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Gang Tension [Quest|Audrey]

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#1Audrey Namatzu 

Gang Tension [Quest|Audrey] Empty on Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:34 pm

Audrey Namatzu
Audrey had a job to do today. She had to help some guy named Remy Martello out by spray painting some walls with their family crest. Remy was skeptical at first judging off of her age. She found that coming out to be rude, as age didn't matter as long as the job was getting done, and she didn't let people down. Snowy was creating some small snowflakes as she stood outside the humbling home of the Martellos and she had her spray paint and template ready to vandalize some buildings. She wasn't completely sure where she could do it, all she was told was that she was able to get any place that was run by Vincenze. She had no idea who that was but she had heard of quite a few places that are run by him. She decided to go to the first three that came to her mind, a fine restaurant, a jewelry store, and a pharmacy . Those places did seem like they would be a bit more active than the other places she could have chosen but that was okay, as she was good at making herself unseen. She would just hide in the shadows of the place or cloak herself in darkness so that she wasn't able to be seen. She put the spray paint and template in her backpack and started walking along the roadside, Snowy was still making snowflakes and as they landed, they left a water trail due to them melting as soon as they hit the floor. She had gotten her to stop as if she kept going and there was a water trail then they would get caught because they followed the water. She picked her up and they walked to their first stop, the restaurant. This was most likely going to be the most active place out of all the stops,which makes a bigger chance of her getting caught but she has stealth skills so she figured she would be okay. She walked up to the side of the building that was visible to the streets, pulled out the spray paint and template and got to work.

It didn't take too long for her to finish and as soon as she did, she and Snowy ran off into the shadows, seeing that no one really noticed them. She was happy that things were going according to plan and that she hadn't messed up yet. Normally she was very clumsy and didn't really pay attention to what she was doing but today she was determined not to mess up. The next place on the list was a jewelry store. It wasn't too far off and normally there wasn't much business around that area so she should be good to go. She walked down the road thinking about her sister and how she might be doing. Out of everything that the two of them have been through, and as many times she thought to herself that she hates her sister, deep down in her heart she loved her and missed her. She was hoping that she would be able to talk to her sometime and that they would get to catch up and tell each other some fun things that happened during their adventures.

She had just arrived at the jewelry store and just as she suspected, there was no one around. She immediately got to work and after a few moments, she finished and walked off, no one suspecting a thing. This was easier than she thought. She had expected chases and arrests but it was all just some kind of sad dirty work. She didn't really care as long as she was getting payed but it just made her laugh inside her head how stupid she was for thinking this had to be a serious job. It was really easy and you could be a newbie and get this done in no time at all without getting arrested or noticed in any way at all. Snowy started sneezing so Audrey picked her up and put her in the backpack, in the space she had left in there, as the spray paint and template were in there as well but smashed up against the side to make room for her companion. She didn't seem to have a hard time fitting in there, and she didn't seem smashed so that was all that mattered. She just wanted to make sure that Snowy didn't get smashed or hurt in any way.

The last place she had to do was the pharmacy. That place might just be the hardest due to the fact that there were more people going there than anywhere else. She stayed towards the side of the building and started spray painting right on the corner, where people would still be able to see it but at the same time keeping herself hidden. Once she finished she put the stuff in her backpack and casually walked back to the Martello's home acting like nothing had ever happened and she knew nothing about anything that had to do with paint.

Once she had arrived she handed the half empty spray can and template to Remy and her gave her a small sized pouch filled with jewels. She thanked him and walked off, not wanting anything else to do with him at the moment. He wasn't going to hire her in the beginning due to her age, she had to practically beg for the job just to get him to say "I guess so fine" which in her case was just sad. She would just have to get over it before she got back to the hotel and pretend it never happened as most people say, forgive and forget. Audrey forgives sometimes but she never forgets. Sometimes she won't even forgive and it eats her up inside but she can't just give in, she isn't that softhearted. Now she could just enjoy the rest of her day with the money she just earned and maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


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