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The Last Booth [Evangeline]

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Geb hadn't got to taste things like this when he was a robot. How it used to work was nothing compared to how everything tasted as a demon. Now that he had changed bodies, he could fully experience a wide range of tastes once more due to his olfactory sensors once again being intact. This was great.

Sitting there at the pub, Geb drank at a booth with just him in it. The place was packed, besides this one booth. Geb was sure it was probably his demonic presence that caused some people to back away from him. Oh well, this just meant he could enjoy his food and drink alone.

Geb ordered one more plate of wings and a bit more mead. He was going to enjoy this meal while he could. It was getting late though, being midnight now, and Geb wasn't fond of staying up until the wee hours of the morning. But.. half an hour more wouldn't hurt him, he supposed. He hadn't had quite a feast like this for months on end. If only Gallent the Munchlax was here, he'd enjoy this.. Geb missed the little fella.

And thus, Geb waited at his booth for his plate of hot wings, not knowing that soon, perhaps another person may come and join him looking for a place to sit. That was certainly a possibility, especially considering how popular this place was. It was bound to happen eventually.

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Eva wanted to hit herself. She had truly been late, after all. Grimoire Heart had attacked Blue Pegasus and she, as a Rune Knight, was nowhere around. Even though she was truly stuck in Nanuq at the time, it made Eva very much annoyed at herself that she had selfishly gone off to train not considering the possibility that the guild would be attacked in her absence; a serious miscalculation from her part. The council won’t be all too happy with her either but Eva had enough confidence in her ability to get back up in ranks. What she could not truly forgive herself for was not being there for Alice.

The sour mood along with not having Hanase san to keep an eye on her combined had made Eva drag herself off to one place that she truly believed she would never enter in her life. She had scoffed at the people that washed away their sorrows and reality with this, she had sworn to never stoop to that level and yet, she stood in front of the small establishment, a pub at the center of Hargeon where everyone from the common folks to even the high class ones visited.

She walked into the almost foreign place, frowning at the people that sat to a side, slightly raising a clamor with their glasses and bottles. ‘Am I really doing this?’ She wondered but walked straight into the nearest booth as soon as an image of Alice popped into her head. There was no way that she would be able to sleep in her current condition. She needed the booze to knock her out for the night if possible.

Without even noticing the man sitting next to her, Eva sat down, looking up at the wide array of bottles up on a shelf behind one tall, lean man serving the drinks. “What may I get for you, madam?” he approached her. Possibly because her appearance changed on her way to the town, Eva sighed in relief that the man had not recognized her. “Uhh,” she stumbled around with the words for a moment. What was she supposed to order? Her knowledge on the subject was less than sparse.  “Ju-just give me the uhm strongest one,” she had declared, not missing the light arch of the bartender’s eyebrow. What? Was he mocking her? She felt her face heat up lightly.

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Geb had just been enjoying himself when a young lady had came in and sat at the booth with him. She seemed to be either out of it or not know what she was doing, and she asked for the hardest thing on the menu. Something wasn't right here. Geb wiped his hand neatly on a napkin before speaking to the young woman, looking over at her with his usual cold glance. She obviously had no appreciation for the art of alcohol.Was probably just an amateur. Nobody, especially not a woman of her size, just came in an ordered the hardest thing they had. Not that it wouldn't be possible, but certainly considering the situation, it was highly improbable.

Geb spoke to the woman, looking at her with the same cold stare. "How disgraceful to this pub, simply ordering the hardest thing they have without even asking what it is. Have you no appreciation to those who slave themselves to make good liquor?" he asked, before a plate of his hot wings came to the booth, the waitress setting them in front of him. Geb nodded and smiled to the waitress as a thank you, before crossing his arms and turning back to the girl. "Are you out of it tonight or something, or have you just never been in a pub before?" he asked, as he began to pick up one of the wings and bite into it. These were pretty good, he should come here more often. Geb slowly at a bit of the wing as he waited for the lady's answer.

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She wasn’t expecting that voice from beside her. In fact, she hadn’t been expecting anything else to ruin that evening but someone decided to open his smart mouth in front of her anyway. What did the man care for what she was doing?

Overlooking the nervous bartender, Eva took a deep breath and turned to face the voice’s direction, a white haired man with…surprisingly striking blue eyes coming to view. For a moment, they reminded Eva of a winter colder and harsher than Nanuq’s. Now, whoever was this man? Her own amber eyes narrowed at his. They were a really deep blue, Eva found herself staring. But not too later, another set of irksome words broke her out of whatever trance she was in.

“Why sir I apologize for my lack of shame and admiration. I had not gotten the memo that such a devoted drinker such as yourself would be present in such a humble establishment this evening. I did not know that they were so passionate that they liked to stick their nose into others business either. Why, I truly am sorry,” Eva spoke with an effortless smile on her lips. During the years as a somewhat noble child and a model, Eva had developed the skills of carefully masking her real feelings, putting a fake one up front instead. She had been doing it for so long that the self-made imposter sometimes became the real thing.

In this case, she had managed to make her words sound genuine. In fact, she had made it sound sincere enough to make most people doubt whether they had just been insulted or praised. It was a talent that she loved to have although even she was aware that it did not work all the time especially in cases where the opposing party wasn’t slow enough to have her words completely go past their heads.

Nevertheless, he had been right with his guesses. She was both out of it and amateurish at that moment. The Heavenly Body user sighed. “I am probably just frustrated,” She replied, looking at the chicken wings that he seemed to be having fun biting into. Almost unnoticeably wiggling an eyebrow at it, Eva turned to the waitress as well. “I would like a plate of that too,” she pointed to the chicken wings.

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What this woman was saying just seemed to make Geb even more frustrated with the entire thing. He was born into a high-class family and knew about all this fancy talk, and that's what made him so mad when this woman in front of him did it, not to mention the part about how he was nosey. Geb hated these high-and-mighty folks more than anything. It was the entire reason he became a dark mage, after all. Geb was about to speak, but then he noticed the girl's sighs and later words. Geb closed his mouth for a second before speaking once more, thinking perhaps this girl wasn't all that bad. It was strange for him to think so, but perhaps it was all that he had been drinking, maybe it wasn't making him think as he usually did. He supposed it'd probably be easier to share a booth if he wasn't so rude, either. He could put off his usual attitude for a second and see if this girl was truly alright, he supposed...

"I can't say I appreciate that somewhat passive agressive apology, but if you're really frustrated, fine. I like the Acerglyn mead here. It's made with maple syrup, so it'll probably taste better than whatever monster they're gonna give you." he said, sighing and wiping his hands on his napkin to get the hot sauce off. Perhaps that small sentence the girl said made him sympathize with her. Had he gone soft this evening? Most likely. "Be honest with me, is this your first time in a place like this?" he asked, putting his arms on the booth's table and looking over to the girl, his once icy cold glare now melting just a little.

Geb then realized he had to go, so he walked out silently.


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Passive aggressive, indeed. Eva almost wanted to slap herself. Out of all the possible ways she could have handled the situation, she had to choose to be sarcastic and what was worse was that the man actually caught on with her perfect acting. Well at least it ruled out the possibility that he could have just been some stuck up noble boy with no brains to back him up. He seemed to be perfectly smart instead, looking down at her with wise, knowing eyes. It sort of made her squirm knowing that someone she just met was trying to figure her out already.

“I’m sorry,” she finally found a voice though the words probably didn’t come above a slightly audible whisper. “I wasn’t trying to be passive aggressive…it’s just that…” and her words just trailed off much like her eyes that drew away from him towards the hot plate of chicken wings that were placed right in front of her. “Thank you,” she nodded politely at the waitress and let the previous sentence die down once and for all, not really sure that she could find the right words in her current state of mind. Between the mix of worries, pain, and a failing self-worth, Eva couldn’t exactly put her fingers on the right set of words to explain her predicament.

But again, the man next to her surprised her. Although considering the way she decided to handle her first trip to a pub could easily give her away, she was still slightly stunned that he was so blunt with it. Not a quality she hated but definitely something she didn’t want thrown at her. On another note, she was glad she found someone to talk to. “Yes, it is my first time here. I guess that was no surprise, huh,” she played around with a bit of her hair before letting it go as the bartender placed the suggested drink in front of her. Eva stared at it for a while, different feelings of conflict going on inside her. “Is this something you would consider as a beginner level drink?” she asked him, curious on whether it had high amount of alcohol or not. Since the initial act of foolishness had washed off of her, Eva was trying to be smart about her choice of drink for a first timer.

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