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Magnolia to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Yumi]

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Magnolia to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Yumi] Empty Sun Sep 24, 2017 5:11 pm

Yumi rose from her seat on the train and made her way off the locomotive entering the Magnolia Train Station platform. Stretching her limbs Yumi departed heading towards the exit of the station. Looking around at the peaceful town Yumi was tempted to go on a rampage but without anyone to fight back what was the point. The demon sighed and wiped her left hand through the air. Magical energy burst out from her shoulder blades taking the shape of two black demonic wings each with a one-point five-meter long wingspan. Yumi stretched out her wings craning her neck and took flight launching her self up ten meters into the air in half a second. YUmi looked around as she hovered over the train station. Turning towards the direction of Hargeon Yumi's eyes narrowed dangerously.

The demon scowled before launching herself in the direction of Hargeon. It was time to return, perhaps she should assemble her guild-mates to find out how they did. The snow-white beauty sailed at speeds of twenty meters per second. Yumi was unaccompanied by her companion Duskull, she did not leave him behind, not she sent him ahead through the Fiore Postal Service. She had mailed him directly to Hargeon before leaving Orchidia, making sure to poke plenty of breathing holes in the box she used to mail him.

Yumi sailed on heading over forests and hills ignoring the road as she left Magnolia in the distance. Yumi would pass over Dahlia before she arrived at Hargeon As she sailed East. Besides meeting up with her guildmates Yumi contemplated on what else she would do while in Hargeon.

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Magnolia to Hargeon [Foot Travel | Yumi] FIXCi2K
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