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More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Yami]

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More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Yami] Empty on Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:34 pm

The wind mage known as Yami was lying down atop a rooftop in the middle of the Oak streets. The rooftop was concrete, but surprisingly comfy. Around the edges of the rooftop was a layer of brick providing a fence. The wind mage was lying in the middle of the rooftop with his hands behind his back. He was dressed in a black and white suit as he laid there not moving an inch. The tall mage was sound asleep, his chest gradually rising and falling as he took short soft breaths. He appeared to be the personification of peace. He was sleeping peacefully with a care in the world. The rays of the midday sun was shining down upon his lanky form like a warm blanket to keep the cool out of his bones. The phantom Lord wind mage, Yami was like a carefree child with a worry in the world as he slept soundly atop the roof.

One might wonder just why Yami was lazing about atop a rooftop. Earlier the wind mage had been tracked down by Doctor Stephan Mabuz in order to be hired for another quest. Yami was reluctant to take the quest as all he wanted to do was kick back and relax but the dear doctor had been surprisingly pushy claiming only Yami could help him with this. Reluctantly Yami had taken the quest and followed Mabuz back to his magic shop. There the dear doctor had began to explain the purpose of the quest which was a carry on of the last one the wind mage conducted on the doctor's behalf. Yami was to test out two new hexes, one was one had already used but modified. The first was the 'Decrepify' tag which is a hex that supposedly paralysed the legs of the one it was used on for an hour. When Yami had used it the effect had not been so, in fact it failed only making the target limp.

The second tag was a hex called 'magna', apparently when used it was supposed to drain the strength of whoever it was used on. From Yami's point, he could see the magna as a strong hex with potential. What mage wouldn't want to sap their enemy of all their strength, it made things easier in battle. After taking the hexes Yami had left and soon found himself on a roof where he decided to nap for a bit before testing the hexes.

Now here he was sleeping on the rooftop. THe mage opened his grey eyes and slowly sat up with a yawn as he stretched his limbs. Yami began to stand putting his hands on his knees to push his body up. He brushed off his suit getting rid of the wrinkles. He dug into his right trouser pocket with his right hand and fished out two paper tags with writing on them. The tags were the two hexes Yami was to test out on behalf of Doctor mabuz. The sooner he finished the quest the sooner he could go back to sleeping.

WC: 514


More Experimental Hexes [Quest | Yami] Empty on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:03 pm

Yami rolled his shoulders giving a loud yawn as he looked around. it was time to get to work. The tall mage leaned forward into a slouched position. He never stood with a straight posture always slouching, reflecting his lazy manner. The psycho killer craned his neck and walked towards the edge of the rooftop, he was a good six meters in the air. Yami walked up to the edge and allowed the front half of his feet to lean over. The mage looked down at the ground with a bored expression before taking a step forward with his right foot. Yami began his descent heading down towards the ground, but as he was about to land a gust of wind would circle around him slowing him down and allow his two feet to land on the cobblestone road comfortably.

Yami straightened out his jacket and walked off in order to find his two targets. He tucked the 'magna' hex away keeping a hold of the Decrepify tag. Looking for his target, Yami spotted a young woman in her early twenties ten meters from his position, she wasn't ugly but nor was she a great looker, she was average with blonde hair, blue eyes wearing skinny jeans and a black shirt. She had a decent figure as the jeans showed off her waist. Yami brushed a few bangs out of his eyes and he stood up straight his personality taking a one eighty as he flashed a lady killer smile and approached. He began to flirt with the young woman making her blush. The two laughed as Yami attempted to sweep her off her feet. His eyes twinkled as he took her by the hand and led her into a nearby ally. As he led her in he would mutter 'Decrepify' under his breath. The woman squealed as she collapsed unable to move her legs

Before she could scream, Yami removed a silk handkerchief from his pocket and shoved it in her mouth and used his left hand to pin her against a wall, fixing both her arms above her head. She struggled in his grip attempting to break free. The mage removed the second tag and pointed it at her muttering 'magna' to remove all strength from her body. However the tag glowed and Yami was encased in a magical aura. his eyes widened expecting his strength to be sapped, but instead he actually felt a little stronger. Smirking he then went to work. He tossed the woman towards a window plane on the ground shattering it on impact. He sped over grabbing a shard of glass and pinned the girl again, licking his lips with a sadistic glee. Yami went to work cutting away at her flesh listening to her whimpers as he cut up her face. He used the shard of glass like a knife to cut away at the flesh around her hands before stabbing the shard between her eyes killing her.

Yami got up off the woman and brushed his clothing off, being dressed in black you wouldn't see the red stains from the black. Yami left heading to Mabuz magic shop, on arrival he explained everything that happened. The doctor was pleased and paid Yami before telling him to leave. With a shrug of his shoulders the mage walked off to go back to his nap.

WC: 562
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