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Oak To Hargeon [Foot Travel]

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#1Nora Deston 

Oak To Hargeon [Foot Travel] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:51 pm

Nora Deston

The timid, subtle chill embraced the air around the mysterious town that radiated an aura laced with sinister intentions. The soft kiss of the breeze left a lingering feeling on the skin, a tingling sensation which brought about a thirst for darkness and chaos, making the corner of her lips broaden into an unimpeachable grin. However, behind the facade of this innocence that was molded onto her face lay the twisted and tricky persona of a hunter, who preferred to torture her prey before devouring them completely.

Her steps gracefully hit the rough pavement as her crimson gaze wandered around, carefully scrutinizing every detail of her surroundings. Clinging to the atmosphere, was the disturbing scent of blood that prickled a strangely delightful pleasure within her body. Despite the desired need to stay a while longer and rest, Nora had figured that moving to where her guild mates had gathered would be more fun. Simply at the thought of that, she bit her lower lip as a rush of adrenaline passed through her. It wasn't because she wanted to get along with them, but rather, because she was anticipating the level of chaotic insanity that each one of them contained.

With each step away from the town that catered to her tempestuous desires, she could feel her heart beat quicken. She was just too excited to set out on the journey where she expected the fun to be limitless. Rumors had bombarded her ears as she learned of the presence of the vast majority of Fiore's mages present within the town that lay mere twelve days away. Unfortunately, these twelve days would only feel like a tad bit less than forever for the female who couldn't suppress the mischievous smile that played on those plump lips because of the entertaining game that fate decided to play, gambling lives of some and pride of some.

A soft chuckle escaped her lips as the foggy mist that eerily clouded her vision had now cowered behind the curtains of nature, protecting itself from the incoming wrath of the female that indeed followed soon. The translucent stockings that adorned her legs peeked out from underneath the pleaded skirt that scandalously hung till her mid-thighs, occasionally swaying from side to side at the gentle touch of the wind. Pain seeped through her head as her crimson irises disappeared behind the pale eyelids, only to appear again with a fierce look glimmering within them. Her grin was replaced by his smirk as he moved to the closest town, wasting his time idly drinking away and mercilessly smashing faces into counters, breaking faces and drenching his hands in the blood of those who dared annoy him but at this point, Zeke's actions were far from unpredictable.

It didn't take him long to make his appearance look more intimidating as he covered her bare body in the grungiest attire that he ripped off the body of an innocent bypasser as he had 'accidentally' stained her previous one with the blood of not one, but approximately five individuals. It felt disgusting to have something as filthy as the fundamental liquid of another useless person's body on the pieces of cloth that rested over her body. Grabbing the nearest man with the outfit that appealed to him the most, he dragged the man into a silent alley underneath the facade of a rude but beautiful female. If only the poor man who played the role of the victim knew the demons that hid underneath the mask of beauty, he would have been spared from the pain of his head colliding against the wall, ruthlessly.


 Oak To Hargeon [Foot Travel] AODcS62
#2Nora Deston 

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Nora Deston

Although much larger than her average sized body, he slipped on the clothes of the man which resulted in her body covered in a shirt twice her size as he didn't bother slipping off the pants and kept on Nora's signature stockings as he slipped on the insanely large jacket before walking away, back into the streets as his eyes gazed upon every passing being with a look of superiority and intimidation. However, it wasn't long before his reign was to end.

Time ticked past as Nora found herself returning from the darkness only to once again fade back into it within a few hours as the seductress rose from unconsciousness. It was her time to shine and indeed she did as she completely made use of the body that she was embedded into by using those pretty eyes to lure men who seemed to have their pockets full of cash. Her honey voice and sweet words trapped them in her web of lies as she showered them with the affection they required along with keeping her standards as she casually caressed the bodies of the men she found attractive, one at a time of course.

Lulling them with the rasp voice, she made full use of their hard earned money as she purchased a series of her favorite skin-showing clothes and heightening heels. It wasn't like her to not repay those that she owed something and since her toy for the night had provided her with enough luxuries to satisfy her greed, she was all but willing to lend to him whatever he desired. It was lucky that she too, luckily, desired the same thing.

They drowned into the night as they chugged down drinks after drinks, letting the alcohol induce their minds as Freya let the scandalous, backless short dress freely show off Nora's curves and figures as she elegantly made herself taller with the pair of feet-torturing heels that sat on her feet. She believed that beauty was pain and misery this small, was nothing compared to what she was willing to go through only to attain what she rightfully desired; pleasure. It wasn't long before the nightclub had been long forgotten and she led the man into the room where she would rightfully make the two have a memorable night.

Blur was all that remained as Nora woke up the next morning, bare skinned in bed with a man she didn't know. A sigh escaped her lips as she hauled herself up, letting the chill air caress her body before putting on the attire Freya had made someone buy before chuckling lightly. It was nice to know that she wasn't the only one who was so into having the time of her life. Glancing into the mirror, she straightened down the messed up hair and bit down onto the swollen lips before picking up her belongings and sauntering out, leaving the poor man all alone.

The eyes which held the wildness of a seductress now held mischief as she was closer to her destination than before. Perhaps, time had taken pity on her as it decided to soar through the sky, letting her walk through the streets as she was so close to the place where she had wanted to be. Luckily, other than Zeke's shenanigans, nothing much stood out as she once again drifted into the limited slumber which held her down within her mind. Her smile disappeared as her eyes now droned a more serious, mysterious look as her entire body emitted an aura of superiority. Those around her could tell that she, or rather he, was not someone to initiate a conversation with and much to his pleasure, no one dared to do so as he strolled into the town of Hargeon upon Nora's desire that burned through the back of his head.


 Oak To Hargeon [Foot Travel] AODcS62

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