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Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin]

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#26Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:30 pm

Shin Katari
Shin nodded in unison to Lucifer speaking. The manger would definitely hold a grudge towards the two Blue Pegasus mages. The safest decision would be to stay away from the restaurant for a while and let things die down. After all, the manger would not forget their faces anytime soon.

Grabbing the bottle of beer by its neck, Shin took a swig of the golden liquid. Although this was the same drink as earlier, the fact that it was now free made the taste of that much better. "Why did you choose Oak as the location of your pub? There are other towns that are probably more suited for a bar than Oak." Oak was a town of history and alcohol had as much history as anything. However, there were an abundance of bars in the town. To him, it did not make sense to open a bar when there was so much other competition. Alas, he knew very little about business so there was probably more to it than he thought. Grabbing the bottle of beer once more, he took a small sip from it before placing it back. "Y'know, you never told me what kind of magic you use. You told me you're a mage and all but that's about it."


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Shin took another drink of his beer, Odin another bite of his dessert, before the former spoke again, asking why Odin had chosen Oak as the location of the Swineherd, since there were so many pubs in Oak so business couldn't have been amazing. It was actually a valid point, one that made Odin smile a bit as he recounted how he came into possession of the pub,: a story he loved to tell. "I didn't actually choose it. I came into ownership after winning a game of cards against a really terrible business tycoon, who I had taken everything from, and all he had to bet on the last round was the pub we sat in. I won, and got the Swineherd. As for business, it's not as bad as you might think, we get a good stream of customers, both regulars and travellers. Doubling up as an inn certainly helps keep us afloat though."

Another forkful of cake and ice cream, and Odin realised there wasn't much of his sweet left, but he still had a fair amount of wine, so he decided to have a drink of that, as Shin asked another question, one Odin hated being asked. The reason he hated being asked what his magic was is that he couldn't hide it. If he had his way he would simply say 'fire magic' and leave it at that, but no, the demon of pride residing in him would never allow that.

"I wield a powerful form of TakeOver magic, known as Demon Soul. Through it, I can commune with the demon Lucifer and change form to become him, allowing me to access his impressive arsenal of fire spells with ease. What do you use?"

#28Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:53 am

Shin Katari
Shin listened to Lucifer explain how he came to own the Swineherd pub. It began as a game of a cards and ended with the previous owner betting his pub. A classic tale of greed and pride. From the sound of it, Lucifer made some good money with the pub acting as an inn too. Despite the interesting tale of how the pub came to be, Shin was more intent on hearing Lucifer explain his magic.

Takeover magic is a powerful magic. The user is able to wield incredible power through transforming their body. The extent of this transformation was unknown to Shin as he knew very little about this magic. One thing he noted was Lucifer state he could commune with Lucifer, an interesting piece of detail. Another was that he could use spells related to the element of fire, the same elemental magic Shin used. "I use fire magic myself," Shin responded with a slight envy. To know there were those with a stronger version of the same magic was annoying. It put into perspective how far Shin had to go to achieve the strength he desired.

"This takeover magic Demon Soul, how did you come to obtain it? It's not everyday you meet someone with a magic such as takeover."


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Shin listened intently to both of Odin's stories, but of course he was much more interested in the olive haired mage's magic than how he acquired his pub and how he made money, which was obviously just as Odin would expect from anyone with sense. Despite the fact that owning a pub was indeed interesting and a rare thing for people to have, it was by far the least important aspect of Odin's being. It just so happened that it was usually the only one that he could bring up in every day life, since both his magic and affiliation were hardly topics of conversation.

The moment Odin finished explaining his magic, Shin stated that he, too, used fire magic, which instantly made Odin feel a bit bad. His pride wouldn't allow anything other than him singing his praises for his magic and Lucifer, but finding out that Shin also used the magic made him feel some regret, but it seemed not to take too much of a hold on their conversation, as Shin then continued by asking how Odin had come to obtain such a powerful magic, as it was a rare magic for anyone to come across, it was natural to want to know. Even Odin hadn't yet met another Demon Soul user.

"From what my dad told me, both he and my mother worshipped Lucifer, and often tried to commune with him through various rituals. Some of these rituals they performed on me, both while my mother was pregnant and after I was born. Something must've gotten his attention, as the demon eventually made me his vessel. That's all I really know, I've had this power for as long as I can remember."

#30Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:53 am

Shin Katari
"Vessel huh?"

A gust of wind howled through the streets, clawing at the windows of the 8-Island restaurant. Several waiters closed the few open windows and picked up whatever utensils fell to the floor. As the patrons chatted about the surprise wind gust, there was a silence that fell over Shin and Lucifer. It was a heavy silence, drowning out the sounds of those around them. He was sitting face-to-face with the devil.

It was somewhat difficult to believe that he was able to obtain a power as great as takeover simply from worshiping. If that was the case, those that worshiped different gods would be gods themselves. "Sounds like bullshit to me. If that was the case, what if I were to worship the same demon as you or some other demon? What if I desired a greater power? Would I not be viewed as a suitable candidate to be a vessel?" Shin asked rather skeptically. It was possible Lucifer was speaking the truth of how he obtained his power but if that was the case, than it would be easy for anyone to achieve the same level of power. If anything, the envy that Shin now only began to feel for Lucifer grew.


Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:44 pm

As Shin pondered what it meant for Odin to be a vessel for Lucifer, silence engulfed them, with neither man breaking it for some time. It gave Odin a moment to think, if nothing else. All his thoughts were currently of Lucifer, of the demon that was housed within him. Of course, there was a part of him that wished to show off the demon by uttering his sin and summoning him forth, an act that would no doubt catch the attention of Shin, and the terror of everyone else. It was an act that Odin was doing his best to resist, more so because of the difficult situation it would put him and his new friend, but the prideful nature of Lucifer had rubbed off on him to a larger degree than he had first thought.

If it wasn't for Shin breaking the silence, Lucifer would have been unleashed, but the words the man spoke seemed strange. He didn't believe Odin's story, or rather his father's, and thought that simply worshipping gods and demons couldn't do anything and, if Odin's story was true, would Odin lose Lucifer's power if another started worshipping the demon more. It was a question asked simply out of a lack of knowledge of the subject, but laced with something more, causing Odin to have to choose his next words very carefully.

"For now, Lucifer is bonded to me. That's all I know. I can't say for sure that the answer to any of your questions would be yes or no. I know only what my father told me, I am the vessel of pride, that's it."

#32Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:07 am

Shin Katari
Shin took the final sip of his beer as he listened to Lucifer speak. His answer was rather lackluster and avoided his question as a whole. Annoying. Did he worry that he would no longer be a suitable vessel? Was it pride in knowing the flames of magic burned brighter and snapped fiercely? The envy within Shin began to swim deeper and deeper. He was currently at a loss with himself, split with his magic and the direction he wished to go. Strength was one of his greatest desires but he believed his magic was not suitable to obtain that strength. He wanted to gain the power that Lucifer himself held. He wanted to protect Phantom Lord and himself. He wanted to ensure he was among the elite class of power in Fiore. He wanted a power that would make him untouchable and feared by all. He wanted to be god.

"Being a takeover mage, tell me more about the magic. Are there different variants of the magic like there are elements? How would I obtain something like takeover? If I were to kill you right now, would the demon that resides within you select me as the next vessel?"


Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:14 am

After every answer Odin gave Shin, there was a brief silence, which gave the man time to ponder what he had been told. It can't have been easy for him, to be told that his magic was a weaker variant compared to another's, but that there was no knowledge Odin could pass on that could help him achieve that power for himself. After a brief time of thought, Shin responded once more, asking for more general information about TakeOver, and how it worked, as well as the different variations of the magic itself. Honestly, most of what Odin knew had come from books and stories, as he had only thus far met one other TakeOver mage, and that had been a long time ago now, back when his journey had just begun.

"What I do know is this: there are four known types of TakeOver, those being Animal, Beast, Demon and God Souls, although the last two are much rarer than the first. I'm the only person I've met with demon soul, and I've yet to meet a god soul user. Each demon, god, beast and animal holds some mastery over a specific element, and they gain different abilities from the element. For example, I can last longer in battle due to magic not taking as much of a toll on me per use. As for your last question, I have honestly no idea, but I would warn you against it."

#34Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:43 am

Shin Katari
With every passing moment, Shin digested the information provided by Lucifer. Of the four types of takeover mentioned, his interest was in the latter two. Demon Soul allowed Lucifer to last longer in combat due to his magic taking less of a toll on his body. An ability Shin would enjoy having himself. However, he would have to come into contact with a being that would allow him to access takeover. This is what he understood anyways. Lucifer came into contact with a demon allowing him to gain access to Demon Soul so in theory, it had to be the same for the other types of takeover.

"No worries, I don't plan on it,"
Shin responded to Lucifer's last response. "However, I do have one more question. Since your body acts as a vessel for your demon, is it the same for the other takeovers? Does one have to come into contact with a being before gaining access to this magic?" Right now, Shin's focus was on uncovering as much information about takeover as he could. If he wanted to become stronger, this magic would be a good starting point. The only problem was in obtaining such a magic.


Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:53 pm

Breathing a sigh of relief, Odin listened on after Shin said that he was not, in fact, planning on killing the olive haired mage to test his theory. The relief wasn't out of the fear of dying, mostly considering Odin felt that he could take Shin if it came to it, but it was more because he was enjoying a meal with a new friend, and wouldn't want that meal ruined because of differences in power. Thinking back to his meal, Odin took the penultimate forkful of cake and ice cream, wishing it could somehow last a few more bites than it would. Now that would truly be magical.

Shin's last, or what he said would be his last, was the obvious progression from where the conversation had gone: he was curious if he would have to go through the same ordeal that Odin did to commune with the demon, god or other takeover entity. Having never truly met any others or had an in depth conversation with them, Odin could only respond as best he could in the situation. "While I can't speak for the other three, I can only imagine that, to get the powers of a demon like Lucifer, you'd have to first get that demon's attention, and I imagine it is a similar case for the gods: pray to them and they might reward you. Beyond that, I can't say for certain." After speaking, Odin would clear his throat with another sip of wine. This conversation had taken many turns he hadn't expected, but overall he had to admit that he'd enjoyed his time at the restaurant with Shin, and all the ridiculous things that had happened during the day.

#36Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:46 pm

Shin Katari
With the final question asked, Shin took a moment to digest all the information at hand. If Lucifer spoke the truth, praying was the way to obtain the power of either a god or demon. He had never been a religious child, choosing to avoid attending church and other religious events. Although he was not against praying, it was not his cup of tea. He did not necessarily believe in a higher power but alas, praying appeared to give Lucifer the power of a demon. Takeover was a lot more interesting than he originally thought.

Interrupting the silence was yet another new waiter. He grabbed the empty dishes and awaited for any other order either mage would have. Full from the lobster, Shin opted to decline and instead awaited for Lucifer to order or decline. Once done, the waiter gave a courteous bow and returned to the kitchen. The meeting between these two mages was coming to an end as was evident by the short instances of silence. What began as a simple meal developed into a discussion of many things and resulted in a free meal. Not too shabby of a day.

"Thanks for the information. You've got it pretty good to have a magic like that. Although, don't think that magic makes you stronger than me. Next time we meet, we'll have to have a fight."


Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:00 pm

After Odin spoke, and took another drink from his wine, he finally finished the chocolate fudge cake, placing that last forkful into his mouth and placing the fork itself onto the now completely empty plate. It was just in time too, as another waiter came over to collect any empties and offer any more to eat or drink for the two gentlemen. Now full from his main meal and dessert, Odin declined the offer, politely thanking the waiter to ease his concerns of being fired over how this interaction went. Over the course of their conversation, Odin had almost forgotten where they were, and the events that had transpired to allow them a free meal and drinks. It had been nice to speak plainly for once, even if there was still much he hadn't told Shin, or even lied to him about, such as his true allegiances. It mattered little now, and it was a story Odin would have to remember if their paths did ever cross again, something the olive haired mage hoped would happen, just as Shin himself did it seemed.

Despite having a superior magic, Shin made sure to state that it wouldn't be the 'be all and end all' if they ever did come to fight, and made a point of stating that they should during their next interaction, a suggestion Odin wholeheartedly agreed with.

"Sounds good to me, just don't complain about me having Takeover when I win." Despite his potentially harsh words, there was a friendly smile on Odin's face. He didn't intend to insult his red haired friend, merely let him know that Odin too, wished to have a battle one day, whenever that day would be, as he took the last mouthful from the last glass of wine, finishing all the food and drink on the table.

#38Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:56 pm

Shin Katari
Shin offered a slight smile at Lucifer's jest. He wasn't one for excuses when it came to fights. More often than not, fights came down to a combatants intelligence. Despite having a weak magic or elemental weaknesses, it came down to how one approached a situation. Using surroundings and the opponent own magic against them were just a few approaches. Thus the art of combat was among the most intricate and beautiful. Perfecting this art was no easy feat.

"I won't have any reason to complain. I just don't want you to throw a fit when you lose though," Shin responded with a sly smile. Today's meeting with Lucifer had been one he would remember. It helped him take his mind off things while providing key information regarding takeover and the introduction into a group known as Grimoire Heart. Despite having difficulties in the past with new people and members of his own guild, it was refreshing to know he had an ability to get along with others when necessary. Although he could not call Lucifer a friend yet, calling him an acquaintance was a good a start as any. "Well, looks like this is the end of our free meals."


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The two men both were of the same mind: when the time came that they could truly fight, neither one of them would hold back an inch, and both fight with all the power they had at their disposal. Odin knew that to take a man by what he appeared to be was a sure fire way to lose a battle. He had to expect the unexpected, anticipate even the moves that Shin wouldn't make, in case he did. And beyond that, magic was very rarely the only way combat was settled, and Odin would have to make sure that he could deal with his new rival's weapon, regardless of what type of weapon he would bring out. The dark mage had recently sold his sword, meaning he was now defenceless beyond his magic, and that was something he would have to rectify sooner rather than later. He had to gain more power, both physically and magically. He was strong, but he was still very lacking.

Getting out from his seat in the restaurant, Odin stood, a smile on his face as he extended one hand towards Shin, palm facing inwards in the hopes that the gesture would be returned. It seemed that their meeting had now come to a close, there was no reason to continue it. "Well Shin, I look forward to that day when it comes, and wish you luck in all you do from now until then."

#40Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:31 pm

Shin Katari
Following Lucifer's lead, Shin got up from his seat. He took a moment to adjust his clothes before accepting the gesture offered by Lucifer. The two had similarities and this was quite the meeting. Shin was hopeful that any future meetings between the two mages would be similar to today. "Take it easy Lucifer. The next time we meet, it's not going to be as easy going as today."

With those words, Shin tucked his hands into the pockets of his jeans and made his way to the exit. The Blue Pegasus cover had done wonders for him today, warranting future use if necessary. Although he had made an acquaintance, his thoughts returned to the words that held the most weight. Grimoire Heart and God Soul. Grimoire Heart was a mystery but a threat nonetheless. The timing of Cesare's death and the apparent attack on Hargeon appeared to be more than a coincidence. Even if they were not the cause of Cesare's death, they attacked Blue Pegasus meaning other guilds were most likely in their sights. To protect himself and his guild from Grimoire Heart and others like them, he would need to become stronger. Thanks to Lucifer, he now had a goal to work towards. Before he could begin though, he needed to do some research.

"God Soul huh."



Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] - Page 2 Empty Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:56 am

Shin rose from his chair and shook Odin's hand, as expected, before both wishing him well and lightly threatening him for the battle to come in their next encounter, which caused the olive haired mage to smile before waving the man off to whatever it was he would do next. Odin in the meanwhile had no plans, so he would order another bottle of wine from the restaurant, more out of spite than anything else, take his time drinking said wine, and then leave, noting the manager's not-so-subtle glare as he did so. He was lucky Odin didn't torch the place, as he was want to do.

After leaving the 8-Island restaurant, Odin felt something in the air. He didn't know what it was, but he knew that he wouldn't be in Hargeon for much longer. He had already spent far too much time there as it was especially after the high profile attack on Blue Pegasus that he had partaken in. He was honestly surprised that he had not yet crossed paths with any of its members that could recognise him: most specifically Alisa. His mind wandered to thoughts of her, and of what might occur during their next encounter, as he walked once more through the streets of Hargeon to his rented apartment.


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