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Clash of Yin and Yang [Kon | Fight Green]

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Clash of Yin and Yang [Kon | Fight Green] Empty Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:40 am

The sun shined high in the sky above the streets of Hargeon on this summer day. It was midday and the streets were a hustle and bustle as people walked back and forth going about their daily deeds. Laughter filled the air as people took in the sight of the local peformers, throwing tips there way. Children would run and point in excitement at all the sights. Today was a wonderful day not a cloud in sight, the streets were picture perfect it was like something out of a fairy tale. Not a single piece was out of place, or so they thought, less they knew a dark cloud was beginning to loom over their happy little town. What exactly was this dark cloud and what did it seek, the what it sought was easy, utter chaos and destruction, to bring ruin to all it stumbled upon. To drown happiness beneath the blackened depths of the rumbling darkness within their body.

The source of this dark cloud was a creature none would seek to suspect, it was a tiny girl no more than four foot ten in height. The girl appeared twelve maybe thirteen years of age with a round heart shaped face, soft beautiful snow white skin with flowing long black hair that shimmered in the rays of the sun. Her eyes were a sparkling bright red that twinkled as if they were diamonds, they seem to light up her face enhancing her complexetion. The girl had a lithe but developed figure wearing varmour reminsencet of a Viking style that although was that of a man's it clung to her body detailing her curvy figure, hugging her waist while leaving much to the imagination. The leggings of the armour covered her lower half but beneath the material she had long slender legs that seemed to go on forever. Sitting atop her head was a Viking Helmet, with twin horns sticking out on each side, the helmet even in place allowed her beauty to shine hiding nothing beneath it. One could describe has a raven haired snow white beauty.

The most notable feature of the beauty, besides her look was the massive sword in her right hand, the flat edge resting on her shoulder. The blade was over two meters in length, a blade that surpassed the girl in size, so wide she could easily hide behind it. The swords edge gleamed in the sun revealing its razor sharp edge as a weapon designed for taking lives. Other than the weapon, floating beside the girl was an odd looking creature. The creature was only a few feet tall and looked like the offerspring of a grim reaper with its black body, skull face like mask and single crimson orb eye that floated between the skulls eye sockets.

The girl was Hateshiginai, Yumi known by her guildmates as Carnage but to the world, she was also called 'The Witch of Carnage' though her identity of such was not known. The Witch of Carnage had been around for over sixty years leaving a trail of bodies, while yumi looked barely fifteen, but in truth the lolita was seventy-five years of age. Just what was her secret? She was a Demon and a Worshipper of the Demon God Malum. Through countless sacrificial offerings she had been blessed by her Dark Lord and giving the gift of youth and Demon heritage.

The lolita walked into an opening area of the trees, over twenty meters long and wide, twenty by twenty. Yumi cranned her neck as she walked into the open area and towards a statue of a horse with a rider on it in the middle of the square. The demon swung her massive sword with one hand smashing it down on the stature. The blade struck the statue and a loud crash echoed through the air as the statue was obliterated, debris flying out as Yumi cleaved the statue down to its base splitting it. The demon ripped the blade out of concrete throwing a piece of debris towards a cart where it collided breaking apart and destroying the cart. Yumi spun on her heels turning to face the stunned crowds as she impaled the tip of her sword in the ground.

"Is anyone brave enough to present themself before I The Witch of Carnage!" shouted Yumi loud enough for everyone to here. At this point Yumi wasn't afraid of revealing herself. They may see her as the Witch but they would never be able to connect her to Grimoire Heart. Yumi stood in the middle, ten meters to her back, front and each side. Her companion, a Duskull named Venom, was floating beside her a meter off the ground keeping an eye out for her back.


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Times were changing and with time people do so as well, since leaving his home, the blonde haired mage’s development had been evident initially just another hound of the law, the man had reached a stage that many of his peers had failed to attain, even his allegiances had altered formerly matching that of his family now instead following that of the church. His thoughts of him joining the secret organisation were still mixed however his position in the faction was clear enough and tolerable as it only really required him to fight, there was no real need for him to show great loyalty towards the religion that the faction had been established. Because of the freedom he had been granted with him leaving the Rune Knights, he had returned to Hargeon in the hopes to catch out any criminals associated with those both he and the Holy Knights considered evil.

With his new attire being impractically obvious for a person whose duty focused on the removal of evil swiftly without being noticed because of this he had purchased a thin, summer cloak of a similar dark colour to wrap over himself. This cloak ran downwards just stopping at his heels and its hood was draped over his head concealing the knight's golden hair and flattening his cat-like ears. Walking through the streets of Hargeon, his focus was discretion as such chose to walk on the close to the edges of the street instead of the middle. Wanting to refrain from making a noise he had wielded his awkwardly large staff with both hands while walking without a misstep as if he were a cat.

His goal for today though was that of relaxation, he had spent the past couple of weeks, heck the last few months constantly on his toes ready to fight against villainous individuals who sought to harm the Rune Knights or even the more neutral parties that would harm any who crossed them in the case of the Archmage whom he interacted with just a week ago. He had been recommended to take a look at one of the location attractions, the statue of the late Edmond De Floyd, an accomplished soldier who fought against the lost and damned that invaded Hargeon’s docks centuries ago.

The odd thing was he couldn’t recall who had suggested the location but he decided there might be something significant about the area, enough at least to warrant him seeing the statue. Approaching the statue from the rear two things came to focus, the horse of course as well as someone whom he had only just recently encountered, the girl who attacked the Rune Knights not once, but twice. He was able to identify her through both her small stature and gigantic sword, Her attention appeared to be drawn upon the statue destroying it with one clean swing. The sheer raw power that she demonstrated was shocking, to say the least but it was always ill-advised to underestimate an opponent simply because of their appearance.

Ignoring the mass destruction, he continued to watch as she continued her rampage resulting in a cart behind her being destroyed as she removed her sword from the ground before twirling to face the crowd formerly behind her. He meanwhile was to the left of her and would only just be in her view if she turned her head. The time was now, he had continued to move through the crowd during the chaos she had created though remained within the group just enough to get a clear view of the child. Overall a mere 8 meters separated the lolita and the Holy Knight as a man of action he wasted no time still concealed in his cloak and the awestruck crowd which created a 2-meter view-obstructing wall, he rose his staff just enough to cast his summons which would be otherwise hidden from the small girl.

Suddenly massive tears in the sky broke out as his angels crashed down from the sky, all hovering directly over the ground pouncing down upon her, meanwhile his rat and more powerful wolf also fell downwards to the left and right of the girl which simply gnawed at girl’s legs in an attempt to trap, distract her, as well as break the armour that encased her.

The largest of his summons, Seraphiel summoned to position itself at the rear of the girl and targeted the ground which she stood on as she continued to speak using its Lightbringer spell that would deal devastating damage to anything within the 3 meter radius that it focused on, this was done as he lowered from the ground, while still hovering 3 meters in the air ready to take off to follow after the demon.

Meanwhile Adriel crashed down in front of the girl as a feint while as it had imbued its shield during the period in which it had fallen from the skies to defend itself which in turn would allow him to respond with a follow upswing of his magical pummel aimed at the girls helm, had the girl refrained from attacking the angel with a magical blow, Adriel would still attempt to defend itself regardless and follow up with a physical blow of his own still targeting the girls helm, all while hovering slightly closer to the ground.

Cassiel had positioned itself to the right above the girl after the Lightbringer spell had ended, it had cast not only its sword but also the cut spell associated with it cutting diagonally to avoid cutting the angels. Likely now without a helm, due to the sheer barrage of attacks that would occur to her without warning Cassiel would simply drop downwards aided by the force of gravity with its sword being the first point to hit the girl directed at the top of her skull, likely delivering a piercing blow that could put anyone out of commission.

Of course, had she chosen to attempt to use his summons to protect herself he would simply cast them away and recast them later when a more appropriate time came up.

Equipment used:
Staff of the countless ages 2x S, Onyx Archmage Robes 2x S

Spells used:
Giant Rat, Black Wolf, Cassiel, Cassiel's Sword, Cassiel's Cut, Cassiel's Dominion, Adriel's Magical Pummel, Adriel's Shield, Adriel's Dominion, Seraphiel, Seraphiel's Lightbringer, Serpahiel's Dominion.

Mana used 2175/2700:
Mana Pool: 2500 + 200 from robes
Mana restored per turn: 50
Base mana cost: 1250
Mana cost reduction: 50%


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While Yumi was occupied on the crowd in front of her, lurking behind the demon on her right was the floating creature Duskull known to its master as Venom. The skull masked floating cloth of a monster looked around with its one big eye watching the sides and back of its master to make sure none would attempt to get the jump on her. The creature's lone eye glowed as he caught movement to the left, turning to face the left of his master he spotted a tear opening up in the sky. Floating to the left the companion released a cry "Dusk!" cried the creature loud enough to alert its master to the sudden strange sight.

Yumi hearing her companions cry to her left, she spotted Duskull had moved his position. Across from her eight meters away a tear in the sky appeared. As the sky tore open three strange angelic looking beasts began to descend, while at the same time two creatures resembling a wolf and a rat charged towards her current location appearing to want to take a bite out of her. Yumi cared not for the creatures deciding to take care of them as quickly as possible. The five would be closing in on her. The demon stomped her right foot on the ground and extended her arms out to the side, swiping the left through the air while doing so. These three actions were performed simultaneously, in order to chain together three sets of individual spells in order to maximum effiency in a short span of time as a strange glowing circle formed beneath her.

Black magical energy came to life expanding out from the tiny demon's body. Magical energy poured out from her shoulder blades growing outwards as simular energy manipulated itself around her into four shapes inside the expanding dome of magical energy. Black mana expanded out in the shape of a dome, as within the dome two long wings each with a 1.5m long wingspan stretched out from her shoulder blades. As the wings formed, taking shaping around Yumi appeared four long magical swords, black in colour. Each sword was 2m in length, 30cm in width and 2cm thickness. The dome would expand out to collide with all the incoming beasts to not only deal damage, but slow down their movements as the dome expanded to cover a 4m diameter area around Yumim forming at speeds of 20m/s covering the distance in 20th of a second, using her left hand to grab Duskull along the way. The wings on her back would expand out and flap launching her forward at the Angel with the shield and pummel in front of her.

Yumi would give a swing of her sword using her right hand, swinging it out from the right across to the left. With the length and size of the sword, Yumi would aim to strike not only the magic pummel but the creature itself and launch it out of the way with pure strength. If she failed her wings would flap launching her ten meters up into the air in 0.5 seconds before launching her forward away from previous position but 5 meters in 0.25 seconds. Unaware of the fact this would ensure she had plenty time to avoid the incoming spell from above as it had an extended cast time. By the time the spell would hit the ground, 3 seconds had passed since the circle appeared. In those 3 seconds, the first second had been used to cast Yumi's spells, the second for them to form and before the final second was even up she had moved out of the way.

The four swords that had been formed alongside Yumi's other two spells would have reacted, moving according to her thoughts. One shot towards the rat aiming for its forehead, a second towards the throat of the wolf, the third would shoot back towards the largest of the three angels aiming for its chest, meaning the fourth blade would launch towards the smallest aimed at the head. Each sword under mental commands moved at speeds of 10m/s. Even if they were destroyed Yumi would be able to repair them.

Yumi stood in the air thanks to the help of her wings, looking down upon the five creatures eying them with curiosity, "Reminds me of a similar magic I experienced." muttered the lolita as she hefted her massive sword onto her right shoulder. Yumi wasn't about to attack, but kept a distance of 10m as she flew back to keep an eye on the situation. She kept her senses open, not dropping her guard.


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This encounter between the Holy Knight and the girl so far had not very successful, his magic wasn't the most subtle in the world giving her enough time to now only evade his summons attacks but also provide a counter-attack, her magical prowess seemed to be almost on par with her sheer strength. Recognising that the conflict between them would lead to at best a tie, Kon conceded the fight, for now, to illustrate this as each of the beings were stuck from their very first blow he cast them away as if to imply that the summons was significantly weaker than they truly were. First his lesser beast disappeared, then just as the girl was striking her blow he called away Adriel which would cause her blow to carry forward without something to strike, most likely disjointing her as she flew in the air. Both the smallest and Largest summons followed suited disappearing before they were struck by the formed swords which the girl had created. With him no longer tied down to a location due to his summons and the publics concern becoming noticeable at the disappearance of the summons who seemed to be protecting them, he made haste in disappearing with the crowd as they fled, ensuring that he remained within the crowd while keeping his head down and staff low. While he knew who she was, she would most likely only be able to guess who he was with the only hint of his identity being that of his wolves which he used when he first encountered her albeit now in a far fairer light instead of rotting when he had necromancy magic.

Turning a corner, with a group of people that were essentially shielding him from sight he relaxed ever so slightly, looking around on this unfamiliar street there were a few places that were suitable for him wait until the heat died down as he had just as easily caused the equivalent property damage. Eventually, though he selected a Tavern to which upon entering he called for a room from the tavernkeeper, before retiring to the one he received.



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Yumi clicked her teeth in annoyance as she watched the creatures disappear into thin air as if they had given up. Yumi slashed her massive blade through the air and hefted it up onto her back, where she clicked it into place with a leather strap to hold it up. The demon flapped her wings and descended down towards the ground. As her dainty feet touched the cobblestone ground her wings folded behind her. The demon looked around with her crimson hues to find out who had summoned them but they were probably long gone by now. The demon clicked her teeth in annoyance as she surveyed the frightened crowd.

The demon scowled as her wings expanded in size, it was time to get out of her and let things cool down. She had already caused a disturbance and it wouldn't take long for the authorities to arrive. Sure she could easily deal with them but she couldn't be bothered. Stretching out her wings to full length the demon took flight rising up ten meters and flew off into the town. Yumi would fly over rooftops covering a lot of distance in a short amount of time before landing down in an ally way. Cancelling out her spell Yumi walked off into the distance.


Clash of Yin and Yang [Kon | Fight Green] FIXCi2K
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