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Clean Up Crew [Quest | Yami]

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Clean Up Crew [Quest | Yami] Empty Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:12 pm

The smell of blood hung in the air, while a crescent moon sat high in the starry night sky. Beams of light illuminated a darkened home, two floors with a growing green garden and picture white fence, it was a lovely family home. The outside looked like something out of a dream, but the inside was a nightmare. The body of a middle aged man was pinned to a wall with nails crucifix style, with his eyes removed and forks placed in the sockets. His body was decorated in slash marks that appeared to have been made by a fine blade. On the floor lying eagle style with kitchen knives piercing limbs and impaling them to the floor was a young boy of only eight years. His face had been removed of his ears, eyelids, nose and mouth, before he had been skinned alive, the floor was pooled with blood two inches deep.

Sobbing could be heard coming from the kitchen as a young woman in her late twenties was pinned naked to a counter, hands impaled with a knife and tied together with a rope. Standing opposite her was a tall man over six feet in height redressing himself after his little fun with the beautiful brunette. The man was a wind mage by the name of Yami, a psychotic killer who cared not for social norms. Fixing his suit jacket he turned to look back at the sobbing woman ignoring her miserable cries. The mage walked over and curled his fingers around the butcher knife in her hands and pulled it out, "If there's anyone to blame, blame your husband for messing with the wrong people." The mage then thrust the blade down digging it deep into her heart and twisted, leaving it there.

Dusting his hands off, Yami left making his way out the back. He shut the door behind him spotting someone waiting for him by a tree. Yami approached the man in black, "Jobs done, you know where to send the cash. I'm off I've got another job tonight." The wind mage walked away leaving his employer to deal with the clean up. Yami walked away as he was to meet up with Remy Martello in half an hour for another job. The mage made sure he looked presentable ad he walked off today the meeting location.

Dressed all in black the towering wind caster blended in with the darkness of night. He was pleased with his previous work. He had caught the family while in bed, first dragging the husband and wife downstairs there cries awaking their son who came down to investigate. The rest was history as he pinned the boy and mother before torturing the father. The nails had come from the husbands workshop. After he finished the father he tortured the little boy slicing off his nose, ears, eyelids and lips before skinning him alive. The mother was last, he took his time to enjoy her shredding her cloths and taking her, before killing her. His target had been the husband but he had been told to kill the entire family.

WC: 520


Clean Up Crew [Quest | Yami] Empty Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:50 am

Yami made his way to the meeting point where he came across Remy Martello waiting for him by a street light. The tall mage approached and bowed his head in greeting to the gangster. Remy began walking away asking Yami to follow behind, with orders given the wind mage followed after the gangster. As they walked Remy would go into detail of the quest. At a building undergoing construction the Martello Family got into a tussle with a smaller crime family. At the beginning it was just arguing but eventually someone pulled a gun and a blood battle began with both sides suffering causalities. Out of the seven bodies that Yami would find three belonged to the Martello the other four the smaller family. What Remy wanted Yami's help for was to drag the bodies of the Martello's out back where they would be collected and transported for a proper burial. The other bodies were to be dragged in order to be chopped up and disposed off. Yami nodded his head in understanding and the moment they arrived at the building undergoing construction, Remy retrieved an axe and made room at a table.

The wind mage went to work first grabbing two bodies that belonged to the rival family. The martello's were all dressed in well fitted black suits that were made from expensive material, where as the smaller family was dressed in coloured baggy clothing. Yami dragged two corpses over to Remy and laid them out on the table. Remy immediately got to work and began using the axe to chop off the right arm off the first corpse, before chopping that arm into smaller pieces and shoving them in a bag. While Remy was cutting the first guy up, Yami grabbed the next two corpses and began dragging them over to the cutting table dropping them on the ground.

With the chopping corpses moved, Yami walked over to the corpses of the Martello Family. He picked two up throwing them over his shoulders, before picking the third up Bridal style as it was a woman;s body, Yami then made his way slowly to the back of the building. As he arrived as he greeted to the sight of a black funeral wagon surrounded by five martello's. Yami greeted the Martello's and gave his sincere apologies for their loss. The mage then laid the woman down first before placing the two males down beside her. Once the corpses were on the wagon the Martello's escorted it away.

Yami turned around and walked back into the building where Remy had cut up the first two bodies. Yami walked over and retrieved a second axe, after placing the two bodies on the table, and began to lend a hand. Yami swung the axe using it to slice and dice the body up into tiny little pieces and shoved them into a bag without a care. As the last two bodies were cut up, Remy retrieved the axe and paid Yami thanking him for his assistance. The mage nodded his head, knowing to keep quiet about what happened here. With his money in hand Yami walked off disappearing into the night.


WC: 530
TWC: 1050 / 100

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