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It's Ogre [Geb]

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#1Bianca Fleur † 

It's Ogre [Geb] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:52 pm

Bianca Fleur †
The next day after the meeting with the Phantom Lord members, Bianca and Geb had arranged to meet to talk about their team - Ghost Deck. It had been a long time since she met him properly, or Roman, and it felt like the team was falling apart. She didn’t want to disband the team. She hoped Geb felt the same about it, but you couldn’t call two people a team, so they had to either look for new members, or just call it quits. The two Phantom Lord members she met in hotel room 404 didn’t look like they were part of a team, so they could possibly be recruited into Ghost Deck. But, that was the first time she met Shin in like a year, and the other one known as Kenny was pretty new to the guild. She wasn’t sure if she could rely on either of them, yet.

Not to forget the newest members she had recruited into the guild - Vance and Seira. Bianca knew she could totally rely on those two, so if Geb was up for it, she would recommend them to be part of maybe a new team with them. Crushing the finished cigarette under her boot, Bianca laced her fingers behind her back, waiting for her guildmate - or should we say guildmaster, now? - to arrive at the dock. This was where they had planned to meet. It was around seven in the morning, and it had just started getting busy at the dock. Bianca looked around, wondering if she might find Reagan. She wondered if he was even alive, still, that old man. That was completely irrelevant right now, though. Breathing in the fresh air that blew from the direction of the sea, the vampyress stood at a noticeable spot at the dock, waiting patiently for Geb to arrive.


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Geb had a bit of a hard time finding Bianca, before noticing he could simply use his millennium ring to do so. The Ring pointed in the direction, making finding her easy. Geb showed up in a hoodie, his hood up, trying not to let his face be seen. Perhaps he simply needed to calm down a little with this, despite him becoming a guildmaster, he was sure the whole world didn't know. That being said, it was better to be safe than sorry. The Millenium Ring stopped as Geb arrived at the same area Bianca had been at. "It took a little while. My apologies."

Geb stood in front of Bianca, but it would be clear he was a bit different. Firstly, the millennium eye. It had replaced his left one, making Geb look a bit scary. Just a little. Next off was the noticeable millennium ring hanging from his neck. This certainly made Geb look like he liked gold things a bit too much. It was interesting to see Bianca's information for the first time with the eye, however. She had certainly improved since the last time Geb saw her with the machia scouter.

"You're here about the team, right? And Roman." he spoke. "I've not seen him in many months myself. My Millennium Ring may be able to pick him up, but who knows how long of a journey that may be." Geb sat down on the edge of the dock, hanging his feet off the ends. "I'm sure you have many opportunities you'd like to chase that would not require me or Roman, correct?"

It's Ogre [Geb] BORZAPv
#3Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
A little while later, Geb arrived wearing a hoodie even though it wasn’t that cold. She nodded as he apologized for being late. The first things she noticed were his odd eye and the ring that he was wearing. Of course, all the bling caught Bianca’s attention immediately. She didn’t remember seeing them when they met in the hotel room. “Damn, what happened to your eye? I didn’t know you were into shiny things,” she said. “Anyway.” She brought out another cigarette. She felt like she needed one to calm her nerves.

Geb dived straight into the subject, asking to confirm if she was here to talk about the team. Bianca nodded, taking a drag and joining him to sit at the edge of the dock. He then spoke about a ring that could find Roman’s location. So it was a magical item. She wondered where she could get something like that, too. It sounded pretty useful.

“Me neither. I haven’t seen him since we met in that bar. Maybe he’s dead? I don’t see the need for us to go looking for him. Maybe he will come back, but I doubt it,” she said. When he asked if she had many opportunities she wanted to chase that didn’t need Geb or Roman, she turned towards him. What did he mean by this? She wasn’t sure exactly, but it seemed like a ‘yes’, so she nodded again. “You think we should disband the team?” She thought for a moment before continuing. “I think that’s fine, actually. I don’t know if you will even have time to take jobs with us or do teamly things, since you’re the guildmaster now. But if you could, we could always form a new one with new members later, I guess.”


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Bianca sat down next to Geb, causing Geb to scooch over a little. Perhaps it was the simple fact she was so damn tall compared to otherwise smaller Geb. Truly, he was unlucky. "I wouldn't be surprised if Roman was dead, but I don't want to ask the ring to find out. It's better off for some things to stay unknown."

Geb thought about the notion of disbanding the team. Seemed good for all 3 of them, honestly. Roman was unknown, but it could be said he probably didn't want anything with them anymore if he hadn't shown himself. Bianca certainly seemed like she would rather find a new team, having been the one to bring up this discussion, and Geb, well, he would be fine. He had nothing to lose.

Geb nodded, looking out to the ocean this lovely morning. "I guess that would probably be for the best." he said, getting up from his spot on the dock. He stood there, thinking for a second. "Yeah. From this moment onwards, Ghost Deck is no more."

It wasn't an especially hard choice to make considering the group never did much together in the first place, but it still felt like something had been lost. Geb sighed a little bit, just enough that Bianca may have been able to hear it. He really liked Roman. He was the first friend he had in a long while. He probably seemed so gloomy.. he needed to change the subject.

"While we're at it, stop being so damn tall." once again hinting at his fear of Bianca's height compared to his, as if the scooch wasn't enough. Geb's stomach grumbled. He wanted to eat already.. look back to Bianca, he spoke.

"Now come with me, I'm hungry. Don't worry, I'll pay. Just... don't order too much." And thus, the new chapter of Geb and Bianca's lives began.


It's Ogre [Geb] BORZAPv
#5Bianca Fleur † 

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Bianca Fleur †
The thought of Roman being dead really bothered her. He was a true friend, and the very first one she actually talked to in the guild. Otherwise she was usually in the background, not really talking to anyone but the guildmaster when it was necessary. “It would really suck if he was actually dead. He was my first ever friend,” she told Geb, laughing a little. When he said that he thought that disbanding the team was probably for the best, she nodded again, taking a long drag and releasing a cloud of smoke. “Yeah. Rest in peace.”

Bianca really liked how they came up with the name for the team. ‘Ghost Deck’. It made sense because they were ‘phantoms’ and she liked how she was called the Queen of Hearts, and Geb the King of Diamonds, and Roman - the joker. It all seemed very thoroughly thought through - which it was, but now it was all gone. At least they would remember it, and hopefully, if Roman was still alive, he would remember it, too.

The vampyress was brought out of her emo state when Geb told her to stop being so tall. This made her throw her head back and laugh out loud. She got up, together with Geb since their little meeting was over. “Sorry lil bro,” she said and reached for a pat on Geb’s head. He then suggested that they go eat something, which she agreed to. “Alright. No promises though,” she laughed again, following the newly appointed guildmaster to get breakfast. She enjoyed teasing and annoying him from time to time.


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