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Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin]

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Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:07 am

Seafood. Of all the creations in Fiore, and there were numerous, this was the only one that Odin couldn't quite fathom. He had never tried fish before in his life, preferring the succulence of a steak or chicken to the slime and salt of a freshly cooked fish, at least that's how he imagined it would taste: lacking in all flavour and still soaked from the sea it had come from. It just didn't sound appealing to the dark mage at all, but that was precisely the reason why he had come to the 8-Island Seafood Restaurant, a legendary establishment known all throughout Fiore for its exquisite fish dishes. If Odin couldn't find a meal he enjoyed here, then there would be no hope for him.

Walking into the two storey restaurant, Odin could see instantly that it was indeed extremely popular, with almost every table filled with people happily eating all kinds of strange dishes. From squid to starfish, haddock to even what looked like an octopus. And of course, there was lobster on the majority of the tables, being one of the most common fish dishes in Fiore. Smiling at the waiter as he walked up, hi heart sank as he heard the first words.

"Do you have a reservation?"


#2Shin Katari 

Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:56 am

Shin Katari
Hargeon was the busiest port town in all of Fiore. Over hundreds of thousands of ships found their way to the port town. Of the many different products brought in, seafood was the most abundant. Fish, clams, squid, lobster were just a few of the creatures that found their way onto the plates of various restaurants. However, none were as prestigious as the 8-Island Restaurant. Fisherman dreamed of having their captured fish and lobsters being served on a plate in this restaurant. However, only seafood of the highest quality was served here.

Entering the restaurant, he noticed he was not the only one yearning for a taste of the exquisite seafood. There was another person standing in line before him. Walking towards the person, he picked up on the waiter asking whether the person had a reservation. Of course, a restaurant of this stature would not allow anyone without a reservation in. Despite the fact he had no reservation, he would not be turned down.

"I couldn't help but overhear that we need reservations? I would like to speak to your manager. As members of Blue Pegasus, we work our asses off to protect you. The least you can do is give us a table," Shin spoke up as he stood beside the white haired man to his left. This was a risky move as he had no idea whether or not the person beside him actually bore the mark of the Pegasus or not. Face turning red, the puzzled waiter looked at his guest list. "Just a moment please," he responded as he excused himself and disappeared to the back of the restaurant. Tilting his head to his left, he faced the man. "If this works, you owe me."


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Some fool, or potentially a genius, appeared behind Odin and, without warning, exclaimed that the two of them were mages from Blue Pegasus, and demanded to see the manager of the restaurant, as they should be able to dine without reservation due to the good work they did for the people of Hargeon, the 8-Island restaurant included. His words no doubt startled the waiter, who's face went bright red with embarrassment as he went back to find the manager of the restaurant, who would no doubt appear shortly. It was at this moment that the man looked over and faced Odin, saying that if, from this stunt, they were able to get a table, Odin would owe the stranger.

The dark mage couldn't help but chuckle as he heard this and, peering around to see if anyone was around, he murmured back to the man two simple words. "Why wait?" With the waiter gone, Odin walked as a man dead set on his purpose, whatever that was. He was a man few would be willing to speak to for fear of getting in his way, despite his rather small frame. Hoping the man would follow, Odin would walk towards a table tucked away in the corner of the room, and take a seat. If the man sat across from him, Odin would speak once more. "Now let's just hope we don't get the same waiter."

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Shin Katari
The white haired man spoke a pair of words and entered the dining area. Without saying a word, Shin followed behind. The two men walked with a certain swagger that drew attention from the other patrons of the restaurant. With all eyes on them, the two took up a seat on an empty table isolated away from the rest. Grabbing a seat opposite of the man, Shin chuckled at his remark as his back rest against the chair. "Let him come. No one has the balls to raise their voice against a guild that protects their town," he responded referring to his comment of the two being mages of the light guild.

Looking down at the table before them, he grabbed one of the menu's. Scanning over the list of dishes, he occasionally glanced up at the man before him. This man had an interesting denouement about him, one that raised Shin's curiousness. Returning his gaze to the menu once more, he had decided on a dish. "So, what's your name? Wouldn't want this to be an awkward meal," Shin spoke up as he awaited for someone to take their order. The concept of small talk was something new to Shin as he enjoyed speaking bluntly and to the point. It was best to begin somewhere though.


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As they sat down, and the stranger laughed at Odin's mention of the waiter, stating that it wouldn't matter, as the could just state that they were members of Blue Pegasus and all would be well. Now, Odin knew for a fact that he obviously was not a member of Blue Pegasus having tried to destroy it only a few weeks ago, but he wasn't sure about this man, and he wasn't ready to reveal too much about himself in case it came out that this man was indeed a member of the light guild, so instead Odin decided to test him, after introducing himself of course.

"Name's Lucifer. I know what you're thinking: 'what a strange name' or 'sounds fake'. I hear it all the time, and I can't blame you. What about you? And I have to ask, when that waiter comes over and we state we are indeed members of Blue Pegasus, suppose he asks to see our guild tattoos, as a mean of identification. What, then, would you suggest we do?"

At this point Odin was making it clear, without outright saying so which meant he could easily twist the meaning, that he was not a member of Blue Pegasus, nor did he think this man was, but only time would tell.

#6Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Lucifer, bringer of light. For someone surrounded by an inescapable darkness, this may have been a meeting of fate. It was possible he was the light that would guide Shin out of darkness but alas, this could not be the case. Lucifer himself was the devil, a being kept in the darkest gates of hell. Whether this meeting was a coincidence or not, things were beginning to take an interesting turn of events.

"The name is Shin and if they do ask, we give them hell. They can ask all they want but we don't need to reveal information about ourselves. Play the part and we should be fine. If they keep on insisting, then we serve a dish of our own," Shin responded with a sly smile. This little interaction gave Shin some insight into Lucifer. Judging by the way he spoke, he concluded that Lucifer was not a mage of Blue Pegasus and assumed he thought the same of Shin. He was never one to play things stealthily and giving a quiet response was out of the question.

Looking towards a waiter near the front, Shin motioned for the waiter to take their order whether or not Lucifer was ready. Awaiting the waiter, he placed his left elbow atop the table and rest his chin atop his palm. "So Lucifer, what brings you to Hargeon?"  


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Odin was beginning to like this man, Shin, as he introduced himself and responded to the olive haired mage's statement, stating that all they had to do was play their part and, if not, they raise hell, an amusing concept to someone who housed one of the princes of hell, not that Shin could have any idea. He was, however, the first person Odin had introduced himself to that hadn't become instantly suspicious. Maybe that was Shin's own personality, or perhaps it was because of the way the two had met. They were both clearly not light guild members, and Shin certainly didn't seem like a Rune Knight, which meant he was willing to have a bit of fun.

There was only a simple answer to his question, though. An answer Odin had already given to so many others that had asked during his time there. A simple answer, but not a lie. "Work, and you?" The waiter that approached them was not the same as the man they had met, which was slightly disappointing but expected given the buzz that the restaurant was filled with. The waiter gestured for Odin to place his order, despite the mage having not actually looked at the menu before, causing Odin to make a risky decision. "I'll have whatever the chef recommends, and a bottle of your finest red. Shin?"

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Shin Katari
"Oh, what kind of work?" Shin asked curiously. It wasn't that he necessarily cared about the kind of work Lucifer did but the simplistic answer had a layer of deceptiveness. He felt no ill will from the man so this was simply a question aroused by curiosity. Besides, if they were to enjoy a meal under the pretense of being Blue Pegasus guild members, it was best to keep a flowing conversation.

"I'll have a lobster roll along with a bottle of your finest beer," Shin finished as he glanced up at the waiter. Scribbling down their orders, he grabbed the menus and took to the kitchen. Leaning back in his chair, Shin took a good look at the white haired man before him. The two men were similar in age although Shin had a few inches on him. Hell, they even had similar eye colors. For a moment, there was a brief awkwardness that lingered in the air until Shin decided to speak once more. "Are you a mage or just a regular civilian?" Whether it was his name or his demeanor, this question had been itching at the back of his mind. I mean, who the hell names their kid Lucifer for the hell of it?


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Obviously, by just stating that he was here for work, Odin piqued Shin's curiosity, who asked what kind of work it was that brought the mage to Hargeon. Another question to be tackled with some tact and thought, good thing Odin had a silver tongue. "I do some odd jobs here and there when I need some extra cash, but in general I own a pub in Oak which is where most of my income comes from." Keeping the conversation going was the best way to ensure that nobody would try to interrupt, which meant their falsified identities would never be found out. That was the idea anyway.

After Shin placed his own order of lobster and a beer, he sat back and relaxed a bit more before asking a much more personal question than the one he had asked previously. It wasn't a taboo subject to ask someone if they were a mage or civilian, but it was simply usually something that just didn't come up. This man was clearly not one to mince his words, and he deserved a, somewhat correct, answer. "Yes I am, although I'm not affiliated with any particular guild. Just a wandering mage that also occasionally sells drinks at a pub. What about you?"

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Shin Katari
A sudden expression of surprise overcame Shin. If he had any type of liquid in his mouth, it would surely be all over the table right now. "Well I be damned. I've been to plenty of bars in Oak but to think that you actually own one," Shin began to speak as his expression returned to that of a calm one. It was possible that Lucifer was lying but Shin had no reason to believe he was. "What's the name of the bar? You'll have to get me a free drink as that favor you owe me," Shin added with a smirk.

The conversation continued along smoothly as Lucifer answered his next question with as much ease. Along with learning that he was a mage, Shin also learned that he did not belong to a guild. If he was a powerful mage, it would be wise to attract him to Phantom Lord but it was a little to early for that, especially with the events that had recently unfolded. Besides, it was not wise to reveal his affiliation with a dark guild especially in a town affiliated with a light guild. "I'm a mage myself and like you, currently have no guild. Don't necessarily work well with others," Shin responded. The latter half of his response was true as he avoided all teamwork if possible, enjoying the solo route instead. As for being guildless, that was a lie. Being a mage for Phantom Lord meant being involved in illicit business, something you did not casually mention.


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It seemed, for the first time, Odin had stunned a giddy child with the announcement that he owned and ran a bar in Oak Town, as Shin instantly asked for the name of the establishment and if he could have a free drink as a reward for their interaction today of getting the table. Despite the fact that where they were was as much thanks to Odin as it was Shin, he couldn't say no to such an excited man, even with a cocky smirk "Sure, one free drink. The rest you're paying for, and it's called the Swineherd Pub."

As the conversation continued, Shin responded in kind to Odin's question, stating that he, too, was a wandering mage that didn't belong to any guild, even adding that it was because he didn't work well with others, which caused Odin to emit a lighthearted chuckle, "Yeah, I completely understand, that's why I've not joined one yet. Dunno what I'd even do if I was in one, so many rules to follow."

The food would arrive a few moments after Odin spoke, with Shin receiving his lobster and beer, and Odin receiving his wine and the chef's special, which turned out to be fried octopus with salad, lemon juice and some kind of sauce in a pot to drizzle over the food. "Well, here's goes nothing."

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Shin Katari
As Shin listened to Lucifer speak, the waiter arrived with their food. He placed the lobster roll along with the bottle of beer before Shin and did the same with Lucifer's meal. The lobster roll consisted of a foot-long toasted bun stuffed with lobster meat and various spices with a parsley garnish. Grabbing the bottle of beer before him, he took a swig of the golden liquid. As a satisfied exhale escaped his lips, he did not waste a second diving right into his meal.

He grabbed a fork and knife from atop the table and cut himself a bountiful portion. Mouth wide, he took a large bite and chewed through the lobster. Each bite was juicy and flavorful unlike he had tasted anything before. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the golden toast of the bread provided the perfect crunch. It was amazing to say the least. Completely indulged in the fine meal, he had forgotten about Lucifer. "You good?" Shin asked as he glanced upwards. The white haired male was yet to take a bite of his food, either marveling at the fine cuisine before him or having second thoughts about what he had ordered. Either way, Shin returned to his meal and took another large bite of the lobster.


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Shin had clearly eaten seafood before, as he tucked into his lobster roll instantly, knowing the best way to cut it, and placing a large portion into his mouth, completely in a trance and oblivious to what was happening around him, it looked like a very strange high he was currently experiencing, Odin just hoped he could do the same with his own meal. After a few mouthfuls, Shin looked up to see Odin hadn't yet touched his, and asked how he was. "I'm good, just working out the logistics of eating this."

Tentacles of an octopus, how was he supposed to eat them. It felt wrong to pick them up with his hands and eat them, since they were covered in whatever the sauce was, but also he couldn't fit an entire tentacle into his mouth, which left only cutting into them, and obvious method to eat them, but it still felt wrong, like cutting into the leg of another human after it had died. Sure, it was dead, but that was still its leg. Despite his indecisiveness, Odin knew he had to get this over with. He poured himself a glass of the wine and took a respectable swig, it was beautiful, before cutting into one of the tentacles and gulping "Here goes nothing."

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Shin Katari
Mouth stuffed with lobster, Shin shot a puzzled expression at Lucifer. So this was clearly his first time eating octopus or seafood in general. Thinking back, Shin liked to think he had an easy time with seafood. At the end of the day, it was another type of meat. However, it was clear others did not share this thinking.

One correct decision made by Lucifer was choosing the 8-Island Restaurant as his first place to try seafood. It was regarded as a five-star establishment by most meaning the cuisine would be top-notch. The octopus was also a fine choice. Although chewy, fried octopus and squid were fairly similar to chicken. If anything, Lucifer would have the easiest time with this as opposed to something like lobster.

Cutting himself another portion of lobster, Shin paused for a moment and looked at the octopus before Lucifer. "Look, we barely managed to get in here. Just eat it and get it over with." There was a slight annoyance in the tone of his voice. At the end of the day, it was just octopus. It wasn't going to stick to the lining of his stomach or wriggle its way out. Lucifer simply needed to man up and scarf it down.


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It seemed, more because of how risky their being in the restaurant was than anything else, that Shin wanted Odin to hurry up and finish his meal as quickly as possible, or at least make a start on it, and there was a hint of impatience. As this was Odin's first time eating seafood, this would either make or break it for him, it was a surprising weighty decision that hung in the balance. But his newfound ally was right. It wouldn't take long before the manager of the restaurant would suss out their ruse. Or, worse yet, an actual Blue Pegasus could walk into the restaurant, one who would no doubt like to eat with their 'guildmates'. Taking one more deep breath, Odin placed the tentacle in his mouth, chewed, and swallowed.

What followed was hard to describe, mostly because Odin had never experienced such feelings before in his life. The texture of the octopus got to him first, as his tongue felt the suction cups of his meal, but that uncomfortable feeling was quickly overrun with a surge of taste. The tentacle itself was nice enough to taste, but that wasn't it: the sauce that coated the tentacle both accentuated the taste of the main meal and brought it to a new level. It only took a mere two minutes following the initial bite for Odin to completely finish his meal, salad and all, without even taking another sip of wine, which he realised was still to his side. Smiling at Shin, a mischievous grin on the dark mage's face, Odin made one simple suggestion.


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Shin Katari
Without wasting another moment, Lucifer grabbed a tentacle, chewed, and swallowed in one swift motion. It was that simple. Grabbing his already cut portion of lobster, Shin placed it into his mouth and began to chew. Looking up at Lucifer for a brief moment, he noticed his plate was nearly empty. He was scarfing down the octopus and salad in large bites. For someone's first time indulging in seafood, Lucifer took it really well. This was good as it lowered suspicion, allowing for them to blend into the crowd of the restaurant that much more.

Grabbing his beer and taking a sip, he was interrupted by the Lucifer. The man had finished the entirety of his meal. Shin on the other hand had about a quarter of his lobster remaining. "How the...never mind," Shin began as he put his bottle of beer down, "call over a waiter." He returned to his lobster and took in another bite. Everything had been going fine since the moment they entered the restaurant but as expected, things could not remain perfect for this long.

Entering the dining area was the waiter that originally halted them from entering. Behind him was a middle aged man with a bald head. He had a thick mustache and wore a luxury designer suit. The two men surveyed the area with an attempt to look for both Lucifer and Shin. "We've got company," Shin motioned with a slight nod of his head. This was not the dessert he particularly had in mind.


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It seemed that, while in his state of unconscious eating due to the deliciousness of his meal, Odin had completely overtaken Shin in speed, finishing his own meal and suggesting desserts before Shin had even finished his lobster, but the young man simply stopped eating for a moment, took a drink of his beer and suggested that Odin call over a waiter while he finished his own meal. Odin just smiled, took another sip of his wine, finishing the glass he had. He refilled it with the wine, which was absolutely incredible, before turning to face the restaurant proper and see if there was a waiter free. Luckily for him, there was one already on his way over.

"Good day gentlemen, this is the manager", the waiter said with such a smug voice that Odin wanted to get up and punch him almost as much as he wanted dessert, but he waited for the manager to speak before doing anything more. "Yes well, ahem, it is a pleasure to meet two mages of Blue Pegasus such as yourself, and we would like to thank you for all the work you do for this town. But, you see, oh my this is rather awkward. This table has already been booked by a family that just arrived for their meal and, I'm terribly sorry, but I must ask you to leave."

Now this, this was an interesting development. Odin partly felt pissed off at the waiter, but a lot of that was Lucifer, while Odin himself just wanted to think of smart ass comments, or threats, to make to the manager. But instead, he simply looked over to Shin, hopefully finished by now, with the friendliest grin on his face.

"Ready to raise some hell?"

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Shin Katari
Finishing the remainder of his lobster, Shin set aside his utensils as the manger of the restaurant appeared before them. As he spoke to the two men about leaving, Shin grabbed a napkin from the table and lightly dabbed it against his lips. He listened to everything the manager had to say and once he finished speaking, took note of the mischievous response offered by Lucifer.

Dropping the napkin on the table, he turned to face the manager. He looked at him from head-to-toe before returning his gaze to meet his eyes. Although he would like to flip the table, he would have a little fun with words. He was not a shy guy by any means so he had no trouble making a scene. "Um what the hell did you just say?" he begun as he stood up, "You're saying that despite us saving your ass countless times that we're not allowed to enjoy a meal here? Our guildmaster is gonna be hearing about this." At this point, the other patrons in the restaurant began to murmur among themselves as they store at the scene unfolding before them. With Shin having done his part to begin things, it was now time for Lucifer to take it to the next level.


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Despite Odin's offer, Shin stayed relatively calm, choosing to fight with words before the need arose that they fought with anything else. It was understandable, as they had to play the victim here, or at least make the 8-Island staff seem like the culprits, which no doubt spurred Shin into making his first, but likely not his last, move against them. He started off angry with confusion, asking what the manager was talking before reminding both he and the rest of the restaurant, as they were all enthralled in the story, that Blue Pegasus had saved the people of Hargeon, including the manager and the waiter's, lives so many time over. People were slaves for gossip, they couldn't help but want to know more, and all eyes were on Shin and the manager at this moment. He ended it by stating that the guildmaster would hear about it, but Odin used this moment to interject, and raise everything just slightly more, by calling upon a little sympathy.

"What about the recent attack by Grimoire Heart? What do you think would've happened to you, or anyone in this restaurant, if we hadn't been there? Forget the guild, the entire town would have been reduced to ashes. Men, women, even children would have been mercilessly slain by these monsters. Is it to much to ask for one meal for doing what we did?" A lone voice in the crowd shouted 'No!', followed by a few more, and then a few more, until the entire restaurant erupted with the noise of the population of Hargeon demanding that Shin and Odin could be allowed to finish their meal. It was now the manager's turn but, going by how much he was starting to sweat, it would likely be his last.

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Shin Katari
Grimoire Heart

Although Lucifer had chimed in and helped escalate the situation, there was something odd about his choice of words. He spoke of a recent attack by something called Grimoire Heart. For a moment, Shin's mind was flooded by various thoughts. What attack was Lucifer was speaking of? What was Grimoire Heart? It took the shouting of the crowd to pull Shin back into reality. Looking around, it appeared Lucifer had managed to sway the crowd.

"B-but...I m-mean...OK!" the manager exclaimed as he quieted the crowd with a motion of his hands. Grabbing a handkerchief from the pocket of his coat he began dabbing it against his forehead. "You're m-meals on us. O-order whatever you would l-like," he stuttered as he was obviously shocked by the event before him. The waiter himself was shocked as he had expected the two mages to be kicked out. Reluctantly, he grabbed the two empty plates and returned to the kitchen. The crowd broke out into a couple of cheers as everyone returned to their meals with fresh gossip. Taking his seat once more, Shin took a sip of his beer before shooting a look towards Lucifer. The initial calm expression that Shin bore was no longer present and was instead replaced by a look of seriousness.

"What is Grimoire Heart?"


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It was a dangerous move, mentioning the name of his guild so abruptly, but by now rumour had spread throughout Hargeon that an organisation of some description that had orchestrated the attack on Hargeon had been caused by a group calling themselves Grimoire Heart. It was the name on everyone's lips in the town, which was the only reason Odin had felt safe in its utterance. He had successfully won the crowd, and easily overwhelmed the manager, who claimed that anything Shin and Odin wanted would be free, before the waiter, who was constantly giving the two men evil eyes, collected their plates and left to bring them to be washed, no doubt regretting the return to offer desserts that he would have to make in a few moments.

With the world calm and everyone returning to their meals, Odin noticed something different in Shin's mood as he took a drink from his beer bottle. And, sure enough, he soon asked the question, obviously not being from around here and certainly not a member of Blue Pegasus. "Honestly, I've no idea. People have been saying that it was the group who were behind the attack on Blue Pegasus here a few weeks ago, so I thought it would fit what we needed. I missed the entire thing so I've no clue who or what they are." None of what Odin said had been false, as he had met with a man named Kon who had explained the situation to him during a spot of fishing. Odin hadn't been nearby to the battle either, he had missed most of the action taking place, it was simply a way for him to get a free meal and dessert.

#22Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Shin listened with close intent. According to Lucifer, there was a battle between Blue Pegasus and the group Grimoire Heart. This was rather interesting news to him. He had been in Hargeon for a little over a month now and this was the first he had heard about an attack. However, something was odd. Thinking to himself, Shin thought back to the conversation he had with Geb at the lighthouse. Geb mentioned Cesare sacrificing himself to save him and another man. Typically, one did not give away their life unless they had no choice. But, if Cesare was involved in this battle, why was he here in Hargeon? Running his hand through his hair, Shin chugged down the remaining beer he had and called for another waiter.

"Do you know if there were any serious casualties from this battle? There had to be a reason Blue Pegasus was attacked by Grimoire Heart,"
Shin asked looking over at Lucifer. His mind was now flooded with thoughts of Cesare and this Grimoire Heart. It annoyed him how we was not aware of a battle of this magnitude. It was not everyday an established guild was attacked. If Blue Pegasus could be attacked, did this mean Phantom Lord was also vulnerable?


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Whether it was simply because of the severity of the topic, or perhaps for another reason, Shin seemed very interested in the battle between Grimoire Heart and Blue Pegasus, as he finished his beer and called another waiter before continuing with the questions. Perhaps it was nothing, but Odin knew that, typically, someone that was extremely invested in the topic of conversation would make sure they had nothing else to worry about in the back of their mind, such as finishing his drink, getting another one, or having hair irritating him. Shin may have had more to do with this battle, either directly or indirectly, than Odin truly knew.

Shin asked if there were any serious casualties from the battle, an interesting question one might ask if they had discovered a lover had been trapped in the middle of it, or a friend, but Odin paid it no heed, as Shin had not given the olive haired mage any reason to distrust him, instead happy to answer with what he knew, with unfortunately wasn't much, even as a Grimoire Heart mage, "I'm afraid I can't help you much there, I've not idea who, if anyone, died in the battle, and there's yet to be a public release from Blue Pegasus about the matter. Hopefully we'll get one soon, and we can put this whole mess to rest."

The new waiter appeared seeming tense: no doubt because of warnings he'd received from the manager, but Odin was calm and kind when he spoke, requesting another bottle of their best red wine and a chocolate fudge cake with ice cream, a classic dessert choice and one of Odin's personal favourites, not that he'd taken the time to try many desserts in his life.

#24Shin Katari 

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Shin Katari
Dwelling on all the different thoughts he was having, Shin was interrupted by the new waiter. Declining the option for dessert, Shin instead opted for another bottle of beer. The cold golden liquid of gods was perfect for situations like this. Besides, it was free so why not.

Bringing his elbow to a rest atop the table, he used the palm of his hand to support his chin as he leaned against it. He did his best to not think about Grimoire Heart but the idea that Phantom Lord could be a future target was unsettling. This only served as further fuel for Shin to become stronger. Glancing towards Lucifer, the waiter re-appeared with their drinks and Lucifer's dessert. Placing the drinks and chocolate fudge cake on the table, he did a little bow and returned to the kitchen. "You think the manager is going to come back?" Shin asked as he looked towards the doors of the kitchen. He was confident that the manager would not show his face to the two mages, especially with the crowds earlier reaction. This was simply an attempt by Shin to keep the conversation moving and a way for him to avoid thinking of Grimoire heart.


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Shin ordered a beer, and there was silence for a time, no conversation as the waiter fetched their food at, what Odin assumed, was a much faster pace than a normal customer would probably receive. A perk of having subtly threatened the manager and gotten the entire audience on their side no doubt, as the waiter sat Odin's chocolate fudge cake on his table, and the dark mage marvelled at the sight of it. A large slice of chocolate cake, coated in a beautiful chocolate fudge sauce, with a generous helping of ice cream sitting next to it and, of course, the strawberry on top of the ice cream. It looked delicious, and would no doubt taste equally good.

But before Odin started, Shin asked a question, pondering if the manager would be showing his face while Odin and Shin still sat in the restaurant, to which the olive haired mage laughed slightly. "After the verbal beating he received, I highly doubt it, although it might be difficult to come back here again. He could either always give us free meals, which is unlikely, or be very passive aggressive, making us wait a long time on our orders and such, which I imagine is more likely. Either way, he won't be forgetting our faces, or his embarrassment, anytime soon." Taking a forkful of his cake and ice cream, and putting it in his mouth, Odin's thoughts were brought to fruition. Indeed, the cake was glorious, and tasted incredible.

"Oh man, I'm going to need to get this recipe for my pub. People would kill for this."

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Terror at the 8-Island Restaurant [Shin] Empty

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