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White Claudia [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

White Claudia [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:08 pm

Audrey Namatzu

"Please don't bite!"

It was just another normal day for Audrey, wake up and get ready, feed Snowy and herself, and then start a quest and get to work. Nothing was out of the ordinary today, people bantering down the streets and the birds chirping high in the sky. Today might be the first good day she's had in a while. She set off to Dr.Mabuz's lab and kept Snowy in her backpack today, as she might end up getting in the way but she was around if needed. She walked down the back streets, making sure to avoid any kind of contact with others. The back streets took her straight to the lab, and right when she arrived the doctor was waiting for her outside on the steps. He was wiping his forehead, seeming as he has been sweating though the whether was cool and a breeze was flowing in his direction. Something was fishy here but she wasn't sure what. Then again, this was a scientist and scientists were just weird and had a little more than a little bit of psychopathic thoughts filling their minds. Whatever this guy had in store for her, she would just have to be ready to do it without any questions.

He got up and walked her inside, his hands shaking nervously. What was so nerve racking about today? Last time she saw him he was an upbeat kind of guy but now he just seemed like an insecure sociopath. Maybe all she had to do was ignore this behavior, maybe he just has some kind of sickness and is getting to the peak of it or something. Just as they made it inside he explained the experiment that he was going to do and what he needed. He pulled out some white sludgy looking liquid in a vial and said that's what he was going to be injecting into her. Now she really felt half scared and half plain disgusted. What was that shit? He didn't want to say anything else about it, as reading the expression on his face was saying it all. She promised herself she wouldn't ask question and he led her to a dark back room with one chair and a light dangling above it. This reminded her of one of those horror movies that she watched not too long ago that had a scene like this and that scene she found the scariest out of the whole movie. What if she turned into a monster or something?

He signaled to her to sit down in the chair and she felt uncomfortable about it but did as she was told and he strapped her down, tying down her wrists, ankles, and waist so she couldn't move. The chair also seemed to be bolted to the floor so it would be impossible for her to get out. Before she could ask any questions he injected the fluid into her arm and for a few seconds, it didn't feel like anything. After those few seconds the world around her changed dramatically. She looked around frantically, her eyes darting from place to place, still unable to get up. The room now had blood splatters, pieces of broken and rusted metal scattered around and a bi- THERE WAS A GIANT MONSTER WHERE DR.MABUZ WAS!!! She started to try to use magic but it was no use, and the monster was getting closer. The only thing she could think to do is scream and that's exactly what she did, because she was scared for her life. The moment she screamed the world turned black and she passed out. She had no idea what was going on and if she had died because of that monster. She thought about why she thought this would be a good day because it just happened to turn out horribly wrong and she hated it with her life. She saw a fucking monster for crying out loud!
This might be her new biggest fear, seeing all of those movies did scare her, but this just went over her meter, broke it actually. Thinking about all the nightmares she was going to have now, the setting this room covered in blood and the main character the fleshy, disgusting, giant monster. These thoughts were just making her sick in the stomach and the head.

Once she woke up she was lying on the floor, still in the room but not in the chair, looking as if someone unbuckled her, most likely the doctor. She sat up slowly, only to find a pool of drool on the floor and some blood where she had hit her head on the floor. He said she could get up and he started writing things down on a clipboard, but the whole world was just blurry looking to her and she could barely walk. She stood up unsteadily and he just handed her a pouch filled with jewels. He then said something about needing more experiments but she couldn't understand it fully, as the world she saw and heard was completely blurry and just confusing. She had to just try to make it home safely, letting Snowy guide her back and on the way back she could try to process what just happened. She walked out and down the stairs with unsteady steps and didn't even think about looking back at that place. She knew she would have to go back there later but she couldn't think about that now, the only think she could faintly focus on was walking, as she wasn't planning to fall flat on her face and have more blood spill from her head. She just needed some sleep and some food and she would be good to go. Snowy jumped out of er backpack and started guiding her home, keeping Audrey awake at the same time as she almost dozed of every 15 steps. That day was just all around strange and to be honest she just wanted to forget it completely.


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