowd but as they did Caius slowly weaved his way out of the crowd. He would then be at the edge of the crowd while the main force of the rune nights were in the middle. He was free from their tailign and then would be able to go and find Maxwell Buscon who had the smoke bombs that they needed for the mission and that way they would be able to smuggle the goods out of the town and complete the request from the client

Once the coast was clear, Caius would run in the direction that Maxwell Buscon had taken off to. That way he would be able to help him out. The rest of the docks was pretty clear so he would be able to keep on running and pick up his full speed to make up for lost time. Hopefully Maxwell Buscon was smart and didn't get caught yet. After about a minute or so of running he could hear the rune knights and the whistles they had as they were yelling at a burly blond man to drop the bag and surrender. Caius was in luck as he would run towards that sound and would make sure to help him out. Caius would then see the rune knights surrounding Maxwell Buscon and he had the bag in hand. The two of them made eye contact as Maxwell Buscon would fake a surrender and raise his hands. As the guards closed in, Maxwell Buscon would pick up the bag and would toss it towards Caius and it woudl land at his feet. Afterwards, Maxwell Buscon would get up and start running. The guards split up again and woudl chase the two of them with blazing speed. Caius would bend over and then eh would pick up the bag and then he would turn around and then he would start to run back. Since he had just ran that way, he knew the path very clearly and woudl be able to pick up to his full speed. His light clothing helped him run faster than the guards and they ate his dust. It was time to to lose them as he cut in and round all the warehouses. The bag wasn't that heavy so it didn't slow him down at all. Caius would then turn around and see that the coast was clear. He would head back to the captain ship. He went to the docks and he would see that the pirates would be nicer now that they gave the rum to his captain and would let him enter the ship without a hassle. He would walk up the plank to get on the boat and would head into the captains room and after that he would toss the bag on teh captains table. THe captain of the ship would then go through the bag and see there was plenty of smoke bombs to spare. He then would pull out a bag of jewels and toss it over to Caius. Much like the captain,he would coutn to make sure it was enought money. THe captain told him to leave as they now had a job to do with the bombs. Caius took the money and left to his hotel.


Hi I'm Caius

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