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Smuggler's Scheme[FIORA]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Smuggler's Scheme[FIORA] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:45 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
Another day in the Hargeon Docks and that was another day that Fiora would be doing a quest for the guild. She had been here for so long and there was so much shit to do that it would keep her busy for the next few days. Reagan Hullston was a man that she had met with the other day and he had a bunch of requests for the smuggling in the Hargeon port that were basic D rank quests so she would be able to do it with relative ease and that way she would get the infamy and she also would get the jewels and the experience from doing the quests. More trust with Reagan Hullston meant more smuggled goods to the guild because of all the dark connections. Fiora would be heading to the hargeon docks to meet Reagan Hullston and though she hated the water she was starting to get used to it after being there so often so she would then go and head out to the hargeon docks. She would meet Reagan Hullston and he would then tell her the details of the mission which were pretty basic stuff which all she would have to do is go to the docks and then she would have to go and distract the guards while the ship would prepare the smuggled goods and then take off with them and that way they would be able to do the things like bypass the inspection and then she would reward and Reagan Hullston would have his mission completed. This would be easy for as she was a master actress and she would be able to think of something and that way she would get the mission completed and then she would get the reward for distracting the port security.

Fiora would head to the docks and then she would go and see the security covering all the docks. There were about 5 of them assigned to each dock. Fiora would go and head to the dock that she was assigned to for the mission and would see that it was even more heavily guarded as there were about 10 guards on the port because it was a big shipment and there was a lot of stuff that was being processed through. Fiora would pull the sword out of her hip and would slash one of her arms. She was no stranger through pain and would walk out in front of all the guards and would be bleeding everywhere and would get the guards attention by screaming. "Please help there was this big brute nerd who attacked me and he's hurting other citizens" she would scream and then the guards would be distracted by her cry for help and would tend to her. The others would charge down the docks and they would make sure that they would apprehend the man that she made up completely on the spot. She would get up and say that she was fine and that she would go and she would then go to the nearest hospital and then she would go to the hospital and she would make sure she was fine. The guards let her go but the ship would take off while they were distracted and then they couldn't inspect it like the idiots they were and they would have the smuggled goods go off without the stander inspection. Fiora would head back to Reagan Hullston and would see the ship take off together. he was really pleased with all the work she had done so far as she was a very good dark guild member and she would be a master of completing missions in the future for him. HE would give her the reward and would also praise her for all the hard work she had come so far. He also would give her a badinage that he was carrying for hurting her arm for the mission that was to distract the guards and make sure she was ok. She would be an asset in the future for a bunch of missions so he wanted to make sure she was in top health. He headed off and Fiora went and did her own thin


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