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Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake]

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#1Chelvaric Walderkat 

Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:40 am

Chelvaric Walderkat

Chelvaric walked into the town of Hargeon. The smell of fish and seawater filled up his nose as he entered the place. He was sort of disgusted with it although he liked the smell of fish. But being out in the forest all the time made him a bit averted from the city life. He didn’t want to say it but he started to hate cities. He rather spends his time among the animals then life with people anymore.

The Exception being Snowflake of course. Since they had been on two dates he felt like they were on the breaking point of becoming more than super close friends. And he was looking forward to it. Although it also made him a bit scared that there was still a change that she would deny him or turn him away. He sighed, love was so complicated.

He shook his head and focused on the task that he was going to do here and that helped with the repairs to the buildings that were destroyed during the attack of Grimoire hearth. He started to walk through the city to find places that were destroyed as he didn’t know exactly where everything was or where his help was needed the most.


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#2Venus Rosé 

Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:47 am

Venus Rosé

It’s been at least a week since Snowflake had last seen her snow fox, Vysella and she’s been trying to search her for days, but all was sought in vain. She had been worried if the vulpix had been eating well, sleeping well but knowing that Vysella had been nothing but independent most of the time with her, she was aware that her companion would be able to manage it herself. Nevertheless, it was still her first friend that she had ever found and seeing her disappear without even informing her was a major distraught for her. She wondered if the reason for her disappearance was because of the battle that they had fought, or perhaps, did she not treat her well? Numerous questions emerged into her head and all the questions were only left to be unanswered.

Lost in her own thoughts, the young woman found herself standing near the Hargeon Docks, which reminded her of her companion, once again, for Vysella had always enjoyed her dinners with fish. The female was not one to display her emotions easily but this time, she could be seen with tears welling up her eyes which was one of the most rare occasions that has ever occurred to her. Her lips trembled and she stood still staring beyond her, the sea and the horizon in front, wondering if she would ever meet her companion again.

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#3Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was walking through the docks and looked at all the damage that was done. It seemed that the lower scum of Grimoire Heart had walked around and destroyed stuff all over the place. He would first need to find the person who was overlooking all of the construction so he could see where he was needed the most. It had no purpose in starting to rebuild randomly as he would just walk into someone’s way and that wouldn’t help anyone. He felt bad for the people that had lived in the homes as they were all homeless now. It made him so furious. Grimoires town would have to pay for what they had done here.

He hoped the guild would decide to go after them one day. He walked around when he suddenly stumbled onto a white-haired girl that was crying. At first, he thought it was someone who had lived here but then he recognized Snow as he came closer. His heart suddenly was racing. Did something bad happen to her? He ran to her side and pulled her into a hug. “Are you okay Snow?”, he would ask her. “It’s alright now I am here ill help with whatever is bothering you”, he said to her worried about what had happened.


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#4Venus Rosé 

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Venus Rosé

People were beginning to stare into her direction, whispering among their peers most likely about how strange it was to see someone breaking into tears in the middle of the road. They would probably think that she got dumped by some boy, but no, it was a much more important reason. With both of her hands covering her face, Snowflake desperately began to sob into her palm, a silent cry now a much louder wail. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she sat on her calves and hugged her knees, as if it would give her any protection. She regretted the decision of coming out of her apartment house, thinking that if she was going to end up crying she might have just stayed home.

A shadow loomed above her figure and before she could look up, the person pulled her into a hug. The scent of his body, she wouldn’t mistake it with anything else. Chelvaric. The moment she knew who it was, she wrapped her arms around his figure and sobbed into his broad chest. With tear-stained eyes and puffy cheeks, the female gazed up at the man and stated, ”…I lost Vysella. I can’t find her anywhere.”

Her arms remained intact to his body, as if it was glued to him and she was not going to let go, not yet. ”I’m sorry you had to see me like this.” She’d say, without looking up to him, embarrassed by the fact that she had let people see her in this situation. Later, she’d probably go back home and cry some more out of shame once more. ”What’re you doing here anyway?” She decided to change topics, finally letting go of his firm body and looked up at him.

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#5Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric started to stroke her hair to make her feel better while Snow started to talk. It appeared that she had lost her pet. He could relate to her since he lost his own companion Scraggy not that long ago. “It’s okay I understand. It’s best to cry out and not hold it in. ill stay by your side and I’ll help you search for her”, he said to her in a soothing voice to calm her down. He didn’t like to see her sad but he could understand why she was it and he rather had her cry it out then hold it in. when she said she was sorry he smiled.

Don’t worry about it I don’t mind, there is nothing wrong with crying now and then”, he said calmly to her and stroked some tears away from her eyes. When she asked what he was doing here he had the brilliant idea of getting her thoughts away from everything. “Ah, I am here to rebuild a couple of the buildings that got destroyed by the attack. You should join me, it would be good to get your mind on something else”, He made her follow him to the nearest construction site where by surprise the young lord was working too.


Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#6Venus Rosé 

Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 12:41 pm

Venus Rosé

”Oh, I see.” – was all she could manage after causing such a scene. Figuring that she could use it to distract herself from all her problems, she accepted Chelvaric’s offer of invitation to help him re-build some buildings nearby. After Grimoire Heart had decided to attack Blue Pegasus, their hometown was almost brought to ruins with buildings demolished and so on. Most of the civilians were helping each other out, the male working on the construction while the females assisted with providing food and other necessities. She was glad to see that the town was coming together and the least she could do at the moment was to help out the town as well.

The female nodded and let her teammate lead the way towards wherever they were meant to go. There, she would meet the young lord of the town once again, who appeared to be quite disappointed with what had occurred to his town but she was aware that the man was very nice and supportive. Despite how he, himself had tons of other things that he had to tend to, Reign Valystasia was in the scene with the other citizens, giving them support when needed and some advice. After speaking to the lord, he suggested them to help others with the construction as well in which Snowflake did not waste any second to do so. She grabbed a trolley nearby and began pushing it, collecting materials that they might need and deliver them to the other workers.

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#7Chelvaric Walderkat 

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Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric nodded to her as she said she was okay with that. The Lord explained what they had to do and how they would be of most use to the other workers. He walked over to some roof workers as he felt like he would contribute the most there with his agility. He jumped from one wall to the other till he arrived on the top. He was greeted by a couple of workers that also applauded his skills of agility. He just nodded and smiled at them and then started to help them with the work. They had to put new roof tiles on the roof and then sometimes he had to nail some wood together in really hard positions for normal humans but with his cat agility, he could do it easily.

It was hard work though and he was sweating from the late summer sun. he wondered if Snow was alright he hoped she would get a bit above the weather. He would sometimes go down to help unload the materials that Snow would bring to them. After a hard day of work, they were finally done and he went up to Snow. “Few, that was a hard work. Quite tired of it. If you don’t mind we can head to my place and I cook a nice meal for you. That way you can relax a bit and not worry about anything too”, Chelvaric said to her as he wanted to keep an eye on her for the time being to see if she was feeling better.


Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] HVEbuMl

#8Venus Rosé 

Noble Reconstruction [JOB| Chelvaric & Snowflake] Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:19 pm

Venus Rosé

Light slowly peered through the door as it opened, and the man stood still, in the shadows of the darkness of the building until he stepped forward, entering into the sunlight. No matter how many times Snowflake has seen his face, she was still not used to his eccentric appearance and would get startled every time. ”You delivered a message?” The woman asked,

Snowflake was young and fast, so the young lord placed her in charge of delivering items and other materials, which she did not mind the least. She had to make several trips back and forth to retrieve the objects and deliver them to the workers, who were working on a different construction site. Since the employees were distributed out in the area, she was required to go around the vicinity with the trolley, dropping by the materials as if she was running errands or delivering pizza, but in this case it was construction objects. Chelvaric, on the other hand, decided to take up the offer of working on the rooftops. The job suited him, nonetheless, as he was pretty agile and he could move around easily without any trouble.

The Blue Pegasus mage repeated the procedure of selecting items, placing onto the trolley and deliver them to its destinations throughout the entire day. The sun was beginning to set behind the clouds and down the mountains, casting its red and golden rays over the clouds and before she knew, the day has finally come to an end. Though the reparations were not completely finished, they had accomplished fixing most part of the city, the roads, some buildings and so on. Once they were done, all the employees would line up in a queue including the wizards as they awaited for their pay of the day.

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