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Sea Lines and Heat Waves.(Judina and Kon)

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#1Judina † 

Sea Lines and Heat Waves.(Judina and Kon) Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:19 pm

Judina †
It was different to be in a beach, It had been a long period of time since Judina had even seen one it was something almost alien to her even if it was just sand and water, But it was nice to walk along with peacefully even if slightly warm and sweaty. But Judina would deal with it for the most part.

How she would would be going along the various vendors along the beach and just getting something cold to drink, normally it would be simple to swim but Judina did not bring a swimsuit, So she would just deal with it for now and just enjoy the peace of the beach, walking slowly looking at the water with the thought of it being temping but she did not want to get her robe wet and had no spare clothing to change into anything other ideas she wouldn't do either, But until it was too hot for her she would be fine with her drink and the beach, passing along the groups of people playing an swimming around her.


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The time was now, the blonde mage needed to confront his fear or at least dislike towards the water and the beach would be the best bet for him to do so, plenty of people all around and lots of lifeguards to drag him out if he panicked in the cold ocean. As he would just be swimming and lounging about today, he was wearing a more casual attire than his regular suit and cape or robes, this attire instead consisted of just some simple khaki cargo pants and a loose half buttoned white shirt revealing his white glistening upper torso. His temporary residence wasn't too far from the beach itself so there weren't too many people surprised by his appearance apart from the occasional group of girls who blushed and giggled as he walked by. The walk itself was short as well and with the street absent from glass or any other sharp material he did so barefoot. Reaching the beach itself, he noticed a bunch of people all around save for in one area with just a single woman occupying the vast area. While not wanting to encroach upon her space but wanting to avoid the crowds he made his way towards her speaking to her as he did so. "Hi, yeah would you mind if I join you?, the rest of the beach is crowded as hell."

#3Judina † 

Sea Lines and Heat Waves.(Judina and Kon) Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:04 pm

Judina †
Quietly just listening to the noises in the background Judina just seemed to slowly gather, thinking now were she was now compare a few year a go it was vastly different she was in mountains, trees and vast bush, Her in such a past would not think she would be at a beach now and in the heat rather then slightly tame weather of the mountains and forest.

Being tuned out of everything around her for the moment Judina realized she was being spoken too, Then again she wouldn't mind it after all it was nice to speak to some one for once then just thinking to herself while walking around."By all means, You are welcome too."Judina said to him shortly after enjoying a small sip of her drink."I wouldn't blame you, large groups of people are not something I myself favor either."Judina said she would be welcoming to this company, she did feel a bit alone for once, Wondering how Waylon could do it or anyone at that but Judina was use to it so maybe she would question about it.

"Just so we are not strangers, My name is Judina, It is nice to meet you."
She mentioned she would turn her head to meet the person she was speaking to, Being taught to look at the person you are speaking too. She was trying to be a bit more welcoming this way too, It wasn't too annoying for the moment, she did not expect anything too to bug her here.


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Fortunately the darker haired woman agreed and welcome him to join her seeming to understand his dislike towards large groups, if not sharing it. Wishing to establish some sort of social repur between one and another she revealed herself as being Judina. Wanting to reply to the reveal he responded as he watched both the environment and the public. “People call me Kon as my full name can be a bit of a mess to say, What brings you to Hargeon?, Business or Pleasure?” Wanting to be more of an open book he answered his own question as if to reply to her own. “I’m here to look for someone, I heard there was an attack on the Blue Pegasus guild and my girlfriend went to defend them, I want to make sure that she is okay.”

Shaking off the improper discussion as it was perhaps too dark with them having just met he instead turned his attention to the public. “So what is special about today that has caused so many people to be out here in droves.” The numbers within the beach only seemed to be increasing since he had entered the beach, there must have been about ten thousand people in the beach, where they had all come from he was surprised if not astounded.

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Sea Lines and Heat Waves.(Judina and Kon) Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:11 am

Judina †
It was simple to state what he was called by. "Relaxation mostly, To get a few things off my mind."Which was it mostly, exploring otherwise. Anything else she would not expect to deal with here and would put it off of her mind for now since some peace of mind would do her some good for the moment besides company of at least one should not worry of the problems she carried on her mind."Sometimes, time away just in mind helps with various tasks or problems on a persons mind."Judina seemed to speak it as a general way, Odd sometimes to do.

"An attack? This is news to me"
Judina seemed to raise a bit of interest about it."I might have to go look into that when I am done here." Judina mentioned."Hopefully your Girlfriend is okay."Judina was curious of what her name would be, only because she was slightly curious."If needed I would be willing to help you look if you would like, How long a go was the attack?"Judina offered and Seemed to be actually worried about hearing such news, thinking she would still have to go check it out herself as well.

"If I were to guess, to relief themselves of the heats or to enjoy the weather while it last, I would not know forsure since I am not the type of person for groups."Judina started."I wouldn't blame them for wanting to cool off, I am not the type for really warm weather to start with, But it is a nice change of pace from what I am normally around."A part of her was tempted to think up another way too cool off since she still felt really warm."I am use to vast and large forest with trees, Sand and heat is new, But the vendors here help too."Which was good, Judina would most likely need something else to drink shortly but it could wait until later on.


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It seemed that the girl was far more social than he was accustomed to as such he swiftly felt uncomfortable as he answered or responded her every comment. “Relaxation eh?, Good for you unfortunately for me, I’m here for business.” Her follow up to his response was a fair assessment, time and distance sometimes were a good idea to an extent and only in certain circumstances.” Her comments on the attack were shocking as she didn’t seem to have any idea on an assault on Blue Pegasus. Wanting to ensure that she wasn’t out of the loop in all things in general he informed her further.

“Yes well I don’t know much myself by Grimoire Heart were said to have been responsible for the attack and someone was gravely injured though that person is unknown at the moment.” He was appreciative however at her comment regarding Alice wishing her well. As such while speaking to her in a civil fashion answering where appropriate he made his way towards the water which he was not overly familiar either. Eventually the waters grew stronger in noise than the woman inhibiting his ability to hear her, it would likely have annoyed her to the extent where he would likely no longer be welcome. “Sorry things are a bit chaotic I don’t think we can continue on a conversation with some many people around, perhaps we'll see each-other in the future, goodbye.”


#7Judina † 

Sea Lines and Heat Waves.(Judina and Kon) Empty Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:15 pm

Judina †
With that Judina seemed to frown slightly with how quickly he had came and gone, But it wouldn't bug her too much. Her drink was empty at the moment as well, So she thought out it was maybe a good idea to head off to other parts of town, maybe to see what else was going on or to see if she could pick up something by ear or what else she could learn.

Such news to her made her realize she had to remember her job now as a rune knight can go with her everywhere she did not think of it that much, So Judina after picking up another drink to cool herself off from the heat of the beach went off to somewhere else of the town to learn what was going on, Or what she could maybe learn what was going on in this situation.


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