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Seafood Scramble

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Seafood Scramble Empty Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:05 pm

Eva’s eyes opened slightly, a hand over her head blocking out the sunlight. She looked up at the rather famous restaurant and smiled. It was a beautiful morning with the sun blazing wildly in a cloudless sky. It had been something like a couple of days since she arrived in Hargeon and began searching for Alice. For one reason or another, the orange haired neko was nowhere to be found. She even searched in the casualties register at the Hospital but nothing came up. In the end, the situation had prompted her to abandon all hope although Eva refused to do so. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew her dear friend was alive and doing well.

After walking into the neatly built two storied structure, the mage found her eyes being drawn immediately to a display case containing all sorts of fresh and alive sea creatures, ranging from the common prawns to king crabs and many other luxuries. The many disappoints of the last couple of day had to be washed away in here, she decided, walking over to the only free table in the restaurant before sitting down with the menu in front of her.

The restaurant, that morning, seemed rather crowded than usual, everyone chattering among themselves about some sort of exciting event. “It’s the annual eating contest!” She heard an excited voice behind her. “I know! I wonder who would win this time!” Another came and then there were voices all around her. There was some sort of eating contest? What kind of glutton would want to take part in that? “I’m sure he will win again this year,” a slightly disappointed tone this time. “Yah, he wins all the time,” came a reply. Hmm, so they have some sort of champion for this too? How interesting.

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