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Right into the news! [Shura]

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Geb was sitting at the coffee shop in Hargeon this morning, just enjoying a cup of tea. It was sweet, but at the same time had a hint of mint in its flavor. Truly quite the master, whoever happened to make this particular cup. Reading the newspaper, Geb put his feet up and scanned the contents. Nothing new, just a rehash of the big happenings that almost every newspaper had already informed him of. He wished that some place would focus more on local stories than all of these things that major networks reported better. They needed exclusives, that was the word. Reminded him of a certain box, something that started with an X. He would try to remember that later. Geb would put the newspaper down and get onto his feet, finishing the last sip of his tea as he went up to order another one. This place was packed, and he had the best seat in the house. Of course, because of his demonic presence, people were scared to sit next to him, which made sense. Grabbing one more minty tea, Geb sat back down and looked out the window to the windy streets of the town. He let out a sigh. You know, ever since he became a demon, people never sat by him anymore. What a shame, really...

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura found himself walking down a sidewalk, wanting to find his way to the coffee shop. It was rather early for him in the morning. It was not a training day so usually slept in to get some extra sleep before taking care of daily business. For some reason he couldn't sleep, nightmares plagued his mind. No doubt caused by the phantom that came and go as he pleased. He let out a huge yawn, and shook his head trying to shake off the grogginess.

This was his award for not being able to sleep. So he figured it was just better to get some coffee circulating through his system. He was going to the local coffee shop where a wanted man caused some trouble for the city. Only to be unopposed by the authorities that governed the land. The Rune Knights had been lacking a bit lately and it was starting to show. The riff raff was getting bolder. Thanks to Blue Pegasus they took care of the main threat. People were still a bit relied up, looking over their shoulder at every turn. Worried that something could happen, this wasn't the first time the common folk were like this. It was like that in Era were Grimore heart failed before. He found the coffee shop and made his way in. He passed a man that had his feet kicked up reading the paper. Shura did not make much of it but there was something amiss about him.

Then he showed up again. Geno was sitting at the table across from the man reading the paper drinking his tea. Of course the man was not aware of the Phantom staring him down. “Oi! Grab me a glass would ya!” The giant's tone came off in a comedic manner. Knowing full well that he was only a figment of Shura's mind. He could tell something was not usual about the man who sat down at this table. Instead he just waited for Shura to come back out with a glass. Five minutes passed and Shura came walking out of the coffee shop. Shura ignored Geno of course not saying much and sat down one table away. Geno chuckled and returned to Shura's imagination. This only left Shura and the man. Shura removed the mask on his face and began to drink. He saw the paper that was currently in use. “Can I look at that when you are finished?”

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Geb had just been complaining in his head about nobody wanting to sit with him or even approach him, yet here he was. The man seemed to be silent for a little bit, before asking Geb to hand over the paper. Geb liked how polite the man was, actually. It wasn't passive aggressive polite or trying too hard polite, but rather seemed real. Geb nodded, and put down the paper, sliding it to the man. "Sure, I'm essentially done with it anyways. If I were to be honest, you won't find this paper is interesting, just old news really."

Geb took a sip of his tea now, as he looked over to the man. He seemed like a big guy, for Geb at least. Geb could do with a chat right now, he was getting bored of just sitting around and reading a crappy newspaper. So, Geb began to think of topics in his brain and spoke the first one that seemed proper to start off a discussion with.

In the paper, the most interesting piece was probably about the Olmec statues. Geb figured he'd try to talk about that. It was recent, it was relevant, it was interesting, and Geb had already had an experience with one, or even two in the past week. "Did you hear about those statues that had been popping up all over the place? I managed to get a look at two of them myself, actually. They're quite amazing." Geb hoped this at least was enough to spark up a little discussion in this bland morning of his. Everything needed to pick up, and it was up to him to do that.

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Shura Ranzu †
Sitting one table away he drank the sweet, hot liquid that sat in his cup. It wasn't naturally sweet but due to adding in sugar cubes he was able to make it so. He stirred the liquid while waiting on some form of answer from the nicely dressed man. But there was something off putting, almost dangerous. This feeling was not familiar to Shura. This man exerted a certain kind of presence. A twisted presence that acted as a pressure that made Shura feel weakened. With the large weapon on his back he was ready for anything to pop off at a moments notice. But he did not show that in his face. See the thing about Shura is he was able to keep cool in situations. It made him feel uneasy sure, but due to experiencing true terror at the hands of the apparition installing insanity. He was a bit prepared for this kind of thing. But he still felt all the weaker regardless of his iron clad will.

The man responded kindly, but that did not change the feeling Shura experienced. “I have been out of the loop so it would all be new to me.” A chuckle followed this response, accompanied by a smile. Shura continued to drink more of the tea and looked ahead. His mind was riddled with unanswered questions. This man sitting before him only reinforced the idea in the back of Shura's head. He needed to obtain more power. But the question was how could he do such a thing. Sure power did not come overnight, it was worked for. He just did not know where exactly to start. Maybe he could get some information from his ancestor later.

The man spoke once more this time about the statues. Statues that were rumored to give power to those who were able to answers the riddles. A few had already been answered but this sudden appearance only meant more. “Yes I have heard of them, but I have never seen them up close. I will have to go out and see them for myself. What brings you to this place? I have never seen you around Hargeon before. There is a certain, air about you that intrigues me.”


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Geb didn't even notice that the man had been effected by his demonic powers, in fact, Geb thought that perhaps the man was immune to them simply due to the fact he actually sat near the demon. Either way, Geb was just about finished his tea. He'd have to order another one after this.

The man spoke of not being caught up, which was a bit deplorable, but it wasn't too bad. While it certainly wasn't a good idea not to be up to date in current events, at least judging by the way he talked he was an honest man instead of a snobby rich boy.

The man spoke of the Olmec statue, before switching the topic to why Geb had been here. It was an odd change, but Geb would take the question and answer it. "Well, Hargeon has essentially become a second home." And Geb was right, he was here for months and months on end. He really needed to go back to Oak, but.. it just seemed like hargeon was where all the action was at right now. "Usually I'd be in Oak, running my gallery and whatnot. That being said, it seems like Hargeon is really busy in a good way at the moment, so I find it much more profitable and interesting to stay here." he said, before leaning back in his seat and putting his arms behind his head, lounging a little. He felt comfortable around this man. "Unless you mean the coffee shop. In that case, I just can't get enough of the minty tea."

"And what about you my friend? What brings you here, to Hargeon, to this little cafe? Perhaps you're just fond of the drinks here as well?"

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Shura Ranzu †
Shura continued to drink his tea while listening to the man. He had a look of arrogance that added to the shroud of mystery. While he spoke he rattled his brain around idea of what this man was exerting just by being present. How could one get such a power that does that. Then a tiny man, appeared on the table. It was Geno. “Interesting, I haven’t seen one of these in a long time.” Geno was referring to Geb as an individual. Apparently he knew exactly what Geb was but did not say. Shura’s eyes cut down to the tiny man on the table. A worried look followed because he knew if he said something to Geno he would appear crazy. So he did his best to ignore Geno. He tried to cover up the nervous look with a drink from his tea. Shura focused back on the man before him as he spoke. Geno walked around the table looking at the enlarged objects. Shura was not aware that Geno could do such a thing like shrink himself. He was truly slipping deeper into madness.

Shura waited till the individual finished speaking and began to speak. “Interesting, Hargeon is my home because mine was taken from me long ago. I have never been to Oak but I plan to rather soon.” Before he could speak he was cut off. Geno looked up at Shura with a twinkle in his eyes. The look of a child given a new toy on christmas morning. “You should totally join Phantom Lord! Well that is if it still exists. This guy is from Oak ask him about it.” Of course the man would not be able to hear Geno or see him. Only Shura could do that.

Shura looked down and gave the shrunken menace a look of annoyance. He played it off as if he was wiping something off his shirt. “I haven’t gazed upon fine art in some time, I could maybe visit? As for this shop, all of their goods are quite delicious. You should try the coffee if you get the chance. The name is Shura by the way.” Shura did not want to give a last name just in case if his man knew of it. Geno rolled his eyes behind the mask and turned to the individual waiting for a answer.


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Geb was done his tea now, but before he could go and grab some more for himself he would have to wait for the discussion to slow down a little bit. The man certainly was quite interested in what Geb was saying, at least judging by his speech. Then again, this world was full of liars.. but to counter that counter argument, there was no reason to lie about small talk in a coffee shop. Or was there? Who knew.

The man said his name, so Geb only found it fair to say his name back. "I suppose I will have to try the coffee." Geb glanced down at his empty tea cup, perhaps he'd grab some tomorrow when he stopped by in the morning. "My name is Geb." Geb made sure not to say his last name as the man didn't seem to want to reveal his either. Was probably for the best anyways. Geb relaxed his pose a little bit. This man was interesting, he reminded him of someone, but he wasn't sure who.. oh well, if he couldn't remember the person the resemblance wasn't that strong anyways. Still though, the man was strong enough to ignore or possibly withstand his demon effect.. that in itself was impressive. "If you visit Oak, go to the Majura Gallery. It's the one I run. If you tell the staff I sent you, they should treat you well."

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Shura’s glass had finally run empty and this conversation was coming to a close. Shura looked down at his sleeve and pulled up his watch. He had spent too much time here and he needed to take care of some business. So it was about time to wrap this up. Of course he wasn’t going to be rude about it. The miniaturized Geno got up and walked towards Shura’s cup and utensils. He was keeping himself entertained by comparing the size of things to himself. He must have had the intention span of a gerbil. Shura watched Geb intently for a answer trying not to let Geno distract him from the conversation at hand. The cup made a clanking sound as Shura put it down. He picked up the napkin and wiped his mouth before replying. “You should, will help put some pep in your step.”

Shura pulled his small satchel out filled with jewels. Geb pushed his gallery and Shura was generally interested in learning about Oak. He pulled out some jewels to leave a tip. Shura stood up from his seat and threw the napkin on the table. Geno wanted to say something but he covered by the dirtied napkin. It muffled the words getting ready to leave his mouth. “I will take you up on that. But I hate to be rude and cut our conversation short. I must go and take care of business.” He left the jewels on the table and exited the area. “Good day to you Geb.”



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It seemed like the men's conversation had reached the end judging from how Shura had left a tip on the table. "Very well, I too have some business I'd rather take care of. You have a good day, Shura." Geb began to get up soon after Shura did to go and pay for his meal and leave a tip. Exiting the coffee shop, Geb thought about the encounter. Shura, eh.. there sure were a fair deal of interesting people in Fiore. Perhaps it would be a good idea for him to meet them all. After all, life would be boring without a few friends in his pocket. Not to mention, he needed allies in this time of chaos, and the only way to accomplish that was to go and talk to people. Shura really taught him something, and as Geb exited the coffee shop on that windy Hargeon day, he thought about how he could find ways to get more and more people in his life. It was time to stop constantly being alone, and begin to find ways to expand not only his business but his goals with these people, and maybe make a friend or two he could really count on along the way. Geb nodded as he continued onward with his day, one more person he would know from here on out.


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