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Fishing Contest[FIORA]

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#1Fiora Sylvari † 

Fishing Contest[FIORA] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:48 pm

Fiora Sylvari †
It was a nice and chill Fall day in Hargeon Town and Fiora was on another adventure. And by adventure she meant that it was another one of the mundane quests that she was assigned to which was another D rank level type of job. Though she was C rank, there weren't many left in Hargeon for her so she had no choice but to resort to these small jobs. This one was for a fishing job over at the Hargeon Docks. Fiora was terrified because it was close to the ocean which she had a phobia of. If she fell in they would see her scream and panic and she didn't want to show anyone that side of her. The client was Jacob Fischer who was a man who apparently loved to fish and he also was very competitive about fishing and there was a giant contest with a huge prize coming up in Hargeon Town which he wanted to win. He wasn't very confident in his abilities because he put the dark request up so he could have someone help him win it by any means so that mean sabotaging and cheating the other fishers so he could take the prize. Of course she would get a cut but it still was a scumbag way to win for this guy who claimed to be the very best like no one ever was. Fiora made her way down to the docks but didn't walk on them. She waited for Jacob to approach her so she could stay as far away from the water as she possibly could. he started her up and down and gave look that she wasn't much but she had some infamy about her that she could do a simple task like this. Jacob Fisher would brief her about the mission and how much time she had. She would have 20 minutes before the contest begin and there would be an intro ceremony where the fishing guys would have to stand and be introduced. The fishing gear would be in the warehouse nearby away from the water which would give Fiora a sigh of relief.

The clock was ticking as Fiora would go in the warehouse and would find the the door locked. She would reach to her side and then would slice off the door handle and kick it open. There was nobody there at the time luckily so it would be a piece of cake. With her sword in hand she would then go to the lockers nearby and then she woudl see that they had the contestants names on them and she also saw Jacobs. She went through all the lockers and would see that they had bait cans with different types of worms in them from all over the country that different fish liked. SHe knew this becasue she lived in teh forest and knew everythign about the land. She would take her sword and would stab into all the jars of bait and would crush them so they would have nothing to use and would have to cast with no bait. She then went through all the fishing poles and would cut the lines from each of the poles. This way the men would have to redo their lines when the competation started according to the rules. AFter that was done she would then shut all the lockers and then after that she would make sure to close the door and go and fetch a new lock for it so it didn't look like anythign happened. As the compettion started, the other fishers were screwed with teh sabatosge that went on so they had to use their minor resources to make up for and it and all the while the jacob fisher was catching all of the fish and winning with ease. The others eventually got it together but it was too late now. Jacob was given the trophy for catching the most fish and the biggest fish and the grand prize was his. he would walk up to Fiora and would give her a cut of the pie which was around 25,000J for her troulbes. IT was an easy mission done by the sneaky little elf waifu.


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