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Intercept the Package

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The demon lolita that was known as Yumi was walking through the streets of Orchidia with a bored expression on her tiny features. She was dressed in her usual gothic attire having forgone her viking armour and helm deciding to return to what she usually wore for once. On her back, as usual, was her massive executioner's sword, the metal glistened in the midday sun. The blade was massive in size close to two meters in length, far taller than what Yumi was. THe sword was on an angle the handle by her right shoulder allowing for easy access and drawing. The sword was held in place by a leather strap where the buckle to release was in the middle of Yumi's developed chest. The lolita exhaled a sigh of boredom as her crimson hues looked around, the tip of her sword digging into the cobblestone street making a loud screeching noise. The sound was so loud and painful that people made way for yumi while covering their ears. The lolita was used to the noise, it didn't bother her at all.

Yumi looked around, she was in the market streets of Orchidia she had only been in the town for a week now but she was contemplating on leaving today and heading off somewhere else. Perhaps she would try Nanuq but she didn't know how she would fair in the cold weather of the ice made city. The demon rubbed her chin with her right hand contemplating if she should leave for Nanuq. Surely there would be a quest there for her to take. Orchidia didn't seem to be abuzz with bad quests, mainly good quests she was lucky to have found the D rank quest the other day. Today, however, the board was empty not a quest in sight.

Yumi rubbed her temples, perhaps it was time to depart and leave Orchidia behind as the town was just far too boring as there was nothing happening that could rouse her excitement. Perhaps it would be time to head back to Hargeon and see what was happening in the port down. Yumi was reluctant to head back to Hargeon as it was where she had suffered a great loss at the hands of Jake. The demon was embarrassed to return and face the judgement of her guild. She pondered on how her other guild-mates had done. The demonic lolita looked around with her crimson hues that shimmered like diamonds. This town was not for her, the snow white beauty with skin so soft continued on with her walking. Orchidia was a peaceful town so hat did she expect, perhaps a journey to that dark settlement called Dahlia would allowing the small beauties excitement to rise. The black haired beauty chuckled softly as she thought about going on a rampage and just bringing a slaughter to these streets spilling the cobblestone with blood and staining it red. It would certainly amuse her and the bodies she left behind would make decent offerings to her Dark Lord Malum.

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As YUmi walked through the market streets she heard aggressive arguing. Raising an eyebrow the snow beauty followed the source to find it was a man she recognised from rumours, Ferdinand Cashier a black market merchant. He seemed to be in a shouting match with another merchant before he stormed off heading in her direction. His eyes landed on her seeming to size her up before a light bulb clicked in his mind. He made a gesture and slipped a note to Yumi before walking away. The demon looked at the note it was asking if she was a dark mage and wanted a job, if so to meet up with him. With a shrug of her shoulders, Yumi followed after meeting up with Ferdinand in an ally. The merchant began to explain that the merchant he was talking to was coming into a valuable item, an item a particular friend of Ferdinand was very interested in, but the merchant was declining to sell it. THat was what the two had been arguing about.

Ferdinand wanted Yumi to head out and meet the Caravan that was transporting the item before it arrived in Orchidia and persuade them to allow her to sign for the item. Yumi rubbed her chin before nodding her head accepting the quest. Yumi swiped an arm through the air, her left. Black magical energy surged from her shoulder blades forming a pair of black wings each with a one-point five-meter wingspan. Yumi spread the wings and took flight, flying up ten meters into the air and flew towards the main entrance of Orchidia. Flying out of the gate she headed away from town to intercept the caravan and the package. The demon sailed at speeds of twenty meters per second, allowing her to enjoy the feel of the wind in her air.

Coming over a hill she spotted the caravan making their way to orchidia. Yumi swooped down landing in front of the caravan folding her wings and stopping them. The demon began to lie through her teeth saying there was a change of plans, she was to sign for the item and take it under her protective wing and fly straight to the merchant to hand it over. Yumi smiled at them using her charms to fool them into believing her words. Using a fake signature Yumi accepted the package and shot off taking flight again. SHe sailed through the air as she headed back towards Ferdinand. The demon flew fast as she sailed over the main gate ignoring the looks of the guards. The demon descended into an ally and folded the wings cancelling the spell. The snow beauty left the alleyway and made her way back to Ferdinand. Yumi walked through the crowds appearing as small as possible, easy with her height. Once she met up with the black market merchant, Yumi handed the item over and received her reward. With the money in check, yumi walked away. She was done for the day, it was time to leave Orchidia and head somewhere else.

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