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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro]

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#1Genjiro Yamada 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:36 pm

Genjiro Yamada
The old man who went by the name Genjiro Yamada was making his way down towards the Hargeon Docks. The old man was walking slowly, with the aid of a long walking stick that matched his six foot two frame. He appeared small and fragile while wearing his eastern attire, the haori draped over his shoulders like a blanket. But looks could be deceiving Genjiro was far more than he appeared. Under all that clothing he had a physically fit frame that could be described as muscular covered in scars. He had retained his fit form from years of toiling away at the land.

Genjiro had accepted a quest this day in order to take part in a local bit of reconstruction on behalf of Reign Valystasia, the young lord of the seaside town. Genjiro had received word about the young lord hiring help while in the main square when he had been walking by on his morning walk. He took a walk every morning to keep his health. The old man walked at his own pace, slower than those around him, but he did not hold up traffic as people parted to make way for the eighty plus year old man with shiny bald head, long mustache and beard that reached his waist.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:30 pm

The young human giant like Magic Council Rune Knight standing at a towering height of six feet and , that was Salem Pendragon made his way down the semi crowded streets of the port town of Hargeon. Salem only thinking of what was to come of the request that he had taken earlier today of the local request board. Hopping that it would be any easy task as Salem was just in the look for some quick jewels figuring that he had now been in the town of Hargeon for a few days it was time for him to do a little shopping at some of the magic shops he had managed to spot as he walked through the town on his little night adventure that led in meeting a strange cat so to say.

Still walking Salem would soon come to find himself nearing the entrance of the docks, this being the location of the quest. Standing at the front of the docks, the young Rune Knight would proceed to glance around and look to see who was coming in and out of the dock area. Wanting to get a general idea of the area before he entered it figuring it would give the young Magical Scholar some insight to the town and what he was truly about to be doing today.
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#3Genjiro Yamada 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:44 am

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro came to a fork in the cobblestone streets of Hargeon. The old man raised his right hand off his walking stick, leaving his left to support his frame, and began stroking his long beard. The old mage appeared deep in thought with his eyes shut. One street would lead to the docks and the other would circle around and lead the fire caster back into the main streets of the fishing town. The long bearded man made a noise as he contemplated the path to take, recalling on his memory he was to meet his client at the docks. Turning right Genjiro began heading down the street towards the docks leaving the main streets behind and welcomed the fishy smell that arose from the docks to assault his nose.

The fishy scent was far from the worst smell Genjiro had experienced in his life. He had shoveled manure, dead corpses and worse in his years on this planet, so a little fishy smell didn't bother him. The relic from the past walked on through the streets enjoying the rustic scenery of nearby buildings, while stopping to say hello to the good folk of Hargeon. Genjiro would eventually arrive at his destination, watching as a young lord shouted instructions to a working crew as they went about building a house from the ground up, with only the base cement flooring in.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:25 pm

Standing at the entry way of the docks looking at the flow of traffic, the young Rune Knight Salem figured that he might as well make was way into the dock area so that he could begin his quest that was at hand. Having no actual location for his quest giver but the docks Salem figured that it be best if he start searching now so that he could begin with his job for the day. Moving through the docks Salem would come to notice that a lot of different spots in the area were under reconstruction or had some form of renovation going on. This showing Salem somewhat of what he was most likely going to be tasked with doing today as he continued threw the docks looking for the man that new went by the name Reign Valystasia from what Salem remembered.

Upon speaking to a few of the construction crews that he had come find, Salem would soon make light as to where the man named Reign was. Proceeding to approach the man Salem and the man would begin to have a conversation of what was to come of the task today.

“Ah it’s nice to see you have managed to make it Mr. Pendragon, and today’s task shall not be to hard I just need you to help In the reconstruction in whatever manner you feel fit to help. Though strangely I am waiting on one more person to show up who might possibly assisting you today” Upon Reign finishing speaking he and Salem would proceed to shake hands as the young Rune Knight waited a little while to see if the other person was going to show up to help.
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#5Genjiro Yamada 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:23 pm

Genjiro Yamada
As Genjiro made his approach towards the young noble lord, Reign Valystasia, the old timer came to find the man was far from being alone as someone stood beside him. Of Genjiro's two closed eyes the right began to slowly open, but by only a fraction allowing him a decent view of the person standing beside Reign. It was a young man reaching his twenties maybe but was definitely in his late teenage years, with black hair that reminded Genjiro of the long black locks of hair he once had in his youth. Like Genjiro the youth too had red eyes, but unlike Genjiro's which had dulled with age they still had a bright sparkle of youth. The old man began his approach his walking stick making a soft tapping noise on the cobblestone path which turned to a wooden road as he made his entrance.

The old man would walk up until he was two meters from them and began stroking his beard with his right hand, "My apologies for being late. I wanted to conserve as much strength as I could, in doing so I walked slower than I would normally." The old man spoke in a soft, yet strong and overly polite voice. The bald man with a long X shaped scar on his head that passed through his eyes bowed in greeting to the two, "I am Yamada, Genjiro. Genjiro being my first name. Pleased to make your acquaintance."

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:01 pm

Standing almost completely still and motionless not making a sound while proceeding to be waiting, Salem could only let his mind begin wonder around as to what was still to come of the rest of this task and the day at hand as he was unsure how long he wanted to wait and see if the other person showed up to help him. Salem wondering what kind of person it would be considering he had only met a few people while being in the town he had yet to honestly get a feel of those that seemed to make this town home. And one could only hope that they did not get paired on a job with a person that seemed unpleasant or un liked by their partner in the case at hand as Salem was hoping this would not be the situation with whomever it be he was waiting for.

And soon enough the young Rune Knight would come to see a strange old man making his way towards Salem and the Noble that he patiently waited with, and soon enough as Salem figured the old man would manage to make his way to the spot of Salem and Reign. The old man would start off his conversation by apologizing for being late something Salem took a little respect in as punctuality was something very important especially in the Rune Knights. Finishing his apology the old man would proceed to introduce himself as Yama Genjiro , making sure to state that Genjiro was his first name.

Seing that both man had now managed to gather round Reign would begin to converse with both of the man taking a slight break from his work. “Well seeing as both of you are here it times you begin with the quest you to have taken today. And that being that I need you both to go around and help with the reconstruction in whatever way you to see fit. You two may choose to work together or separate the choice is yours”. Finishing talking Reign would instantly leave the young Rune Knight Salem in the company of the old man as he proceeded to make his way back to working on the reconstruction.

“Well nice to meet you Genjiro, I am Salem Pendragon Apprentice Rune Knight of the Magic Council, and it seems I will be assisting you today with the reconstructions if you so choose.”
Speaking to the old man Salem would try and talk loud enough to make sure he could hear in case of any hearing problems though making sure not to come off to loud as he did not want to scare the old man Genjiro.
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#7Genjiro Yamada 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:27 pm

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro turned his head from the youngest of the group, in order to lock eyes with the client. Reign didn't have much to add as he explained that they would help out with the reconstruction that was going on around them as they saw fit. Meaning they wouldn't be forced to work in any one area and could decide what they wanted to assist with. After that Reign had gone on to add that the two of them could work together or separately, being their decision. The old man stroked his long beard in a sagely manner. The way he stroked his beard, as if deep in thought, appeared to suit his overall appearance, appearing as if he was some enlightened old mage. Genjiro's lone eye that was opened turned its focus to the ongoing construction sizing up what needed to be done. He wanted to maximum effort while using the least amount of strength required. The last thing he wanted was to overwork his aging body. He was far from being as young as he use to. It was one of the reasons he had sold the farm as he was just to old to continue.

Genjiro was pulled from his internal monologue when the black haired youth spoke up, introducing himself as Salem Pendragon, Apprentice for the Rune Knights. "Hoooh, a Rune Knight, fascinating." Spoke the old man both his widening with curiosity as an odd twinkle appeared within them. "This old man would be honoured if you were to assist me. I'm not as young as I use to be, hehehehe." Commented the bald man with a cheerful laugh that made his beard shake side to side. The old man began rubbing his shoulders and stretched his limbs warming up for work.

Genjiro slipped his arms up through his sleeves and out of his upper clothing spreading them to his waist as his Haori fell to the floor.As the clothing piece fell it revealed a surprisingly muscular build that had been hidden beneath bulky clothing, the old man was ripped. His entire body however was scarred in scarring some almost sixty years old others only a few months old. It looked like he had gone through the blender. The old man swiped his right hand through the air and a wave of heat exploded out from his body as fire engulfed his muscles. The fire was absorbed into his body enhancing strength.

Genjiro approached a pile of wooden beams, having tossed his walking stick aside, bent down and coiled his arms around one of said beams. His muscles tensed and he grunted as he lifted with his back. Genjiro's muscles bulged as veins appeared running down his arms as he hefted the beam up into the air and onto his right shoulder. The old man would look over his shoulder, "Let's get to it young Salem, HEHEHEHE!" laughed out the joyful old man as he got to work, he was no stranger to hard work.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:50 am

After introducing himself Salem would proceed to stay silent, waiting to see what was to come. And as the young Rune Knight stood, he would manage to make eye contact with the old man that had just introduced himself as Genjiro. Looking into the old man’s eye, Salem would be able to grasp a better look of the man. Seeing that like he the man also had red eyes though night as bright and piercing as one would come to see Salem’s eyes as. Salem would also come to grasp a better look at the old mans completely bald head, that ,managed to muster a giant scare on it that Salem was sure had some great story behind it. Though the most shocking thing to Salem about Genjiro was even though the old man was completely bald up top he managed to have a great long beard as well as super bushy white haired eyebrows.

Something that sort of made the old man stand out to Salem, especially since Genjiro was also close to the height of the young Rune Knight, though still falling a few inches shorter then Salem. The old man would even seem to take delight In Salem being a Rune Knight, stating to the young Magical Scholar that he would be honored to work with him. This making the young Rune Knight feel slightly better about the task that was about to be at hand feeling that even if Genjiro was way older he seemed he would be at least fun to talk to while they worked. Salem at first thinking the old man would probably slow him down would easily be proven wrong the moment the old man Genjiro decided to remove his cloak and show the massive muscles that he had stored under it. Muscles that Salemw as sure could only come with great training and dedication, thus making Genjiro even more interesting then he already was to the young Magical Scholar. Salem feeling that Genjiro had lived a long life and was bound to have some tales.

Genjiro would seem to take the charge of getting to work, instantly getting to work on the project that stood in front of the two, showing off his might buy picking up rather a quite large beam that Salem figured he used some kind of magic to assist in . Seeing everyone else fast at work Salem figured none the less that it was time for him to get to work as well with assistance the old man Genjiro.“What other supplies do you think we shall need Genjiro ?” .


#9Genjiro Yamada 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:35 pm

Genjiro Yamada
Genjiro gripped the massive wooden beam that was at least four meters in length as he glanced back towards Salem. The young lad had asked him what else they would need. The bald headed man turned his head in the direction where a magical nail gun lye, "Young one grab us the nail gun. I'll hold the beams in place while you nail them in. When my strength begins to wane I must ask that we switch." Instructed the old man as he then walked over to the concrete slab. Above the concrete floor was a layer of timber to creating the flooring for the housing structure. The old man walked over and set the beam down holding it up in place on a marked line. There was markings along the timber flooring indicating where the support beams were supposed to go.

Time would tick away as Genjiro slaved away with the help of his young colleague. The old man would carry beams out until he ran out of steam and would kindly ask Salem to take over for him, allowing the old man to nail the beams in place. During the time Genjiro would regale tales of a long past. [color=#ff9900]"Reminds me back when I was a young lad in the army. My platoon and I were sent out as a relief crew to aid in the reconstruction of a small fishing village off the coast of East Fiore. The people there had been ravaged by a flood that wiped out their community. Though they experienced disaster it did not let the people down, everyone was cheerful lending aid to those who needed it. Every night was a party after a days of hard work. We drank until the cows came home and when the day arose, even with the hang overs we toiled away hard at work/[.color]" Recalled the old man as he spouted off a little of his past.

He even regaled of a time as a mercenary when he had been his team had been hired to retrieve someones missing cat. The cat had led them all over Era playing a game of cat and mice mixed with hide and seek. The cat had sent them running through garbage, even the sewers. Some of his crew had been caught in embarrassing situations, even Genjiro himself had found himself in a Gay bar. The experience made the old man laugh as he recounted the tale. Laughing at some of his own misfortunes.

Soon night was upon them and with the aid of Salem and the other workers, the skeleton for the house had been constructed. The old man collapsed on a stack of timber using a cloth to wipe away the sweat from his bald head that glistened in the moon light. As Genjiro rested the client, Reign would walk over, "I thank you to for your assistance in helping with the reconstruction. As a token of my thanks please take this." The young noble would then part with the jewels owed for the quest handing them over to Salem and Genjiro.

The old man accepted the payment while redressing himself and grabbing his walking stick. "Always happy to lend a hand." Said the old man with a cheerful smile before looking to Salem, "Young Salem, would ye care to grab a cold beer with this old fool tonight?" Regardless of the answer Genjiro would walk off his destination a local bar. If Salem followed the old man would share a cold beer with him. If not the old man would declare he hoped to cross paths with the young man once again as he departed.

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest | Salem | Genjiro] Empty Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:29 pm

Seeing Genjiro work, Salem would come to see that the old man really did have some skill in this line of working seeming to do it with ease. Salem seeming to be a little lost at first, considering the fact that as soon as Genjiro asked Salem to look for the nail gun the young Rune Knight got himself lost. Having been one who was never really into physical labor the young Rune Knight tried his best to keep up with the old man that was seeming to work circles around him. Though Salem was coming to enjoy the company of the old man as while they worked the old man Genjiro would proceed to tell Salem as story of his youth. The story would be one of back in the day when Genjiro had found himself in the army and his platoon had found themselves out on a task that they had been sent on, in some strange fishing village that Salem was not too sure of. Though none the lease the young Rune Knight was enjoying what the old man was having to say, as it was making the work that the two had to do go by faster than Salem had expected As soon Salem would find Reiqn coming to pay him and Genjiro reliving them of their job. Before the two would depart Genjiro would proceed to ask Salem if he would like to go and get something to eat. “Sure why not, im starved after all that”
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